This Saturday’s Book Haul!

So I had nothing to do while waiting so I stayed at some National Bookstore and checked out the books in the book sale section. I literally read the plot of every book there and THERE WERE MANY BOOKS. I bought these for around a price of one! Yey!

So here’s what I bought!

  1. Upgrading by Simon Brooke. I bought this because it looks interesting. Hmm, yes, I admit, I have a taste of a 14-year-old and I like chick flicks/lit. Heehee. 😀 And it’s from a guy’s perspective so I think it’s something new!
  2. The Attack by Yasmina Khadra. I usually stay away from Arab/Middle East settings but the plot spoke to me. Whatever! Haha! :)) And for a hardbound book, it’s cheap so I said, why not? 😀
  3. Gifts by Ursula K. Le Guin. So this is one intense plot and I can feel that it’s good. Plus, it’s for young adults. I know, I’m turning 17 but I really like books for young adults. 😛
  4. Leonardo’s ShadowOr, My Astonishing Life as Leonardo da Vinci’s Servant by Christopher Grey. It had me at Leonardo. HAHA! Seriously, Leonardo’s servant? And the premise was interesting for me. 🙂
  5. The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. OMG, I think this is the book that I’m most excited about. Cloning? OH YEAH. Being an MBB major, it’s nice to read some fiction about my future job and not those super thick acad books. HAHA!

I hope I can post a review when I finish them. I keep on buying books but I can’t find time to read them. I’m spending too much time in the Internet or in front of my favorite DVD player and TV. 😛 But I’m sure I’ll finish reading them someday because I’m a person who will not waste money on books and not read them. 😀

Film Review: When Harry Met Sally (1989)

I watched When Harry Met Sally just this week. Hmm, I read that it’s a cult classic after researching. I basically watched it because I have a copy and my mom said that it’s good! So yeah.

Is it funny? Yes, sorta. But I didn’t find it AMAZING. I guess there’s a generation gap? But no, the themes are classics that every age group knows or can relate to. It’s not the outfits since I love vintage stuff. I guess I already know what will happen to them. Since it’s a romcom, you can bet that they will end up together. And with the tone of the movie and snippets of the wiki article, you know that they will end up together. So it’s up to how they will end up together for me to enjoy this.

Well, I enjoyed watching it but not much. I guess I’m waiting for something to blow me away but nothing came so I ended up being disappointed. I kept thinking, “Oh come on, when will they end up together?”. Or I thought to myself, “Gah, it’s so obvious they are for each other and when will they realize that?”.

Billy Crystal as Harry Burns was funny and Meg Ryan as Sally Albright was pretty. I just don’t think they are of the same age. Sorry Crystal, you look really older compared to Ryan.

The film raises the question “Can men and women ever just be friends?” and the movie revolves on that question. Basically, that’s the theme of the movie. Personally, I believe men and women can have a platonic relationship. 🙂

I think the most famous scene or the film is best known for this and I’m backed up by the wiki article is the deli scene. Harry and Sally are having lunch at Katz’s Delicatessen. They are arguing about a man’s ability to recognize when a woman is faking an orgasm. Sally says that men cannot tell the difference, and to prove her point, she fakes one. This was really funny but awkward to watch because everyone in the restaurant was watching her. I mean, seriously, you would embarass yourself to prove that point? HAHAHAHAHA! :)) Harry is shocked and embarassed as well. But that’s not the funny part, or at least, the punchline. The scene ends with Sally casually returning to her meal as if nothing happened as a nearby patron places her order and says “I’ll have what she’s having”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA =)))

The transitional scenes with the stories of the old couples and their love stories were really aaaaaaaawwww.

I think that’s all I can say. 😀

Official Poster for Paradise Kiss Live Action Movie

I don’t know about the manga so I’m just posting this because of MUKAI OSAMU and since Kitagawa Keiko is cute. 🙂

The movie will be released on May 2011. But surely, the DVD will come out later so will have to wait for that and the subs too. I dunno if I’ll be excited about this movie. May is still far. :)) Let’s focus on things at hand like MARY STAYED OUT ALL NIGHT but the English title was changed into Marry Me, Mary. Oh COME ON.

Flag Counter

I put that flag counter there on the sidebar just this April 6, 2010. Tsk. I regret it now. I should have that already when I started this blog so it’s an accurate measurement of how many views I already got. Tsk. I just knew that it actually keeps track of unique visitors per day! I didn’t know HAHAHAHA :)) And it actually records every country. Ia m awed by the number of visitors I have even though I sparsely update this. Though since it’s my break, I’m posting a lot. HAHA! I will try to post EVERYDAY because I think a blog must be really updated. Haha! This is my nth time on a blog so I must be good at it by now. Fighting!

(And it even notes about the state of the USA visitors! It seems that my site has received 305 views from California, being the highest. Just woah! <3)

Just because I miss Jae Hee so much </3

I wish Jae Hee will appear in a drama soon because I SUPER DUPER ULTRA MISS HIM. He’s one of the first actors that I knew and watched and adored and liked and loved and I really miss his comedic timing. ❤ An MV starring Jae Hee. GAH I MISS HIM SO MUCH.

This is the MV for Cha Soo Kyung’s Empty Heart. Jae Hee ❤

Yoo Ah In <3

Just because I am so in love with this guy. PICSPAM! From his recent photoshoots. 🙂 I thought why not post them altogether instead of doing separate posts. 😛 Let’s just put it in thumbnails because I don’t wanna kill your computers. :)) from Elle, Elle Girl, High Cut and Vogue Girl.


I think the ones that I like the least are the from the Vogue Girl photoshoot, the last four pictures. My left hand hurts from all the copypasting of URLs. All for Yoo Ah In. ❤

And just because I seriously love gifs of him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. ❤


Yoo Ah In for High Cut Behind the Scenes!

I was biting my shirt while watching this so as not to scream. Because serious-leh, how come I never saw this before? GAH. Yoo Ah In smiling and smiling and smiling and posing for the camera and eating banana and doing all things awesome. Well, everything he does is awesome so JUST WATCH THE VIDEO OKAY! AND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOO AH IN. OMG, I can’t help but watch the vid over and over again!

His smile is like sunshine to me, GAH. And that’s really rare for me to say. I think as of now, only Minhyuk’s and Onew’s smiles are considered as sunshine for me. ❤

And just because one cannot help but drain Youtube videos, a CF for Skoolooks with Jang Geun Seuk! OMG MY BIASES. TO.GE.THER. I CANNOT BREATHE.

And as a bonus, Yoo Ah In behind the scenes in his Vogue Girl photoshoot. 🙂

And a hicupping gif from Sungkyunkwan Scandal just because I find it cute and I a d o r e him!


Character Description for Mary Stayed Out All Night!

OMG a bunch of thanks to ockoala@wordpress for translating this!


Mu Gyul: The lead vocalist and lead guitarist in a band. Beautiful and languid like a cat. Doesn’t like to talk much, and when he does his answers can be short. Because all he needs is music. Successful or not isn’t what matters to him.

This is how he wants to live his entire life. He dislikes women because of the emotional scars left by his mother. He’s just a bad guy who escapes everything. A man who likely won’t ever get married meets a girl named Wie Mae Ri, and from that moment on lots of things seem to happen. Turning into a situation where monetary conflicts result in a “100 day fake marriage”

A man who does not understand the purpose of a family, and doesn’t know what true love is – he falls in love with Mae Ri, a girl with loyalty and devotion who struggles to survive like each day is a battle. He and his rival Jung In commence a battle between men. Facing a monumental change in his life.


Mae Ri/Mary: She has the vitality of the sun. She resembles her deceased mother….even though she is quite pretty, she has her father’s explosive and irritable temper.

Because of a father who is prone to getting into scrapes, her life has been difficult. But, to Mae Ri, her father is the world best best father to her.

She is currently taking a leave of absence from school because she can’t pay her tuition. She doesn’t have any talents, so she does odd jobs to pay down the debt. Because of her dad’s marriage scheme, she ends up taking fake wedding pictures with Mu Gyul. Resulting in her falling into two fake marriages…


Jung In: He is the head (representative) of JI, the television music production company. He was born the son of a chaebol. Arrogant and carefree, a bona fide rich boy. The ideal for the ladies. He has the looks, the wealth, and the business acumen. The #1 most desirable husband material. He refuses to allow anyone to interfere in his orderly life, appearing cold to the outside world.

The perfect Jung In’s only weakness – his father. To accede to his father’s wishes, he must play the kind son. He begins a 100 day fake marriage without any emotional attachment. But then he begins to fall for Mae Ri. To achieve a musical dream, he finds Mu Gyul. On one hand, there is his legally wedded wife Mae Ri, on the other hand is his rival in love Mu Gyul. The three of them become intertwined together in love. At the same time Seo Jun gets involved in the mix and makes an already complicated relationship even more messy.


Seo Jun: She comes from a wealthy family, and has a strong personality. An actress who prefers making movies over television dramas.

She was the ex-girlfriend of Mu Gyul, from over a year ago. Sometimes she secretly goes to see Mu Gyul’s performances. She has the same soul as Mu Gyul, and finally she meets up with him again. She signs a contract with television producer Jung In, and begins to have positive feelings about him. Between Mu Gyul and Jung In, she is torn.


Mary Stayed Out All Night Wedding Photoshoot Behind the Scenes!



from the Baidu bar of Mary Stayed Out All Night!

Second Teaser Trailer and Written Preview for Mary Stayed Out All Night!

Notice how all posts about Mary Stayed Out All Night ends in exclamation points? That is because I AM THIS EXCITED!

I also found a written preview of episode 1! Thanks to ockoala@wordpress for this! ❤


A chameleon of a girl, with the vitality of the sun, Wie Mae Ri does not lose hope even when all the furniture in her house has been auctioned off. These types of situations is now commonplace to her, and she already hid all her valuables. She watches her favorite drama on TV and another days passes for this girl with hidden strength, Wie Mae Ri.

She take the job as a chauffer for a rich friend at college, and accidentally hits someone with the car. Because he is already late for a performance, Mu Gyul tells her its fine and walks away. Mae Ri runs after him to make sure he’s really not injured, and catches Mu Gyul’s performance with his band. They fight, and then get drunk, and do something they can’t undo.

On the otherhand, the son of a Korean business man based in Japan, Jung In, is in Korea to produce a television program and is busier than he can imagine. Except his father’s sole concern is getting his son married first. Jung In accepts his father’s condition that he will provide the finacing for his television production if Jung In gets married. Jung In arrives in Korea, and discovers the actress Seo Jun.

Jung In’s father visits Mae Ri’s mother’s final resting place to pay his respects, and run into Mae Ri’s father who is escaping from loan sharks. He learns of the existence of Mae Ri, who looks just like her deceased mother. Jung In and Mae Ri’s respective fathers agree to have their children married to each other.

When Mae Ri’s ecstatic father comes home, he sees his innocent daughter Mae Ri with an unknown man in the same house. He is shocked beyond belief. Is Mae Ri living with Mu Gyul? And what happened between them last night?