Turn It Up – T.O.P MV

Fangirls, go grab a bucket because you’ll certainly drool. How can TOP be so hot just by staring at you and rapping, fully clothed! Goodness, TOP’s one-of-a-kind. OMG just watch it okay. He is oozing with appeal and everything nice. BAMF, is all I can say!

I’m afraid that this MV will be banned. I dunno. HAHA! :)) Just funny that TOP seems to borrow GD’s furry hat friend. HAHA okay. And OMG I just read that the cars and clothes and everything used in the MV are so expensive. So fit for the BAMF TOP. :)) And that eyebrow twitch at the end, killed me. /dies but gets up again to watch it again. And imo, the song is really cool and badass and everything so I”M A HAPPY FANGIRL! ❤

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