Happy Birthday, Minhyuk <3


Dear Minhyuk,

Your planet has just finished  its 18th revolution around the Sun. Your 19th year is starting. Happy birthday, Minhyuk! ❤

Minhyuk is just the cutest and tallest fake magnae ever. XD ❤ He is also a good speaker as he’s the one who talks in CNBLUE during interviews and awards aside from Yonghwa. And that’s why he’s such a great MC!

Minhyuk = noona-killer. Tsk, flocks of noonas all over forums and fandom are in love with Minhyuk. Okay, his skin is so smooth HAHA :)) Anyway, I’m in a daze right now. HAHA :))

And let’s not forget his drumming skills. WOOHOO! Drummer boy ❤ And how cool is he when he flips and twirls his drumsticks? Oh boy, ❤

I really love it that he’s not interested in girl groups before and he’s just getting interested in them recently since he’s in showbiz already. And I love it that he’s so into food that he eats and eats. HAHA :))

Minhyuk is one of my love-at-first-sight. It’s like when I first saw him, I knew that he’ll be my bias forever. Because of him, I got addicted to soompi-ing CNBLUE and making icons and saving tons and tons of pictures. He’s just too much to behold and handle. ❤

I wish that they’ll feed you when you’re hungry. I wish that you’ll be awesome-r and cuter. 😛 Be healthy! Stay away from Mnet Scandal and We Got Married! 😛



And since I love him so much, a lil (or not) picspam. 🙂


I think I enjoyed posting his pictures so much that I ended up with lots of pictures. HAHA! I don’t wanna kill your computer from loading all the pics even though they’re just thumbnails. But in case you want more of Minhyuk, there are lots of pictures behind the cut. 🙂


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Lee Joon’s pants rip on Star Golden Bell!

I’m sorry Joon and I know this is so embarassing but I can’t stop laughing when I watched this. I replayed it around 10 times and with every single replay, I still laugh. Joon, you are so precious. ❤ Just watch it!


Khunnie, Happy Birthday! <3

Happy Birthday, my dear (insert all positive and cool adjectives here) Nichkhun! I hope you won’t get smitten by Victoria and end up liking her. I wish that they’ll let your hair rest before dyeing it again. I would love if you’ll come to the Philippines, we sure have tons and tons of dried mangoes that you love. ❤ But it’s not my birthday so I think I’ll wish again soon. 😛

Khunnie, you’re so great and cool and kind. Oppa, saranghae~



Top Posts

Just an observation. 🙂

I wrote Axe Twist recently, May 17, 2010 and now it has over 500 views. I wrote Mizushima Hiro’s already married last April 4, 2009 and DoReMi even way before that, December 29, 2008. And I mean, woah, there must be a lot of people searching for that song in the Axe Twist commercial. I mean, just after a month of posting I got 500+ views. I think I must post more informative stuff :)) (That’s why you should post reviews soon. Tsk.)

This pic shows the posts that got the least views.

Veltpunch is one of my favorite japanese band and I want a lot of people to discover them. Their songs are really really good. But all it got, since I posted it on December 26, 2008 was just a single view. I feel really really bad for them because they are super awesome! So now, I vow to promote them more in my future posts. A single view after more than a year of posting. Really sad.

Okay, I was just planning to put this up and then I’ll hit the bed! Ja!

C.N. BLUE Singles Magazine June Edition

Okay, I’m on a CNBLUE streak!

Vampire Jonghyun is back <333


On my count, drool. OMG I love life :))

Yonghwa Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 CF

This is Yonghwa’s version and the 20-second version. I haven’t seen the other members’ version so I guess it’ll be coming. As it is Yonghwa’s birthday today, this is in theme! I’m sorta Yonghwa spamming :))




Cr: Xperia website 🙂

Happy Birthday, Towel Guy!

Happy Birthday, Yonghwa! Be awesome and fail-y and funny forever. Take care of Minhyuk and Jonghyun for me. HAHA =))



The Cool Yonghwa

But we know that this is his true faily funny self:

Seriously, that facial expression =))

Love ya, Yonghwa! ❤

credits to FTI Jonghoon’s twitter for the first pic. Second pic is already tagged. And the third pic is a fantaken pic. 🙂

Turn It Up – T.O.P MV

Fangirls, go grab a bucket because you’ll certainly drool. How can TOP be so hot just by staring at you and rapping, fully clothed! Goodness, TOP’s one-of-a-kind. OMG just watch it okay. He is oozing with appeal and everything nice. BAMF, is all I can say!

I’m afraid that this MV will be banned. I dunno. HAHA! :)) Just funny that TOP seems to borrow GD’s furry hat friend. HAHA okay. And OMG I just read that the cars and clothes and everything used in the MV are so expensive. So fit for the BAMF TOP. :)) And that eyebrow twitch at the end, killed me. /dies but gets up again to watch it again. And imo, the song is really cool and badass and everything so I”M A HAPPY FANGIRL! ❤

Happy Birthday, Wookie!

Happy Birthday, Ryeowook! You’re still cute as ever! But you’re getting manlier these days! Fake!Magnae ❤


Tell Me Goodbye English Cover

Awesome sauce from J Reyez again! And JD Relic and 3rd Degree.

‘Twas awesome. Just listen to it!