Ikuta Toma’s New CM for Lotte Acuo Gum

Just saw this in my Tag Surfer! OMG, I’m so happy I discovered Tag Surfer. :DD

Everyone who smells his breath after chewing Acuo gum became anime characters. Pretty funny, ne? :))

And because of this, I youtube-d some more of his Acuo gum endorsements. HAHA :))

Not as cool as the first one. Next is with Eikura Nana. :))

I think comedy really suits Toma. XD I’m not saying that he doesn’t suit doing some drama but when he does comedy, anyway. 😀

EDIT: I was checking if the vids are still working. I changed one vid because it’s broken already. And as I was searching, I found another ACUO gum endorsement with TOMA!

OMG THIS CF I JUST FOUND IZ SO AWESOME! I mean, JUST WATCH IT. Toooomaaaaa ❤ OMG, seriously, this vid, GAH, I can’t even look at Toma straightly because I’m gushing. Haha!

And a CM from long ago, featuring 3Tops that I stumbled upon. Chibis are always cute!

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