Axe Twist Guitar Chords

Someone email-ed me the guitar chords to Axe Twist! First, I’m so happy that someone email-ed me and responded to my post! Woohoo! Second, I’m so happy that I have something to write about! Haha! Either way, snaps and kudos and thanks to Nils Angell Høisveen for thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!

You’re so lovely girl
u got me on my knees
if i find out you like turtles
E              A
then a turtle I’ll be

You’re so sweet girl
like honey in the sea
if you want a drink of water
then a river I’ll be

say that u love me
and always be with me
and I’ll be there every single morning
in your country field

say that you need me
always by your side
and I’ll be gentle as a rose
and throw away my pride

never ask me to forget about you
don’t you ever tell me to live without your love
I weasle* on the girl if I don’t have you
D                 E                     A
I’ll be so lost just like a bum without a dog

He said that he doesn’t know the true word for that since English is not his first language. So I searched a little and found a youtube video and that’s the lyrics. I tried google defining weasle but there’s no such word. Maybe it’s whistle. I dunno. 😛

Here’s the Youtube video with the full song, or so it says. But it’s longer than what I previously posted so I guess, this is it! The guy also provided a download link!!!!!! A download link!!!! Everyone, squeal! Okay, I immediately downloaded it. Harhar. What can I do, I love this song! ❤

And the download link!

Thanks to poohisgod@youtube for the vid and the download link!

Let us all celebrate!

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