Lee Joon’s pants rip on Star Golden Bell!

I’m sorry Joon and I know this is so embarassing but I can’t stop laughing when I watched this. I replayed it around 10 times and with every single replay, I still laugh. Joon, you are so precious. ❤ Just watch it!



    1. You mean, he danced for no reason at all? I think Kwon’s giving his blessing to Joon as Kkap Joon and so he danced to Sistar’s Push Push, which Kwon also danced to Kkap style. I just didn’t post Kwon’s vid.

      Yeah, it was random but it really made me laugh. HAHA :)) Awhile ago, I was watching MBLAQ’s performance of Y on Inkigayo and I can’t take Joon seriously because all I remember is his pants. HAHA =))



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