So Ji Sub and Yoo Seung Ho for Dimchae!

Seriously, my day has been completed by these two. Two actors that could pass off as brothers in a commercial? OMG, I could have just fainted. THIS IS TOO ADORABLE FOR MY HEART. Jisub smiling, feeding each other, Yoo Seung Ho, Ji Sub, okay, I’m won over by every single thing in this freakin’ kimchi refrigerator commercial. <3333

30 sec version!

60 sec version!

EDIT: The original video that I posted (18 sec) was already removed at Youtube and now I found the 30 and 60 sec version so I’ve posted them. 😀

And here’s the making of the CF. <3!

Two of my fave guys together that look alike = DAEBAK!!!

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