Aaaaawww, HyunA.

I know, this is somewhat old news but still. I’m back from my vacation and so I’m still catching up on news. XD

cr: YelloPhase@youtube

Yonsei AKARAKA 2010. Okay, so HyunA performed a lil bit of Change when fans started chanting and wanting it when the music played. It wasn’t planned at all! She was really shy! Okay, I know I hated HyunA before but it’s in the past now! I love it that she’s really shy deep inside but she’s oozing with charisma and awesomeness onstage. She’s such a pro. Prolly the next Hyori as some people say. Anyway, she was really shy but Jinwoon backed her up and started rapping to ease her nervousness and tension. OMG, I love Jinwoon. And then she started dancing in those HEELS and in THAT SHORT DRESS. I wonder how the heck can she do that. Anyway, she was really great. And I bet, she’s really tensed and she encouraged the audience to cheer for her, maybe to ease her and remove the nervousness. HyunA fighting! Even though I don’t watch Invincible Youth, I’m a fan (?). 🙂

Catching up with 4minute’s comeback and everyone else. Too many performances to watch, too slow internet connection. Gah.

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