Recap: White Collar S01E01 Pilot

The scene opens with a close shot of a man in a small, dim bathroom trimming his beard with a pair of scissors and finishing it with a makeshift razor. After shaving, we see the entirety of his face and that he’s wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. He changes into a black prison uniform and exits a “Staff Only” room. Shady? Yeah. Handsome? OH YES. He walks out of the prison working area smoothly. He’s able to walk out of the PRISON with his own card! REAL SHADY THIS TIME. Suspense was built as a prison guard blocks him and after a beat of nervousness for us viewers, he opens the door and lets him out. WHEW. And a monitor shows him being able to go out of the prison. THE BUILDING ITSELF. Now, this guy is introduced. This is NEAL CAFFREY (played by Matt Bomer), convicted for bond forgery and suspected of counterfeiting, securities fraud, art theft, racketeering among others.


He takes a deep breath and hurries to hotwire a truck. The engine starts and since he is so cool, he has a cassette tape in his pocket and he lets it play. YEAH, YO SO SMOOTH. He finds spare money in the truck and smiles. In New York, he stops at a sidewalk vendor to buy a bright yellow jacket. At the airport, in his bright yellow jacket, he looks like a parking valet. SMART BOY. He spots an older couple in a black ROLLS ROYCE pulling up to the valet parking space and entertains them. The driver tips him $100 and Caffrey drives away and crosses the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. He lets out a whew, so happy.

A guy tries to crack the code of a safe and a team is watching him, really nervous, their leader. As the safe is being cracked, a mini-explosion happens and there’s smoke all over and coughing all over. Their leader is agitated and irritated, wasting 10 000 hours to get this close to the Dutchman and just blowing up the evidence. He said wait but he was too late since his man opened the safe and the explosion happened. Tsk tsk. Too bad. Someone calls him Agent Burke, so now we know his last name! One of his team asks how does he know that it’s a trap and he explains blahblahblah. He’s really frustrated now and finds a red filament dangling in his suit and pushing his team to answer what is that. OH BOY IF YOU DO NOT KNOW, I BET THEY DON’T KNOW ALSO. What ya think? HAHA! Diana, a pretty girl, brings the news to Agent Burke that Neal Caffrey has escaped. HONO! US Marshals are requesting him to help because apparently, this Agent Burke is the only person who caught Caffrey. And they want him taken in again. Agent Burke is now properly introduced, he is PETER BURKE (played by Tim DeKay), FBI, White Collar Crime Unit NYC.


Apparently, there’s only four months left in Caffrey’s four-year long prison sentence and everyone is abuzz of this unusualness. Why would a prisoner escape with only four months in his sentence? Doesn’t he know that he’ll be taken in again once caught? Tsk tsk, Caffrey. Why is it that you escaped? Agent Burke spent three years of catching him and so he knows him. Burke was taken into his prison cell and he examines it. So this Caffrey is real smooth. He uses the chief wife’s credit card to purchase a black prison guard uniform in the Internet. Neat tick marks are on the wall, probably counting the days. And he was able to go out of prison with his own card by restriping a card using the record heat in a CASSETTE TAPE. Oh my gosh, I love him already. (You see, I think I saw this episode a million times and I really love Caffrey and Burke. So don’t get me wrong if I sound harsh or what. I’m just trying to be objective here and not spazz about Caffrey because seriously, I AM ITCHING TO JUST ASDFJKL HAHA!) Burke said they should have given him a CD player. Tsk boys. Burke’s been briefed on how he escaped. Burke’s really big time, I think, because he can LOOK DOWN ON THOSE GUYS. He’s the CAFFREY EXPERT. He finds a razor and said that Caffrey doesn’t have a beard. And that’s the point! He cannot recognize him because of his HIDEOUS beard so he just shaved it right before he escapes. He stopped shaving at some point and that’s the day Kate Moreau visited him. Kate Moreau visits him weekly, the chief guards say. Burke analyzes the scene and reads her lips. Kate has dumped Neal, (AAAWWW MY HEART), HUHU, okay. Now Burke is gonna find Kate.

They pull up at an apartment and Neal is seen lamenting in their old apartment. Kate left a message for Neal, a bottle. Burke asks him why he escaped. Neal missed Kate by two days. Burke says Kate is gone, he knows that, and he must move on too. GAH WHY BE SO HARSH? I know the guys a criminal but then, HE STILL HAS A HEART. Poor Neal. </3 Caffrey will be in for another four years though it only took him a month and a half to escape from a supermax prison. Caffrey teases Burke here as he says that that’s the same suit he wore when he arrested him years ago. HAHA! =)) Caffrey takes out a red filament in Peter’s suit and asks him if he knows what that is. Of course, he doesn’t know. Why would he be frustrated awhile ago? Neal makes a deal, if he tells Burke what that is, he’ll agree to meet him in prison in one week. Hmmm, what’s the plan? Okay for Burke, he has nothing to lose. Neal drops the bomb: it’s a security fiber for the new Canadian $100 bill. Neal’s taken back to prison. Tsk.

People are abuzz and it’s because Caffrey’s right. The Canadian secret service is very curious as to how Burke found that out since the information was classified. Uh-oh, Peter, uh-oh. This is funnnnnnn. 😛

Burke and Caffrey are now in a meeting. Neal says he’ll help Burke catch the Dutchman, the case he’s been working on. Neal wants to be released and be under his custody but Burke’s not taking it because the second Caffrey’s out, he’s gonna run and find Kate. But Neal offers him the solution, GPS tracking anklet. He won’t be able to escape from him. Burke doesn’t buy it. GRR BUY IT! Funny conversation here.

Caffrey: You’ve been after the Dutchman almost as long as you are after me. I’ll help you catch him.
Burke: Really? Really, how does that work? You want to be prison pen pals?

Neal asks his guard for a minute more for his lights. He goes to the wall and writes a tick when he gets frustrated and just writes whatever to the wall. He’s so frustrated and now he goes to start a new day-counting ticks, on the other side of the wall. Poor boy.


Burke stays up late at night, thinking about Neal’s offer. I ADORE his wife, really. She said that she’s been competing with Neal Caffrey for three years. HAHA! And she simply knows every thing Burke thinks about and JUST AMAZING. She basically makes him realize that a person will do anything for love. Oh Neal.


Now Neal Caffrey IS RELEASED. LOOKING GOOD THERE, BUDDY. Still a temporary situation, if they’re not able to catch the Dutchman, he’ll be in for good. If he escapes, he’ll be in for good. They go to Neal’s new place and it’s simply NOT GOOD. Peter says that it costs him $700 a month for housing, so that’s all the government can give him. He asks for more but well, there’s nothing he can get. As for clothes, Neal’s gonna need some thrifting powers!


In a thrift store, Neal spots an old lady, donating clothes to the store. The clothes belong to her late husband. They basically talk and bond. Peter looks for Neal in his apartment and the receptionist refers to him as “snake eyes”. Ooohhh, I totally agree with you. Those eyes? ❤ Neal left a note for Peter, stating that he has moved 1.6 miles away, with the address. “Dear Peter, I have moved 1.6 miles to 87 Riverside. Love, XOXO, Neal.” SERIOUSLY NEAL, YOU ARE THE BEST. XOXO? =)) I wasn’t able to say awhile ago, Neal has a 2-mile radius. Outside that radius, the anklet’s gonna trigger an alarm and he’s dead. Burke cannot believe his eyes when he reached the address. THE PLACE WAS A FREAKING MANSION.


He rings the doorbell, still not believing anything. And he’s shocked that Caffrey is upstairs! Reading a paper at that. And oh my GEHD, IT IS BEYOND AMAZING. Everything for $700 and so sure, he’s gonna take it. Peter said that if he can find anything for the same price then he can move. SO SMOOTH, CAFFREY. I LIKKKKKKKKE ITTTT. He feeds the dog, does some things in the house and babysits. Babysits say who? June’s granddaughter. And an art student. Fully grown-up. HAHA! Burke tells him to get dressed.



Burke warns June that Neal’s a felon but she’s not even affected by it. Neal, looking spiffy, descends the staircase and does some slick moves with his fedora and Burke’s upset. Why? Somewhat funny exchange. (You see, Neal Caffrey is one smooth talker. *giggling heart*

Caffrey: You’re upset. Sour grapes.

Burke: What was that?

Caffrey: Look, you tell me which rule I broke, and I will thumb it back to prison myself.

Burke: For starters…I work hard. I do my job well. And I don’t have a $10 million view of Manhattan that I share with a 22-year-old art student while we sip espresso.

Caffrey: Why not?

Burke: Why not? Because I’m not supposed to. The amount of work I do equals certain things in the real world. Not cappuccino in the clouds.

Caffrey: Look, I will find out where June buys her coffee if it’s that important to you.

Burke: It’s not about the coffee.

Caffrey: I think it is.

Burke: No, it’s not. This is what gets you into trouble. This is the start of those something-for-nothing schemes that lead to the frauds that got you locked up.

Caffrey: I think it’s some sort of Italian roast.

Burke: Get in the car.

And he frantically obeys. WHAT A TEASER HAHA.

HAHAHAHAHAHA =)) I SERIOUSLY LOVE AND ADORE NEAL CAFFREY. That’s why I’m addicted to this show and am itching for January 18. 😛


We see again the girl we met earlier, the one who told Burke that Caffrey escaped. This is Diana (played by Marsha Thomason), Peter’s probie (probationary agent), who does everything that he doesn’t. Diana likes Neal’s hat, making Caffrey smile. She briefs Peter on their suspect, Tony Fields. Burke wants to know what he’s carrying and it’s a suitcase full of the same Spanish book, “Blanco Nieves y los Siete Enanos”. Caffrey translates casually, “Snow White and the Seven Little Men”. Burke doesn’t understand how these books triggered their alert. The suspect is a rare book dealer, and has brought in three previous shipments of the same book. Caffrey examines the books and states that the books aren’t special editions or limited runs and they are not worth that much. Diana notes that Tony Fields is nervous, even though his paperwork is okay, and they decide to speak to him. Another funny exchange! 😛

Diana: Hey, boss, I’m grabbing some coffee. You want some?

Peter: Yeah. Anything but decaf.

Neal: Diana, I’ll take mine straight.

Diana: Neal, the coffee shop’s outside.

(Diana leaves)

Burke: You are way out of your league.

Neal: Oh, harmless flirting. It’s like a dance.

Peter: Ah, there is no dance. You’re not even on her dance card. No dancing for you.

Neal: Um, she digs the hat.

Peter: Um, she’d rather be wearing the hat.

=)) I love Diana!

(FROM HERE, I JUST COPY-PASTED A RECAP FROM TV.COM. I’m so sorry guys, my head is spinning from writing. I’ll probably still recap the next episodes but a shorter recap. In bullet form, maybe. With just the important stuff. What’s hard about recapping this one is IT IS FUNNY and I have to show the funny exchanges. And it’s a lil hard to explain Neal’s plans, what he does and all that. I’ll find a way. 😛 )

Burke introduces himself to Tony Fields. He confirms that he is a rare book dealer, but Burke is skeptical: “How rare can they be? You have 600 of them.” Fields sarcastically offers to go down to the crime lab and do Burke’s job, since Burke seems to know his so well, and Burke chuckles. Curiously, he asks, “Snow White? In Spanish?” Fields sniffs and tells him that Snow White wasn’t created by Disney. Burke dislikes being talked down to, and asks him if he means the folklore, such as the Virgin and the Pure Queen, or Alexander Pushkin’s tale of the White Princess and The Seven Knights. “Is that what you mean?” Fields is taken aback by a literate Federal agent. “What are the books for?” Burks asks, but is interrupted by a lawyer, who enters the room and tells him not to talk to his client. Burke leaves in frustration.

Caffrey is watching Diana chatting and laughing with a pretty blonde security guard. Burke walks up and Caffrey confirms with him, “No dance, huh?” “Not for you.” Caffrey thought that the FBI had a policy about gays, but Burke tells him that was the military. Burke asks Diana where the customs inspector is. Diana confirms that Caffrey was correct — that the books aren’t worth much and can be purchased for just a few dollars on eBay. Another security guard walks up, and Burke begins to complain, asking him why the guard didn’t tell him that Fields had called an attorney, because the moment he places the call, he can’t talk to him. The security guard is confused, and tells Burke that Fields didn’t make a phone call. Burke stops suddenly and races back to the room, where he finds Fields slumped over the desk with a hypodermic sticking out of his neck. Burke is furious – no one had frisked the “attorney.”

Burke is frustrated – He has a dead book dealer, a killer lawyer, and a bunch of worthless books. Caffrey is carefully paging through the books with an intent look. He asks Caffrey, as a professional counterfeiter, what is so interesting about these particular books. Caffrey realizes that it’s not the books that were so interesting – it’s the 1944 Spanish pressed parchment paper that the books were printed on. He carefully slices out a piece of the paper and hands it to Burke. Diana confirms, “He’s going to counterfeit something that was originally printed on that?” and Caffrey agrees, “That’s what I would do.” They calculate that Fields had imported almost 600 pages. They wonder what he was planning to counterfeit, and Burke, riffling though Field’s wallet, pulls out a ticket to the National Archives, which Fields visited before his trip to Spain.

At the National Archive’s branch, the archivist remembers Fields and shows Burke what Fields came to see: a Spanish Victory Bond. He confirmed that Fields took several photos of it in preparation for a book. Caffrey notes that the picture on the bond is a Goya. Burke pulls out the paper taken from the book, and compares it to the bond – an exact match in size. Caffrey asks the archivist about the bond’s history. The archivist goes on to say that very few bonds were ever actually redeemed, and that the speculation is that whole boxes of bonds were captured and are still hidden away in the caves of Altamira, but that the one in the Archives is the only surviving copy. Abruptly, Caffrey steps back from the bond and says, “except, it’s a forgery.” Neal amazes everyone with his observation that the ink hasn’t dried yet and you could smell it. The archivist protests and tells them that the document has been in the library since 1952, but Caffrey tells him that it’s actually less than a week old.

In the FBI’s office that evening, Burke is going over what has happened: Fields visited the Archives twice, took a picture the first time, and planted the forgery the second time. An FBI agent confirms that tests on the dye places the age of the document at about six days. Burke wonders why someone would go to all trouble to replace the original with a good forgery, when Caffrey wonders aloud, “Are the bonds still negotiable?” Jones, an FBI agent, pulls out a calculator – a $1,000 bond, with 9% interest compounded over 64 years . . . Caffrey does the math quickly in his head and announces, “$248,000.” With 600 sheets, Caffrey recalculates and estimates that the forger can now produce $150 million in fake bonds. MATH WHIZ? I AM SO SOLD. But why would the forger put a fake back into the Archives? Caffrey realizes that if someone claims to have found the bonds, then the “found” bonds would be compared to the “real” bond in the Archives – and would be an identical match. I LOVE SMARTY PANTS. They are interrupted by an irate call from Burke’s wife, Elizabeth (played by Tiffani Thiessen). He apologizes for being late, and hopes she hasn’t fixed dinner. She denies fixing dinner, but we see that she has a nice dinner laid out (which the dog is very interested in.) Burke tells Elizabeth that Caffrey has met Diana, and Elizabeth quips, “Oh? A woman who can resist his charms!” He promises that he’ll be on the way home in a few minutes.

Yeah, that’s what I love about Diana. She’s the only woman in this show who can resist Neal’s charm.


Burke is driving Caffrey home, and they are discussing plans for the weekend. Burke tells Caffrey that he’s going to fix the sink and watch the Giants, and Caffrey asks, skeptically, “With Elizabeth?” Burke declares that Elizabeth is really into football. Caffrey is still skeptical, and asks Burke about his anniversary. Burke has forgotten, and slams on the brakes in frustration, declaring that he does this every year – thinks about it for six months, and then forgets at the last minute. He confesses that he forgot last year, and promised to make this year extra special, “not just a corner booth at Donnatella’s and romp in the sheets.” Caffrey cheekily suggests skipping the dinner, but Burke ruefully declares that they’ve been married a decade and that doesn’t cut it anymore. Caffrey offers to help, and asks Burke what Elizabeth’s into.

Caffrey: What’s she into?
Burke: Sexually?
Caffrey: No. No. Existentially. What makes her feel alive?
Burke: I’m drawing a blank.
Caffrey: How could you not know? When you were chasing me, you knew my shoe size, what time I woke up in the morning.
Burke: That’s the job. Very different.
Caffrey: So, a relationship isn’t work?
Burke: Oh, no, no. You don’t get to lecture me on relationships. My wife didn’t change her identity and flee the country to get away from me.

Caffrey is shocked into silence, and Burke is apologetic. Caffrey asks if Kate really left the country – perhaps to France – but Burke doesn’t know.

Burke: What am I gonna do?
Caffrey: No. No more relationship advice from this side of the car. Call Dr. Phil, okay?


As Caffrey begins to ascend the stairs to his room, he senses someone in the living room. Grasping a cane, he advances into the room slowly, and a voice from the darkness says, “I saw the best mind of my generation run down by the taxi-cab of absolute reality.” Caffrey relaxes and exclaims, “Mozzie! What the hell – sitting in the dark, misquoting Ginsberg?” He embraces Mozzie (played by Willie Garson) affectionately. Mozzie tells him that he introduced himself to June and Cindy, and then asks to see his ankle bracelet. Caffrey shows it to him, and Mozzie sadly shakes his head and tells him “You flew too close to the sun, my friend.” Caffrey asks him where Kate is, and he tells him that she’s done a good job of melting away. Caffrey urges him to keep looking, and to check in France. He shows Mozzie the Spanish bond. Mozzie admires it.

Mozzie: You know the worst thing about art forgery? You can’t take credit for your work.

The next morning, Peter is shaving and staring thoughtfully into the mirror. He then begins to poke among her things, trying to get a clue as to what is important to her. He sorts through a few books, a few CDs, and opens her laptop, to see a picture of them on vacation. He closes it quickly and replaces it to answer his cell phone. A voice on the other end tells him that Caffrey’s ankle bracelet has been activated, and wonders if he’s with Burke. Burke denies it, and grimly declares he’s on his way. He races down the steps, and calls to Elizabeth that Caffrey is outside his radius, and he has to . . . He stops short. Elizabeth and Caffrey are seated together on the floor, bent over the Spanish bond on the coffee table. Elizabeth is laughing, and smiles at Burke. Burke confirms that Caffrey is in his custody, and then glares at Caffrey, pointing out that he is on his couch. Caffrey tells him that he didn’t know that Burke had such an amazing wife. Elizabeth beams, but Burke is unamused, and demands to know how Caffrey got there. “By cab.” Burke declares that Caffrey has activated his bracelet, and is sitting on his sofa, with his wife, and petting his dog.


Caffrey: Did you really put Elizabeth under surveillance before you asked her out? Peter, I underestimated you.
Burke: You told him?
Elizabeth: He said he wanted to make sure that I wasn’t seeing anybody else. Honey, I think it’s cute.
Caffrey: I think it’s adorable.
Burke: I’m putting you back in prison.

Caffrey can’t say anything against that. HAHA! Burke will use that a couple of times and it’s really funny because that is his edge. HAHA!

Caffrey then tells Burke that he knows who the Dutchman is: Curtis Hagen, a superb art restorer whose work never took off, but he was particularly good at Goya restorations. Burke demands to know how Caffrey can prove it, and Caffrey tells him that Hagen signed it. Burke is skeptical – there was no signature. Caffrey points out a small pattern in the pattern of the peasant’s pants – intricate lines, but weaved into the lines the letters “C” and “H”. Caffrey goes on to declare that if he had done a forgery that well, he would have signed them – and he did sign the forgeries that Burke caught him on. Burke asks, “Where?” and Caffrey tells him to look at the bank seal under a polarized light. Meanwhile, Hagen is doing a church restoration on 3rd Street, and Caffrey suggests they stop in and see him. Burke tells him to wait in the car, and Caffrey hesitates, until Burke makes it clear that he wants to say goodbye to his wife privately. Caffrey tells Elizabeth goodbye, and she tells him that it was good to meet him after all these years.

At the church, they see men working on the church’s many frescos, and a priest comes to tell them that the church is closed. Caffrey, shooing Burke away for a moment, confidentially tells the priest that Burke is suffering from a crisis of the soul: “He’s a married man, and he has the most devastatingly beautiful assistant at work, a very provocative woman . . .” The priest listens intently as Caffrey continues, “He’s been tempted. More than tempted. I have details . . .” The priest shakes his head and mournfully agrees that it’s very common in a man Burke’s age. Caffrey goes on to earnestly “confide” that he wants to confront Burke, but that Burke has a lot of faults, and that even though “he’s a mess, he’s very spiritual.” He tells the priest that he wants to talk to Burke in that particular church, because that is the church in which Burke was married. The priest reluctantly agrees to give him a few minutes, and Caffrey takes Burke and steers him away. Burke asks him, incredulously, if he just lied to a priest. Caffrey asks him if he thinks Diana is attractive, and he says, “Of course,” to which Caffrey replies, “We’re good.” As they examine a restored painting, Burke asks Caffrey why he’s never heard of Hagen, if he’s so good. Caffrey says the really good ones never get caught, “you only catch the second-best ones.” “What does that say about you?” “That says that there’s an exception to every rule.” He then points out a “CH” in the painting. A workman confronts them, and tells Neal that he looks familiar. Neal introduces himself and hold out his hand to shake, but the man refuses, declaring, “Forgive me if I don’t’ shake hands with an art thief.” Caffrey objects that he was never arrested for art theft, but Hagen is undeterred, “Maybe not arrested, but you are quite the Renaissance criminal. You can understand my concern for having you in my space.” He asks Burke who he is, but Burke replies, “Just a friend.” Hagen then firmly tells them that the church is closed, and motions them out. They leave. As they pass the priest, he admonishes Burke to “listen to the spirit, son, and not the flesh.” Burke is confused, but thanks the priest anyway.


Another funny part there! Lying to a priest. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA =)) Neal Caffrey is seriously the slickest and smoothest person on Earth. It really helps if you have the looks, no? XD

In Burke’s office, Burke asks Caffrey for some assistance. Caffrey guesses it’s with Hagen’s file, but Burke brushes that aside, declaring that Diana is taking care of that.

Caffrey: This is your wife’s Visa bill.
Burke: Yeah. I got it all. Her eBay bids, video rentals, library books. Thank you, Patriot Act.
Caffrey: So you’re stalking your own wife?
Burke: Want to compare notes?
Caffrey: Touché.

Burke tells him that he has a record of everything she every bought with it, and Caffrey accuses him of stalking his own wife, and then tells Burke that he doesn’t think he’s going to find his answer tucked into a list of Elizabeth’s eBay bids. Burke throws his hands out and begs, “Help me out, here! You’re the one who’s the romantic – what’s the deal with the bottle?” Caffrey is taken aback, but tells Burke that it was an ’82 Bordeaux. Burke agrees, commenting that it was $800 a pop. Caffrey tells him that he got the bottle when it was empty. Caffrey tells him that when he and Kate first met, they had no money, and that he used to fill the bottle up with whatever cheap wine they could afford, and they would sit in the apartment, eating cold pizza and pretending that they were living on the Cote d’Azur. Burke wondered how that worked, and Caffrey admitted that it didn’t, because the bottle was a promise of a better life that he didn’t deliver on.

I’m seriously in love with Caffrey. So romantic and vulnerable and all when it comes to love. ❤

He then goes on to ask Burke if he ever made Elizabeth any promises. “Or do you really think that all she wants is oleander candles?” he asks, mockingly. They are interrupted by Diana. Caffrey rises from his chair as she enters, and tells Burke that Hagen is getting ready to leave the country – he has a private flight with a charter company booked to Barcelona on the 19th. Burke is frustrated, and wants to know what they have, but Diana admits that Hagen, while he has a lot of international holdings, has managed to keep himself out of the muck. Burke tells Diana to get every good agent on Hagen and find out everything about him, “And if anything gets in your way . . .” She finishes, “I’ll forge your signature – I always do.” She smiles and quickly leaves. Burke tells Caffrey that if he’s right, they only have a week to tie Hagen to the bonds before they lose him, and tells him, “Neal, if we lose him, you’re back in – I can’t save you.” Caffrey is aghast.

Coming home that night, he again meets Mozzie at June’s house, and tells him he was right about Hagen. He then confesses that he was stupid and impulsive, and Hagen identified him. Now he has only one week to link him to the bonds, or he goes back to prison. He then asks about Kate, and Mozzie produces a photo of her. In the photo, he sees a man’s hand, wearing a signet ring, and then abruptly tells Mozzie to lose her. “Lose her? I just found her!” “So did he,” says Caffrey glumly.


The next morning, Caffrey and Burke are walking down the sidewalk, and Caffrey tells Burke that he has found Kate – four days earlier, she was at a San Diego ATM using the name Kate Perdue – which means “lost” in French. Caffrey then wonders if that means that she is lost without him, or lost to him, and begs for a couple of days after the Dutchman case is wrapped up to go to San Diego. Burke tells him to stop – Kate dumped him “with prejudice”, and asks him exactly what is his plan when he finds her. Caffrey doesn’t have a plan, but refuses to believe that his and Kate’s story is over. He asks Burke plaintively if it doesn’t count for something that he brought this to Burke’s attention, but Burke says no – Caffrey has a good deal going here, and he’s about to blow it. Caffrey agrees that Burke is right, but Burke is skeptical.

Caffrey: You figure out your anniversary plans yet?
Burke: I’m gettin’ close, very close.
Caffrey: So… you got nothin’?
Burke: Nothin’.

Outside the office, Caffrey spots Mozzie standing with some of the FBI agents who are grabbing a quick cigarette before work. He makes an excuse to Burke that he needs a smoke, and Burke hands him off to the other FBI agents. He then approaches Mozzie cautiously, who offers him a cigarette with advice to “tear off the filter.” One of the FBI agents obligingly offers him a light.


Caffrey: You don’t smoke.
Mozzie: What was I supposed to do… fire off a flare?


I love Mozzie the moment he appeared! So witty! And all those allusions he uses. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s so small and all that. Heehee. XDD

Inside, Caffrey is examining the cigarette that Mozzie gave him, eases off the filter, and carefully unwraps the piece of paper rolled up inside. His eyes light up as he reads it.

Burke is sitting at his desk, obviously worried about his anniversary. He turns on his computer, and the screen saver, with a picture of a tropical beach, pops up. He stares at it, and begins to smile. As Caffrey enters the office, Burke declares, “I found my bottle!” and Caffrey, waving the slip of paper, responds, “I found Hagen.” He then tells Burke that Hagen has a warehouse down by the docks that he runs out of a shell company based in Guatemala. Burke says that he didn’t know about it – how did Caffrey? Caffrey says, ironically, that he doesn’t believe that Burke relies on rumors quite as much as he does. Burke jumps up to check it out.

At the warehouse, Caffrey and Burke are standing outside the warehouse door. Caffrey listens closely, and realizes that he hears a printing press running inside. “He’s printing the bonds in there right now, you can hear it!” Burke calls Diana for back-up to watch the warehouse.

Back at Burke’s office, Burke points out that they don’t have enough evidence for a warrant. Caffrey wonders why they can’t just open the door and look, and Burke literally throws a book at him –on warrant law. He then demands to talk to Mozzie. Caffrey tries to play dumb, but Burke points out that he was seen talking to Mozzie by FBI agents just outside the office, and can put two and two together. Caffrey agrees to take Burke to Mozzie in the morning, but is not happy about it.

That evening, Caffrey is stretched out on the sofa, reading “Statutes and Limitations of Warrant Law.” He thinks for a moment, and then contemplates his ankle bracelet. He then decides – getting up, he picks up the car keys, and walks out. Burke’s cell phone rings as it is charging on his nightstand. Blearily, he answers, but is instantly awake at the news that Caffrey’s alarm has gone off.

Caffrey drives down to the warehouse, and, jumping out of the car with a camera, begins to snap photos. Some guards in front of the warehouse immediately accost him, and even though he explains that he is taking a photography class, they hustle him into the warehouse. As he is roughly escorted through the warehouse, he observes someone leafing through the copies of the same Spanish “Snow White” book they confiscated from Tony Fields, and printing presses in full operation. They bundle him into a private office that is surrounded by glass panels. As he enters the office, he quickly turns and locks the door behind him, locking himself in and the guards out. Hagen comes running up and demands that Caffrey unlock the door. A guard bangs on the glass, and Caffrey observes, smilingly, that “That sounds like Lexan!” (a bulletproof clear hard plastic). The guard runs to get another set of keys. Caffrey makes himself at home in the ornate office, and, putting his feet on the desk, tells Hagen that he shouldn’t have signed the bonds, although he understands why he did. Hagen threatens to kill Caffrey – “I hope whatever they are giving you, it’s worth it,” but then turns at the sound of a siren outside the door. The warehouse is quickly surrounded by police, and Caffrey, smiling, reaches down and shows off his ankle bracelet, which is brightly lit. Hagen, understanding, declares that Caffrey is “a particular kind of bastard!” Outside, Burke is gleeful at the excuse Caffrey has given him to break into the warehouse: “Gentlemen, we have a fugitive hiding in this building! Take down those doors!” Inside, the counterfeiters are gathering to escape. Caffrey watches the confusion with interest from the bulletproof office as the SWAT team breaks down the door and comes in with guns aimed. The counterfeiters surrender. Burke, as he strides in, declares, “This is what the law calls ‘an exigent circumstance'”, and asks his team members if they know what that means. No one does, except Diana, who explains that an exigent circumstance allows them to pursue a suspect onto private property without a warrant, and allows them to seize any and all evidence in plain view regardless of its relevance to the original crime. Burke picks up a copy of a partially printed bond and asks Hagen if he remembers him. He also recognizes one of the men as the “lawyer” that killed Fields. Leaving them to be taken away, he walks over to where Caffrey is now perched on a corner of the antique desk, puffing on a cigar, and offers Burke one. Burkes inquires if they are Cuban, and decides to pass, and reminds Caffrey that he is a fleeing felon. He then spies the original Victory Bond in an open cabinet. Happily, he joins Caffrey on the desk, enjoying the take-down. Caffrey unconcernedly puffs on his cigar.


HE IS SERIOUSLY SO SMART. Triggering the FBI’s alarm so that they’ll catch Curtis Hagen. GAH. You want to be a con man after watching Neal Caffrey in this pilot episode. So amazing with all that knowledge. ❤

Burke is leading a blindfolded Elizabeth outdoors. He unties the blindfold, revealing the terrace on June’s house, but decorated with some potted palms, lounge chairs with beach umbrellas, and a small fire. Island music is playing in the background. He tells her that he has always promised to take her to Caribbean, but this was the best he could do right now. He leads her to a chaise lounge, and pulls out two bottles of beer from a silver cooler, handing her one. He asks, “Too cheesy?” and she allows as how it’s a little cheesy, but sweet. Drawing a ticket out of his jacket, he says, “Maybe this will help,” and gives her tickets for a week in Belize. She is shocked, and he goes on to describe the villa they will be staying in. She stops him when he begins to describe how the Bureau confiscated it when it belonged to a narcotics dealer, and begs him, “Just tell me it’s nice.” He tells her it’s nice, and they exchange “I love you”. They settle back into the chaise, but then decide it’s too chilly to lounge around on the rooftop.

The next morning, Caffrey is on the same patio, magically cleared of the Caribbean theme, and is admiring the view. Burke ambles out, and Caffrey asks if Elizabeth liked it, and Burke agrees that she did. Caffrey offers him coffee and observes that Burke is off on vacation. Burke, enjoying the coffee, agrees and confirms that he’ll be back in a week. After some more small talk, Caffrey nervously asks Burke if “they have made a decision?” Burke puts his coffee cup down, and looks consideringly at Caffrey, and then, smiling, withdraws an ID folder from his pocket, designating Caffrey as an official FBI consultant. “We figured if we didn’t, you’d end up making one of these on your own!” Caffrey is delighted, even when Burke reminds him that “I own you for four years.” Caffrey is fine with that, and Burke asks him if he will be there when he returns from vacation. Caffrey says, wryly, “Where else am I going to go?” and Burke smiles and leaves. The smile drops from Caffrey’s face as he reaches for Kate’s photo, with the picture of the man’s hand on her shoulder.



This is one amazing pilot episode. I came across info that Bryce Larkin from Chuck is the lead actor in White Collar. And White Collar got some positive reviews so I just tried the pilot out. I downloaded the pilot episode and immediately watched it when the download finished. And it was amazing. I’m a sucker for smart guys and Neal Caffrey is SUPER SMART. Knowing all these stuff, it makes you want to be a cool conman too. Escaping prison, looking good, A WALKING CALCULATOR, dapper and spiffy, THE ROMANTIC, he is so perfect. Aside from the cool stuff, that’s what actually made me hooked into this. That he is so vulnerable when it comes to love. When it comes to Kate. That what’s moving this show forward is his love for Kate, that he joined the FBI so that he can find Kate. That he loves Kate so much, even escaping prison for her. Pining for her. Kate is one lucky gal to have Neal Caffrey. And the suits doesn’t hurt. Seriously, there should be a law saying that Matt Bomer must only wear suits. Ohmy.

At first, I wasn’t into Peter Burke, at all. Sure, he knows how to talk Caffrey down and he knows Caffrey so much from trying to catch him. But he’s really witty and funny and smart too! And I love it that he’s so under his wife, Elizabeth. That he basically does whatever she says. That he loves his wife so much. When I first watched the pilot episode, I was not really into Peter Burke yet. It took me some episodes to love them and their tandem. Later in the season, you won’t be able to stop watching them together because they are seriously one of the best tandems out there. ❤

Hmm, who’s next? Diana. I love Diana simply for the fact that she can resist Neal’s charm! Seriously, when you watch the whole season, it’s like everyone’s into Neal! Well, I cannot blame them because Neal is one FINE MAN. Haha! Really irritated that Kate left him. Diana will disappear in this season and I hate the producers for that but she will come back, I PROMISE.

Mozzie! After watching the two seasons, I know Mozzie is everyone’s favorite character but here, he shows that he’s funny and smart. Funny + Smart = winning combination! Neal relies on him to do stuff for him. Basically, he’s his confidante and friend. MOZZIE IS AWESOME. My love for him just exceeds normal sidekick love. HAHA! Just watch more and surely, you will not get enough of him. HAHA!

Elizabeth is really endearing and he knows how to get Peter, always. He knows how to help him with his problems, everything. Basically, the perfect wife who loves you for who you are and knows you.

We don’t see much of Jones yet but he’s you know, the normal FBI agent. HAHA!

I love White Collar. This pilot is really amazing. You get really cool stuff, romance, a spiffy guy, SMART AND FUNNY CHARACTER EXCHANGES. I love the dialogues in this show and that’s what got me hooked too!

Just watch this show, seriously. And how I love the transition shots of New York. I’m a sucker for those transition things. See Paris, Je T’aime. ❤ WATCH WATCH WATCH WHITE COLLAR. At school, I just found one co-White Collar addict but I am spreading the love!

I promise I will do original recaps next time. And not too long recaps. I dunno if I’ll be able to screencap each episode, though. (My snapshot program here in my laptop is broke.) JUST WATCH ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

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