Lucifer – SHINeeΒ MV

I don’t wanna comment too much. Yeah, I miss SHINee but then, ohwell, I’m not part of the fraction of fandom whose in love with this concept.

But it’s good to seem them again. Minho is looking mighty fine. And that’s the only comment you’ll get from me. However, the song is so catchy and the choreo is hard! So good! Watch it! Although I bet you’ve already watched this since I’m so late at posting this. Grawr.

Clap – Teen Top MV

Being away from Kpop news really sucks. I missed this? This amazing thing? Goodness.

I still don’t know them since I immediately posted this after I saw the MV. The song is really catchy and good and the choreo is nice too! I read somewhere that the members are like, 15 years old? OMG so young! And they remind me of SHINee, being so thin and young and good and all. ❀ I’ll try my best to know them, asap. Lizzy of After School is in the MV but she’s pretty useless there, I dunno what’s the point of her presence. HAHA :)) Someone looks a bit like Key and someone looks like Dongwoon (BEAST) + Junyoung (ZE:A). I dunno. And their vocals are great! Definitely keeping an eye on these babies. πŸ˜›

#nowplaying Things in Twos – The Boys of Summer

I really love this song! I think I just happened to pass by this on PureVolume and I loved it! ❀ This has been my study song for weeks? It keeps me awake! Which is the most important criterion to be in my study-song playlist. πŸ˜› I think an MV is not available, so just the video. πŸ˜› The lyrics are in the video! πŸ™‚

Listen to it! πŸ˜€

Teux deux!

I found this browser-based app and I wanna try it! It’s Teux Deux (as in teux deux), a site wherein you can make your to-do lists!

First, I found the name really witty so I checked it out and I wanna try it but hmmmm, I don’t think online to-do lists will do me good. The Internet contends sleeping and watching movies/dramas/series as my top distraction or top reason for not studying. HAHA! So I’m just promoting them, I think? If you’ve been searching your whole life for an online To-Do list, THIS IS IT!

(Besides, I use STDs as my To-Do list title. Stuff-To-Do, it stands for, nothing else. HAHA! Adapted from my summer elective teacher. πŸ˜› )

(This is pretty random stuff. I’ve been wanting to post ever since but as usual, my Internet keeps on dying on me. It’s like it’ll come back and then take a LOOOONG, as in super long vacation, then it’ll come back and then suddenly *poof*, it’s nowhere. So I’m really sorry. I haven’t Kpop-ed for weeks, oh goodness. HAHA Kpop is a verb. πŸ˜› )

Choices – The Hoosiers MV

A new single and MV from my ultimate favorite band, The Hoosiers. ❀ I’m so high. I was planning to post this yesterday but I found some other things to do. HAHA! :)) This is not super new, around, a week or 2 weeks old. But still. Now, to the video!

I really like the song! Their album will come out on August. I cannot wait!

Amazing OMG (Usher) Cover by Joseph Vincent

I was never into Usher but when OMG came out, I became an instant fan. That song is killing my study time. It is so addicting and I just keep on singing it. HAHA! So my usual routine, scouring for youtube covers. I found tons of great covers, from erinpaulaa, sweetescape, liamandlmii, shilax0929, byrongold and a lot more. (Btw, those were channel names. If you wanna check them out just find them. I especially like erinpaulaa’s. ) I mean, A LOT MORE. Almost all of the covers were amazing and I can’t help but download them. But I restrained myself from downloading. I told myself I’ll only listen. When I landed on Joseph Vincent’s cover.

Pinoys are all over youtube and gosh, they are just amazing. Joseph Vincent is a Filipino and OMG, his voice might not be the best out there but it has this certain pull, I dunno. And it doesn’t hurt that he is so charming. So, without further ado, the video.

I wanna marry him when I heard his voice. Exaggerating. HAHA! But omg, his voice is so gentle, so calm, so soothing. I could listen to it all day. Aaaaw, I just love his covers. Check out all of his covers. As in, all! All are amazing! ❀

Another cover that I like. She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. I love this song, I dunno why. πŸ˜›

Don’t forget to check out his channel! ❀

I Need A Girl – Taeyang MV

I’m actually really sleepy so I dunno what’s my reaction about the song and the MV. I’m really sorry, my brain’s capacity to process things has gone down a lil bit. It’s a miracle that I am able to post. Argh. But anyway, I can say something that I’m sure of. TAEYANG’S ABS OMG OMG HYPERVENTILATE MODE. And GD! ❀ I hope I can edit this someday if I have something better o