Film Review: 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

This was long overdue. I wasn’t able to finish this immediately. I watched this around August and started the review, I think. Sorry about not finishing it.


Why did I watch this?

My co-JGL (that’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt) junkie (Cel) said that she wouldn’t breathe until I’ve watched this movie. Okay, I’m into exaggerations, sorry. Anyway, she was spazzing about JGL in this movie and I can’t wait to go home to go download this and watch it immediately. I want my JGL fix! I even saw a VCD that’s worth Php 75 and I almost bought it. It helped that I didn’t have enough money to go home if I bought that. Wahaha! So I actually downloaded it. My internet’s so slow so I was literally watching it download itself for many nights until at last, I actually left our PC turned on while I took a not-so-short nap that lasted ‘til morning. Oh crap, my parents would be angry at me if they knew that. It’s a sisters’ secret. Heehee. I do like long introductions, don’t ya think so? HAHA! After waiting for eternity to come, I was able to watch this last night. And boy was I screaming and laughing so much. I can’t believe I only watched this so late (?) in my life/teens.


The movie stars Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona, a rough and tough guy everyone’s afraid of; Julia Stiles as Kat Stratford as an opinionated, i-don’t-care-about-other-people outcast and Bianca’s older sister; Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cameron James, a sweet and delicate transferee who is madly in love into Bianca Stratford; and Larisa Oleynik as Bianca Stratford, the girl who everyone digs.



It’s the first day of school for Cameron at Padua High and he spots with Michael, his tutor/new friend/tour guide Bianca, the out-of-your-league popular girl. He isn’t taking any of these and even spits out an “I burn, I pine, I perish”. Heehee. He must have a date with Bianca, whatever it takes; even high school jock and jerk Joey claimed implied dibs on her. Not only that, Bianca also likes Joey, a cool wuss part-time model. OH NO for Cameron’s sweet heart. But that’s not even the hard part yet, there is a new house rule, Bianca can date, when Kat does.


OH NO times 2 for our dear boy but they were clever. Cameron and Michael come up with a plan: pay someone to date Kat so Cameron can date Bianca. But they have no moolah. They do know that Joey has cash and so they plot Joey to pay for this guy who would take Kat out, while Cameron, instead of Joey, will date Bianca. Now, who will be strong and insane enough to date Kat? Enter bad boy Patrick, rumored to have eaten a live duck. He takes Kat out and you know what will happen. I mean, who doesn’t know! 😛

I assure you, this is one of the epitomes of rom-coms because it really is funny and sweet. Aaaaaww. The movie’s somewhat old, making it one of the sorta first rom-coms before the recent surge in rom-coms. Commencing commentary.

The soundtrack was amazing. The movie has just started and I was itching to search and download the soundtrack. Maybe this just proves that I’m a 1990s kid because I miss hearing those types of songs. ❤ I’m trying to be coherent here but JGL is all over in my mind and I can’t say anything not related to him. HAHA 😛

Okay, the characters. JGL’s Cameron was so endearing and I dunno if this is bias-free. But seriously, he’s like the sweetest. Patrick Verona. Okay, I love “bad boys” in movies and dramas so I’m owned. HAHA! And it’s Heath Ledger, oh come on! That accent *swoons* HUHU Heath Ledger. Maybe this is the only time I like Julia Stiles but yeah. Don’t get me started with Larisa Oleynik. Okay, maybe the role was actually like that but SHE IS SO NOT LIKABLE. I dunno if the actress could have portrayed her better and made her lovable. Besides, I do not like anyone messing with Cameron’s sweet and fragile heart. Heehee ❤


The secondary characters were really FUNNY. A guidance counselor who writes smut on her free time, or not. It’s not even her free time because she’s writing during office hours! Haha! Michael, Cameron’s sidekick, how I love thee. In the end with his Shakespeare stuff, I was laughing so hard. And a dick drawn in his face, EPIC WIN. =)) And Kat and Bianca’s father, so touching. I can totally understand him, being strict and all. Even reminding them that being preggy is hard by making Bianca wear that preggy-feel suit whatever. HAHAHAHA =))

How I love the people in the school! The way they were introduced was really FUNNY okay. I’m running out of synonyms. Gah. The coffee kids where no sudden movements since they might spill coffee on you and since they’re really nervous. HAHA =)) The it girls who you must speak to when only spoken to. Ivy Leaguers and cowboys, I love everyone!


And oh, the quotes. Something like “Just because you’re beautiful doesn’t mean you can look down on everyone else like they don’t matter”. Or Patrick’s words of wisdom to Cameron that if Bianca is worth all the trouble, he must not give up. Do not let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve it. Ya go MAN!


The performance. I know, it’s cheesy and all that but I love Heath Ledger so you can’t really blame me. I’m sure I was blushing while watching that part but at the same time, I was screaming because even though how sweet it is and how swoon-worthy is that accent, IT WAS REALLY CHEESY OKAY. I want it to end because I was having goose bumps from all that CHEESINESS.

While they were at the swing. Gosh. Weehoo! Your eyes have a little green in them. ❤ And the legends about Patrick! HAHA! He ate a live duck, he spent a year in prison, underwear model. HAHA! So sweet of him that he was in Milwaukee and made spaghetti and sat on the couch with his grandpops since he was sick. Patrick Verona <333 (I actually do not like the poem that much, the titular 10 Things I Hate About You, because Kat was crying and it was cheesy and not my style. HAHA Ohwell.)

The ending sequence! I love ittttttttt!

I love the movie! It certainly has it flaws but HELLO, it has more hits than misses so I don’t have a problem with that. And since I am so biased about JGL, I really love it. Young JGL the best! =)) I recommend this movie! REALLY REALLY RECOMMEND! (Watch til the end for the bloopers!)

Thanks to my screencapping skillz for the bleh screencaps. At least the review has pictures! You do not know how long it took me to do this. Gah. But I made it out of love and out of nothing to post. :)) Thanks to my Peking man level photo editing for the captions. HAHA!

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