Axe Twist

Finally found it on Youtube. Okay thanks to Sarah for this! ❤

So I caught this Axe commercial on TV and I went nuts because I freakin’ love the song there. And I tried to listen to the lyrics and search it but Google is not much of a best friend here. So Sarah found the song where it’s based or something like that. She said it’s made specifically for the commercial. (I read on Youtube some ad agency from Argentina made it blahblah.) And poof, that’s why the tone and beat was familiar! It’s from Juno. Okay, so awhile ago, I was listening to the song and in the related videos, the Axe commercial!!!! Okay. So happy! Haha!

This is the original song All I Want is You by Barry Louis Polisar!

And apparently, there are many Axe Twist commercials! Or versions. One is 20 seconds, 30 and 40, something like that. 😀 And I have to confess something here, I haven’t actually watched the full commercial on TV. Everytime I here it on the TV, I run only to find out that it’s done. It’s so short, okay?

After listening to the song, here’s what I made out of the lyrics (with some help from some Youtube-r!)
You’re so lovely girl you got me on my knees
If I finding you like turtles, then a turtle I’ll be
you’re so sweet girl like honey in the sea
if you wanna drink a water then a river I’ll be.
Say that you love me and always be with me.
I’ll be every single morning in your country fears
Say that you need me always by your side
Now be gentle as the road and throw away my pride (sorry cannot understand the lyrics. Help! Thanks to jolx03 for this!)

So it’s called the Lynx Effect. It says that girls get bored easily so guys have to change every now and then to keep them interested and attracted. So the smell changes by time. Haha, that is so cool! That’s why he kept on changing in the commercial! :)) Reading Youtube comments can be hard and someone said it’s like a remix of All I Want is You by Barry Louis Poslar and You Belong With Me by Nancy Sinatra. I honestly don’t know if it’s all true. Haha! Okay you see I’m simultaneously researching and posting. Hmmm, there’s another version! With a different song! Maybe that’s the one with You Belong With Me by Nancy Sinatra. Here it is.

Hope that helped! 😀


    1. Hey Jared! Uhm, I still dunno since the song was made specifically for the commercial. I hope that they’ll release it soon! If I found it in the future, as I’m on vacation and leeching in our hotel’s wifi, I’ll keep you guys posted about it!

      For the mean time, just listen to Barry Louis Polisar’s All I Want is You. It’s great, too! *singing if i was a flower growing wild and free, all i’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee…*



    1. oowww, thanks! HAHA :)) so excited about this song, i guess it shows. 😛 i didn’t actually transcribe it all, just the last parts since someone at youtube already transcribed it. thanks for dropping by! and happy to make you laugh XD




    & i think the last words in the song are..
    *now be gentle as the road and throw away my pride. 😀



    1. omg, i love you for that last part of the lyrics! will edit the post and give credit to you, cool guy (or gal)! ❤

      thanks for dropping a comment and glad to help ya! 😀



  2. I’ve been looking for this, too. And I thought that it sounded just like the song from Juno, but no one else agreed with me… Yay! Confirmed.



    1. Glad to help ya! I see myself in you since when I learned about this, I was close to jumping in a trampoline. Haha! :))



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