Guess who just turned 17 today?

Well, ME!

I was browsing for a photo to include in this post but realized that I am not actually okay with posting my picture. Haha! :))

Hmmm, so although I slept at 4:30 am, I woke up at around 9am. A surprise since I’m still on my semestral break. But I don’t know, maybe when it’s your birthday, it makes you wake up early. And all I did today was to be in front of my laptop. HAHA! Reading blogs about kdramas and kpop and practically squealing in glee when I found a blogger who’s into same things. Weehoo! I love reading blogs, GAH. Most of my time in the Internet were spent reading blogs. I actually haven’t accomplished much from my goals this semester. I missed my Internet connection so much that I preferred it than watching some series. And I was reading books! I just downloaded I am Number Four! :))

So why did I just post now? Because I was lazy awhile ago. HAHA! When I had the will to thank everyone who posted on my Facebook wall, I did it and kinda felt that I should make a birthday post! And because I am so INTO shoes, although I don’t have the money to buy lots, I browsed at this online store, Lovely Shoes. Gah, the shoes are really lovely! I’m the type of person who would choose shoes over clothes. HAHA, I know, I know, kinda weird but the joy filling me when I have new shoes, ❤

I have no regrets spending my birthday on reading everything about Yoo Ah In <333333 and kdramas and kpop and variety shows and actually improving this blog. I started editing the posts to put tags in them. Yay! At least I was productive! Teehee!

I’m excited for later because my Aunt will be cooking some spaghetti and Daddy will bring home pork barbeque, cake and grilled chikkin! ❤

I’m eating Shamrock’s Otap now, WHAAAATT, this post is going nowhere. Haha! I have to take a bath, though. Soon. :)) Hmmm, what else should I blabber about? I love my life! Although I would prefer getting higher grades, I’m perfectly fine! ❤ Thank you Lord for another year and for everything! <33333 HEART HEART HEART!

One thing I could wish for would be, or maybe two. :)) Complete That 70s Show DVD/Burned DVD. I’ve been dreaming to get that and I’ll probably will in the near future. I just love that show. I would love to get other DVDs to but I then concurred that I prefer downloaded ones because I love HIGH QUALITTTYYYYY. Yes, I am blinded by HQ. ❤ Or shoes from Lovely Shoes or any other shoes on that but my supplementary credit card will take care of that, I guess. :)) I think I have a lot more wishes up my sleeve but I cannot remember them right now, which is weird. Well, those that can be done. Wishes? You say, wishes? To meet Wooyoung, G-Dragon, ALL OF MY FANDOMS, these are my wishes. HAHAHAHA =)) Go to Korea or Japan but that will be taken care of when I earn money. Haha!

This post is going nowhere but that’s how I like it. Besides, what does a birthday post must include? Those, insert-age-here list? I’m too lazy for that now. HAHA! Although I absolutely adore lists! I remember listing and ranking SuJu. Those were the days. ❤

I can talk more about nonsensical stuff but maybe you’ll get too tired. Haha! So, yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE NOT-SO-AWESOME-BUT-TRYING BLOGGER THAT IS ME! ❤ to myself! 😀

(I’m 17! I can’t believe it! I’m getting old, slowly. Honoes!)

Putting this in Birthday Post because it’s a birthday post! HAHA!

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