Yoo Ah In for High Cut Behind the Scenes!

I was biting my shirt while watching this so as not to scream. Because serious-leh, how come I never saw this before? GAH. Yoo Ah In smiling and smiling and smiling and posing for the camera and eating banana and doing all things awesome. Well, everything he does is awesome so JUST WATCH THE VIDEO OKAY! AND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOO AH IN. OMG, I can’t help but watch the vid over and over again!

His smile is like sunshine to me, GAH. And that’s really rare for me to say. I think as of now, only Minhyuk’s and Onew’s smiles are considered as sunshine for me. ❤

And just because one cannot help but drain Youtube videos, a CF for Skoolooks with Jang Geun Seuk! OMG MY BIASES. TO.GE.THER. I CANNOT BREATHE.

And as a bonus, Yoo Ah In behind the scenes in his Vogue Girl photoshoot. 🙂

And a hicupping gif from Sungkyunkwan Scandal just because I find it cute and I a d o r e him!


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