Film Review: Just Friends (2005)

I know every single filmmaker and production team works really hard to get a movie rolling in theaters and I respect them for their art. So I try my best to like every movie that comes my way. And so I burn, I pine and I perish. Who am I kidding? This movie, okay, it’s not crap. Maybe it’s just not the time of the year to watch this and at 2am for that. But I didn’t like it. I don’t hate it, hate is such a strong word but I didn’t like it either. It felt so-so. I was like, SO MUCH FOR SLEEPING AT 3AM JUST TO WATCH THIS FREAKIN’ FILM. I thought it’s a good, must-watch romcom. And it’s even Christmas-themed! Oh gosh, maybe I’ll just watch this again when I’m feeling more lenient so it can save its face in the near future. Oh well, stans of this movie, leave this review now.

I just felt that the movie was all over the place. And that I’m not so much a fan of Amy Smart, who played Jamie Palamino, Ryan Reynolds (Chris Brander)’s dream girl. Okay, I forgot to tell you the plot.

Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) was once a fat guy who’s besties with Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart). Jamie Palamino dated lots of jerks and well, she’s popular and all since she’s pretty and hot or whatever. However, Chris is what you can call a loser in their place but he loves Jamie. However, he is just in Jamie’s friend zone. So even though he kinda confessed his love for her, she treated him like a friend. So he left the place and after 10 years, he’s this NOT FAT guy who scores when he shoots. (Get it? There’s a line in the movie describing him: He shoots, he scores.) He’s a famous music guy and his task right now is to take care of this SUPER WEIRD pop singer Samantha James (Anna Faris). Blahblah things happened and he went home after 10 years. He sees Jamie again and he likes her. Oh I dunno just read the wiki article or watch the film!

I was hoping for a really good romcom since it’s Ryan Reynolds. Oh well. So the plot is not laid out obviously and the protagonist himself (that’s Chris) is confused about the plot, what are his goals, whatever. Maybe that’s it, he’s confused so he leaves us also bewildered. I dunno if he wanna pull an anger bang on Jamie as revenge or not. I know that he really, really likes her and ack. And oh girls, the friend zone. The story didn’t even offered an explanation if the girl really liked him from the start. Prolly not. Because as far as I get it, she only liked him when he was that handsome man. That makes her S-U-P-E-R-F-I-C-I-A-L. I feel bad for you, Chris Brander. I really do. And girl, why date jerks? Bad guys with though exterior but with a soft heart I understand, but jerks? Oh come on. I feel really bad about Chris, liking her all along, being tortured in the friends zone.

What about the ending? I don’t like it. Gah. And that Samantha James, I don’t like her a bit. She’s so useless in the film. Her Christmas rage didn’t affect anyone so much, except for Jamie’s father but everyone forgives really easily here, so what’s the point of these fights and arguments if it don’t pose THAT BIG OF A HARM on the relationships. Gosh, I can go on and on. Samantha has no bodyguards, yadda yadda. And she doesn’t have a phone to call someone? I dunno! I DUNNO! And the kids. I usually love kids but the kids here really got me on my nerves. Screaming suckster, ARGH.

But yeah, there’s got to be something that I love, or at least like. The relationship between Chris and his brother, Tim. Though they always fight and hurt each other and wrestle with one another, at some point they told each other I love you and it’s just so cute. That whatever they’re doing and Tim’s sorta teasing him that he’s homo, it’s really cute. And Chris and Jamie’s friends, the dentist couple. I like them! That’s all I think. And don’t get me started with Dusty Dinkleman. Gah.

Conclusion: So-so film. Watch if you’ve got nothing to watch or you, I dunno, wanna watch it.

But omg, Ryan Reynolds with those stuff to make him fat singing, priceless. I dunno, it’s so funny! I mean, without that, maybe I was never able to finish this. HAHAHAHA! Here’s a clip. Ryan Reynolds is so feeling the song, I cried while laughing HAHA! :))

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