Happy Together S3 Rain-Hyori Vids

I totally ship this pairing. Just get together, okay! Haha! Anyway, some vids. 🙂

I love shy!Rain and embarassed!Rain and everything!Rain. Haha! Are Hyori and Rain really not dating? Because they seem so close okay. ❤ Just watch the vid. And Goo Hara dancing and stripping (?) =))

Rain and Hyori Ssanti Dance. :))

Just date, ya know!

Aaaaawww, HyunA.

I know, this is somewhat old news but still. I’m back from my vacation and so I’m still catching up on news. XD

cr: YelloPhase@youtube

Yonsei AKARAKA 2010. Okay, so HyunA performed a lil bit of Change when fans started chanting and wanting it when the music played. It wasn’t planned at all! She was really shy! Okay, I know I hated HyunA before but it’s in the past now! I love it that she’s really shy deep inside but she’s oozing with charisma and awesomeness onstage. She’s such a pro. Prolly the next Hyori as some people say. Anyway, she was really shy but Jinwoon backed her up and started rapping to ease her nervousness and tension. OMG, I love Jinwoon. And then she started dancing in those HEELS and in THAT SHORT DRESS. I wonder how the heck can she do that. Anyway, she was really great. And I bet, she’s really tensed and she encouraged the audience to cheer for her, maybe to ease her and remove the nervousness. HyunA fighting! Even though I don’t watch Invincible Youth, I’m a fan (?). 🙂

Catching up with 4minute’s comeback and everyone else. Too many performances to watch, too slow internet connection. Gah.

Back from Vacation!

Will post as soon as I’m done catching up with my life. Haha! =))

I wanna post some reviews but let’s see. Few days and I’ll be a sophomore. Gah.


With Eng Subs. Thanks to abmsubs for this! OMG, JUST WATCH IT OKAY. IT’S AWESOME. AND OMG LEE JOON! Okay, you see, I’m incoherent. Just posting this now but this came out last night. Lee Joon crying and everything, acting. Seungho and Joon fighting. OMG!

Tell Me Goodbye – Big Bang MV

Okay I was jumping for joy, I thought a comeback was near. But na-ah, this song was for the Japanese Iris broadcast I guess? Not really sure if it’s for broadcast or for a Japanese version of Iris. But still, Big Bang together in an MV is better than nothing. So credits to YGEntertainment@youtube for the vid!

This is fantastic! Everytime Big Bang does something, it reminds me why I loved Kpop in the first place. Big Bang hwaiting! (GD, saranghae~) Haha!

EDIT: Just watched it fully and OMG. TOP’s gray hair with red highlights! The whole sepia thing reminds me of Mafias and all and I LOVE MAFIAS. Omg, didn’t blog about my month-long The Godfather phase. XD Taeyang and Daesung sound really good and everybody else. GD’s rap and gloves omg! That confessional scene of Seungri, omo! And I love the cemetery setting. It’s just so apt and cool and everything! Big Bang can do both hiphop and ballads, I just adore them okay! Taeyang in the desert haha, OMG I JUST LOVE THIS OKAY! And spiffy in suits <333 TOP in that broken Hitler car and bruises all over with that BAMF attitude. Okay, this isn’t healthy :)) Daesung in the rain. YG knows every fangirls’ hearts XD drunk!GD weehoo 😛 OMG Taeyang playing the piano /faints

Tell Me Goodbye Tell Me Goodbye. /hooked

Axe Twist

Finally found it on Youtube. Okay thanks to Sarah for this! ❤

So I caught this Axe commercial on TV and I went nuts because I freakin’ love the song there. And I tried to listen to the lyrics and search it but Google is not much of a best friend here. So Sarah found the song where it’s based or something like that. She said it’s made specifically for the commercial. (I read on Youtube some ad agency from Argentina made it blahblah.) And poof, that’s why the tone and beat was familiar! It’s from Juno. Okay, so awhile ago, I was listening to the song and in the related videos, the Axe commercial!!!! Okay. So happy! Haha!

This is the original song All I Want is You by Barry Louis Polisar!

And apparently, there are many Axe Twist commercials! Or versions. One is 20 seconds, 30 and 40, something like that. 😀 And I have to confess something here, I haven’t actually watched the full commercial on TV. Everytime I here it on the TV, I run only to find out that it’s done. It’s so short, okay?

After listening to the song, here’s what I made out of the lyrics (with some help from some Youtube-r!)
You’re so lovely girl you got me on my knees
If I finding you like turtles, then a turtle I’ll be
you’re so sweet girl like honey in the sea
if you wanna drink a water then a river I’ll be.
Say that you love me and always be with me.
I’ll be every single morning in your country fears
Say that you need me always by your side
Now be gentle as the road and throw away my pride (sorry cannot understand the lyrics. Help! Thanks to jolx03 for this!)

So it’s called the Lynx Effect. It says that girls get bored easily so guys have to change every now and then to keep them interested and attracted. So the smell changes by time. Haha, that is so cool! That’s why he kept on changing in the commercial! :)) Reading Youtube comments can be hard and someone said it’s like a remix of All I Want is You by Barry Louis Poslar and You Belong With Me by Nancy Sinatra. I honestly don’t know if it’s all true. Haha! Okay you see I’m simultaneously researching and posting. Hmmm, there’s another version! With a different song! Maybe that’s the one with You Belong With Me by Nancy Sinatra. Here it is.

Hope that helped! 😀

Y – MBLAQ Full Song

Apparently, this was leaked. But it made me happy that it was leaked. The song was freaking awesome. I read about this last night and I immediately checked it out. And I was addicted to it. OMG, just listen to it, okay? I am SUPER excited for the MV and their comeback. This is A LOT better than Oh Yeah and although this sounds like something from Rain, IT IS AWESOME SAUCE. Well, Rain and MBLAQ prolly have the same composers so they would definitely end up sounding the same sometimes. There’s a lot of autotune, beware but it does not make the song a wee bit ugly. Just LISTEN okay? XD

2 Different Tears – Wonder Girls MV

Actually, I’m not much of a Wonderful but this is Wonder Girls’ first song since I got into Kpop. I wasn’t able to catch Nobody performances before so yeah. There are 3 MVs, English, Korean and Chinese. And even though I’m not so much of a rabid fangirl, I want Sunmi. T_T Oh well, must move on, I guess.


Okay, I don’t like JYP appearing in their MVs but this one is funny! With that wig, OMG, JYP’s making a fool of himself. I just don’t like that it looks retro AGAIN. I mean after Nobody, they could have changed the concept. It’s different but not ENTIRELY different. I’m not yet hooked to the song since I haven’t finished watching the MV. And I dunno which version to watch first, to like, yaddayadda. Haha! Wanna see them promoting! EDIT: Freakin’ hooked to it. Haha!

Go under the cut for the other versions. 😀

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Happy Birthday Lee Jonghyun! <3

Happy birthday to the awesome vampire-esque guitar-vocalist of CN Blue, Lee Jonghyun! Oppa, I’m so excited for your comeback. See ya soon! Love love love your voice. ❤

Hotaru no Hikari Season 2!

The popular 2007 drama series “Hotaru no Hikari” is returning for a second season, it was learned on Sunday. Haruka Ayase (25) will once again play the starring role.

Originally based on a shojo manga by Satoru Hiura, the first series told the story of a young office lady named Hotaru, who has no interest in romance and instead prefers spending her time lazily at home. However, her life changes when circumstances lead her to live under the same roof as her boss. Although the first series focused on Hotaru’s reawakening to love, “Hotaru no Hikari 2” will be more about her path towards possible marriage.

Naohito Fujiki(37) will also return for the new series. NTV plans to broadcast the show on Wednesdays at 10:00pm, starting in July.

cr: tokyograph; source: Sports Hochi (this is in Japanese, fyi)

CAN I GET HAPPIER THAN THIS? (Well, technically yeah. But okay. Killjoy self aside.) Hotaru no Hikari Season 2! Fujiki Naohito! I’m not that into Ayase Haruka but a season 2 of the amazingness and awesomeness of Hotaru no Hikari and Buchou-sama~, I NEED IT. It’s been years, ya know, since Hotaru no Hikari. Definitely watching this!

(Sarah, Buchou-sama~ part 2!)