Happy Birthday, Minhyuk <3


Dear Minhyuk,

Your planet has just finished  its 18th revolution around the Sun. Your 19th year is starting. Happy birthday, Minhyuk! ❤

Minhyuk is just the cutest and tallest fake magnae ever. XD ❤ He is also a good speaker as he’s the one who talks in CNBLUE during interviews and awards aside from Yonghwa. And that’s why he’s such a great MC!

Minhyuk = noona-killer. Tsk, flocks of noonas all over forums and fandom are in love with Minhyuk. Okay, his skin is so smooth HAHA :)) Anyway, I’m in a daze right now. HAHA :))

And let’s not forget his drumming skills. WOOHOO! Drummer boy ❤ And how cool is he when he flips and twirls his drumsticks? Oh boy, ❤

I really love it that he’s not interested in girl groups before and he’s just getting interested in them recently since he’s in showbiz already. And I love it that he’s so into food that he eats and eats. HAHA :))

Minhyuk is one of my love-at-first-sight. It’s like when I first saw him, I knew that he’ll be my bias forever. Because of him, I got addicted to soompi-ing CNBLUE and making icons and saving tons and tons of pictures. He’s just too much to behold and handle. ❤

I wish that they’ll feed you when you’re hungry. I wish that you’ll be awesome-r and cuter. 😛 Be healthy! Stay away from Mnet Scandal and We Got Married! 😛



And since I love him so much, a lil (or not) picspam. 🙂


I think I enjoyed posting his pictures so much that I ended up with lots of pictures. HAHA! I don’t wanna kill your computer from loading all the pics even though they’re just thumbnails. But in case you want more of Minhyuk, there are lots of pictures behind the cut. 🙂




  1. I really really love opPa… I fall inlove with him when i first saw him in my husband got a family and until now he’s still my no. 1 bias…. fighting cute-eyed-drummer boy



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