Minhyuk Cut Episode 2 It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl


Minhyuk cuts in Episode 2! At last, he appeared for more than a minute! He was seen for sorta 3 MINUTES (back seen, side profile seen, from faraway, not necessarily his face, SADLY)! As usual, our Minhyuk is so cute, no one deserves him but us his fans. HAHAHAHAHA KIDDING. I mean, he’ll just have this one-sided love so don’t make him suffer anymore. HAHA! Okay, enough with my nonsense, the video!




Download link!


Go watch it and download it as well! 😀 Minhyuk is so cute in it! And I love his hair here! Well, I love him anywhere, anytime. HAHA! I love his perm here. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I’M GOING CRAZY. And he isn’t painful to watch. Sure, we can’t judge if he’s a really good actor but at least he delivers his lines well and he’s not awkward. OMOOOOOOOO, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIMMMMMMMMMM! And now that I know his voice, his speaking style doesn’t resemble Onew’s. 😛 Minhyuk, saranghae ❤


I am guilty that those pictures were not needed but I just had to post these. Haha! ❤

Big Bang’s Comeback on February 1!








Just read what’s in the pictures because I can’t control myself right now and write something coherent.



Don’t Stop the Music – 2NE1 Full Song

How does YG Entertainment knows how to compose songs that will get stuck in your head forever? Like this song. 2NE1 never disappoints! And to think this is only for a CF! 😀

Song Joong Ki for ELLE

What do I need to say when everyone only wants to see Song Joong Ki? Haha!


Gong Yoo and Im Soo Jung for Vogue

The stars of the movie Finding Kim Jong Wook poses for Vogue. Pictures!


The Hoosiers’ Newsletter

I received this in my email recently. And I laughed real hard. 😛

People of the World Wide Web: hear me now,

Over the past few months we’ve been quiet but busy. Like the mice chewing away at your electrics: just because you can’t see us doesn’t mean we’re not there! And we plan on making our presence felt in 2011 with a brand new single and a ludicrously exciting album reissue featuring several new and previously unheard tracks.

If that still looks a little work-shy in the next two weeks you’ll be able to see how we managed to win The X Factor without anybody finding out.

Also, Irwin/me will be on Never Mind The Buzzcocks on the 9th December if you’ve forgotten what I look, sound and smell like.

Before that why not take a trip to the London Forum in Kentish Town where we will be playing a FREE gig courtesy of Russian Standard Vodka? I can’t think of a reason not to either (sadly unless you’re under 18 as it is an 18+ event. Sorry, but we don’t make the rules: simply take em and break em).

The gig is this Tues 30th November and the doors are at 7pm and we’d simply love it, LOVE IT we would, to have you with us for our last gig of 2010. We have surprises up our ruffled sleeves to ensure you leave the gig satisfied. Truth.

Click here to get your free-tickets.

In other news Al has hurt his back a bit and Martin is still mostly the same. Darn the sheer might of his Swedish consistency.

Thanks for reading this and keeping it Hoosierific.

With love (the real stuff),

The Hoosiers

So why do I love The Hoosiers? Who can’t love them? They’re so humorous. Really. And although I know this is sent to everyone in the newsletter, I feel that it’s kinda special with Irwin making it and MAKING IT FUNNY. Haha! If only I can be in their Free Gig. Tsk. I bolded the parts I really really like. 😛 What with this random post, I don’t know, blame them. : And yeah, I bolded The Hoosiers because I love them. 😛

Agents of Secret Stuff

The Youtube movie by Wong Fu Productions and Ryan Higa (Youtube user: nigahiga) is out! I’m sorry that I’ve posted this late because I just knew about the release in the wee hours of Friday so I wasn’t able to post it due to sleepiness. And I wasn’t able to use the computer this Friday because I was so tired that when I got home and I got home late, I just went straight to bed. Here it is!

I’ll watch this as soon as my household chores are done and as soon as my download is done so that the video will load fast. 😀

I never mentioned Wong Fu productions and Ryan Higa here in my blog but I love love love love love them. I watch every single video. Haha! Kudos to them for this! Youtube stars the best! 😀 ❤

EDIT: I just finished watching it and all I can say is IT IS SO AWESOME. It was really funny yo. And they are an indie production team but the quality <3333. The script was so funny and well, Ryan Higa is SO COMICAL with the perfect comic timing. And those almost kisses but ended up with I told you so, HAHAHAHAHAHA! Every second well spent! I also watched the Behind-the-Scenes and the Bloopers and I love it! So much time and effort put in this media film, I love all the people behind this! Just watch it because you will surely enjoy it. To Wong Fu productions and Ryan Higa and everyone who made this film possible, YOU ARE THE BEST. ❤

Recap: Marry Me, Mary/Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 5

Sorry. This was long overdue but I was too lazy to write. I used up all of my energy spazzing and squealing while watching episode 5 that I cannot come up with a post. I think I’ve watched the whole episode at least 5 times and the ending scene a lot more than that. Heehee. Anyway, onto my views!


The love triangle! And yeah, I don’t consider Seo Jun a threat. Haha!

Okay, fine, Jung In is really too polite and reactionless and emotionless and stiff as of know but that bit in leaving Mae Ri a memo was CUTE. He is such a busy person but he still took time to decide how to leave her a note to make sure she’ll be able to read it. Then the part where everyone’s confused if he was annoyed or happy wherein he touched his temples as if he has a headache but then he smiled. I think he’s just embarassed that Mae Ri caught him leaving the note. I mean, come on, guys don’t want to show that they actually care. Or how they were actually leaving a note. And how funny that leaving notes is a totally girly thing? But that has no point because this is not Secret Garden. Haha! Back to Jung In. But then he smiled because maybe he’s happy that the message was surely delivered and that Mae Ri will be going with him to work.

After the cut because this post is 3500+ words!

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Behind-the-Scenes Videos of Marry Me, Mary

Good thing KBS knows how to please the fans. What, with the lack of Marry Me, Mary episode 6 this week, they ought to post something as cute as this!

Mae Ri and Mu Gyul’s First Kiss BTS!

How cute are they when they’re embarassed? And both of them covered their face with their hands after the kiss. Omo! Too cute!

Mae Ri’s Father’s Drunk Scenes with his Two Son-in-Laws!

and some Jung In and Mae Ri BTS!

They are so cute together, too! ❤ Jung In makes me indecisive!

Interview plus some NG (Not Good) Scenes aka Bloopers XD


TOO CUTE! Love love love Kim Jae Wook! ❤