Tell Me Goodbye – Big Bang MV

Okay I was jumping for joy, I thought a comeback was near. But na-ah, this song was for the Japanese Iris broadcast I guess? Not really sure if it’s for broadcast or for a Japanese version of Iris. But still, Big Bang together in an MV is better than nothing. So credits to YGEntertainment@youtube for the vid!

This is fantastic! Everytime Big Bang does something, it reminds me why I loved Kpop in the first place. Big Bang hwaiting! (GD, saranghae~) Haha!

EDIT: Just watched it fully and OMG. TOP’s gray hair with red highlights! The whole sepia thing reminds me of Mafias and all and I LOVE MAFIAS. Omg, didn’t blog about my month-long The Godfather phase. XD Taeyang and Daesung sound really good and everybody else. GD’s rap and gloves omg! That confessional scene of Seungri, omo! And I love the cemetery setting. It’s just so apt and cool and everything! Big Bang can do both hiphop and ballads, I just adore them okay! Taeyang in the desert haha, OMG I JUST LOVE THIS OKAY! And spiffy in suits <333 TOP in that broken Hitler car and bruises all over with that BAMF attitude. Okay, this isn’t healthy :)) Daesung in the rain. YG knows every fangirls’ hearts XD drunk!GD weehoo 😛 OMG Taeyang playing the piano /faints

Tell Me Goodbye Tell Me Goodbye. /hooked

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