Film Review: Just Friends (2005)

I know every single filmmaker and production team works really hard to get a movie rolling in theaters and I respect them for their art. So I try my best to like every movie that comes my way. And so I burn, I pine and I perish. Who am I kidding? This movie, okay, it’s not crap. Maybe it’s just not the time of the year to watch this and at 2am for that. But I didn’t like it. I don’t hate it, hate is such a strong word but I didn’t like it either. It felt so-so. I was like, SO MUCH FOR SLEEPING AT 3AM JUST TO WATCH THIS FREAKIN’ FILM. I thought it’s a good, must-watch romcom. And it’s even Christmas-themed! Oh gosh, maybe I’ll just watch this again when I’m feeling more lenient so it can save its face in the near future. Oh well, stans of this movie, leave this review now.

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updates on my life?

Guys, if you want an updated blog or whatever, go and seek my tumblr and fuckyeahokadamasaki. I’m more active there. Active means I post there more often than here. My current and forever it boy is JGL (Joseph Gordon-Levitt if you dunno) and my tumblr is so full of him, it will burst in the seams. If a blog has seams. HAHA! So there. I haven’t Kpopped in months. I told myself that I will Kpop again when Big Bang makes its comeback. Much long-awaited comeback. Or if something really really really good or interesting comes. But as of now, na-ah. I’ve been downloading and watching movies, catching up on things I should have watched but not since I’m such a Korean and Japanese fanatic in the past years. I have lots of series to marathon but I haven’t got the time. It’s a long weekend for me now but my family went to lots of gatherings and birthdays and did many stuff so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch anything. Except maybe for a movie or two. Ugh, when my semestral break comes, movies and series, BE READY. September is the month where the tv series that I’m watching are coming back for the next season. Glee, Cougar Town, Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, etc. So I’ll be super busy I think. HAHA! :))

#nowplaying Mr. Right – A Rocket to the Moon

My blog is turning into a music blog. Is that good or bad? Okay. Anyway, I’ve been listening to this song for weeks now! I dunno, I really like it! Once again, fate arranged our meeting. HAHA! Whatever. Listen to it because me and my friends liiiiikkke it! Check out their other songs because they are greeeeaaat!

Lyrics below the cut!

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#nowplaying I Don’t Want to Know – Chen Wei

Blaming Sarah for this. At the Dolphin Bay is seriously the dramas of my childhood/my generation and omg, Wallace Huo is my knight-in-shining-armor before. HAHA! =)) I so looooove this song, it’s not healthy. And misheard lyrics! HAHA :))

#nowplaying Dancing in the Moonlight – Toploader

I’m blaming Sarah for this. I borrowed her iPod and I played this song and woah, trip down memory lane! I super love this song ever since! I dunno why it’s not even in my laptop! I’m singing this the whole daaaaay. I just love this song, so much. It’s such a feel-good song! ❤ forever!

Lyrics under the cut!

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Ikuta Toma to star in “The Tale of Genji”

From tokyograph:

Actor Toma Ikuta has been chosen to star as Hikaru Genji in a new movie adaptation of “The Tale of Genji.” The film, tentatively titled “Genji Monogatari,” is being directed by Yasuo Tsuruhashi (“Ai no Rukeichi”) and reportedly has a budget of more than 1 billion yen.

“The Tale of Genji,” generally believed to have been writtern by noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu during the 11th century, is considered a classic piece of Japanese literature. The story has appeared in countless forms throughout the centuries, including theater, opera, and film.

Ikuta was reportedly chosen for the role by executive producer Tsuguhiko Kadokawa while filming was in progress for “Ningen Shikkaku,” which opened in February. Actors who have previously played the role on the big screen include Kazuo Hasegawa in 1951 and Raizo Ichikawa in 1961. On television, the part has also been played by singer Kenji Sawada (62) and Shonentai’s Noriyuki Higashiyama (43).

“Genji Monogatari” is scheduled for release in 2011.

Source: Sankei Sports

I am so happy for my boy! Keep it up, Toma-kun! ❤ (this blog’s namesake HAHA)