Superstar – KARA’s Seungyeon from Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary OST

Omona! The song is too cute and fluffy! I love fluffy! I love cute! Seungyeon is really cute, as well as her voice. Maybe this is with bias because I really really like her. The song is stuck in my head now. You’re my shining star~ ❤ HAHA! I dunno about you but my taste buds are like a 14-year-old’s. 😀 Anyway, just listen to the song because it will surely GET STUCK TO YOUR HEADDDDD. BWAHAHAHAHAHA =)) Cute cute cute~

EDIT: I changed the video because the one I posted was removed from Youtube. Sorry to all the people who were inconvenienced by the broken link! Please just leave a comment if the video doesn’t work again. Not only to this vid but to all videos I posted so I can change them asap. 😀

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