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Just an observation. 🙂

I wrote Axe Twist recently, May 17, 2010 and now it has over 500 views. I wrote Mizushima Hiro’s already married last April 4, 2009 and DoReMi even way before that, December 29, 2008. And I mean, woah, there must be a lot of people searching for that song in the Axe Twist commercial. I mean, just after a month of posting I got 500+ views. I think I must post more informative stuff :)) (That’s why you should post reviews soon. Tsk.)

This pic shows the posts that got the least views.

Veltpunch is one of my favorite japanese band and I want a lot of people to discover them. Their songs are really really good. But all it got, since I posted it on December 26, 2008 was just a single view. I feel really really bad for them because they are super awesome! So now, I vow to promote them more in my future posts. A single view after more than a year of posting. Really sad.

Okay, I was just planning to put this up and then I’ll hit the bed! Ja!

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