This Saturday’s Book Haul!

So I had nothing to do while waiting so I stayed at some National Bookstore and checked out the books in the book sale section. I literally read the plot of every book there and THERE WERE MANY BOOKS. I bought these for around a price of one! Yey!

So here’s what I bought!

  1. Upgrading by Simon Brooke. I bought this because it looks interesting. Hmm, yes, I admit, I have a taste of a 14-year-old and I like chick flicks/lit. Heehee. 😀 And it’s from a guy’s perspective so I think it’s something new!
  2. The Attack by Yasmina Khadra. I usually stay away from Arab/Middle East settings but the plot spoke to me. Whatever! Haha! :)) And for a hardbound book, it’s cheap so I said, why not? 😀
  3. Gifts by Ursula K. Le Guin. So this is one intense plot and I can feel that it’s good. Plus, it’s for young adults. I know, I’m turning 17 but I really like books for young adults. 😛
  4. Leonardo’s ShadowOr, My Astonishing Life as Leonardo da Vinci’s Servant by Christopher Grey. It had me at Leonardo. HAHA! Seriously, Leonardo’s servant? And the premise was interesting for me. 🙂
  5. The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. OMG, I think this is the book that I’m most excited about. Cloning? OH YEAH. Being an MBB major, it’s nice to read some fiction about my future job and not those super thick acad books. HAHA!

I hope I can post a review when I finish them. I keep on buying books but I can’t find time to read them. I’m spending too much time in the Internet or in front of my favorite DVD player and TV. 😛 But I’m sure I’ll finish reading them someday because I’m a person who will not waste money on books and not read them. 😀

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