Teux deux!

I found this browser-based app and I wanna try it! It’s Teux Deux (as in teux deux), a site wherein you can make your to-do lists!

First, I found the name really witty so I checked it out and I wanna try it but hmmmm, I don’t think online to-do lists will do me good. The Internet contends sleeping and watching movies/dramas/series as my top distraction or top reason for not studying. HAHA! So I’m just promoting them, I think? If you’ve been searching your whole life for an online To-Do list, THIS IS IT!

(Besides, I use STDs as my To-Do list title. Stuff-To-Do, it stands for, nothing else. HAHA! Adapted from my summer elective teacher. πŸ˜› )

(This is pretty random stuff. I’ve been wanting to post ever since but as usual, my Internet keeps on dying on me. It’s like it’ll come back and then take a LOOOONG, as in super long vacation, then it’ll come back and then suddenly *poof*, it’s nowhere. So I’m really sorry. I haven’t Kpop-ed for weeks, oh goodness. HAHA Kpop is a verb. πŸ˜› )


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