Clouds – Dumbfoundead ft. Jay Park and Clara Chung/Happy Birthday Jay!

Okay, this came out yesterday but I was too lazy to post this. I love the song! ❤ Been LSS since yesterday 😛

Lyrics posted in the video’s description box. Omg, I miss Jay so much and it’s cool having this.

And btw.


❤ Weehoo ❤ tweeting for you 😛 I could make the font much bigger but that proved to be ugly on this page, too big text. Haha! But my love for you Jay and the support you’ll get from me exceeds the biggest font size in the world. HAHA =))

credits to dumbfoundead@youtube for the video 😀

Ikuta Toma in An An magazine T_T

Okay, it would be too hard to post even if it’s summer since I have summer classes to ease up my load in the future sems. Gah, really sorry. I’ve watched a lot of movies lately (Asian and Hollywood and British) and I hope I can make a review about it. Huhu. And I’m obsessed with Ben Whishaw lately so I downloaded his movies and even some TV shows. I drained youtube for videos, you know what I mean. XD I suddenly feel bad for Kpop because I’m not as updated as I can be. I don’t read much articles in a day. T_T And I love David Henrie and Wizards of Waverly Place and Disney and Nickelodeon so I’ve been watching those too. HAHA :)) Can’t help it. Anyway, will be posting as soon as my lazy butt decided to move. XD

And yeah, Toma is in An An magazine. I just saw in my Tag Surfer. And not much exposure, topless at the most but with a back shot with his butt crack seen. T_T I don’t want anyone to touch him and I don’t want him to do those things. But then, when you’re in An An, well. Ohwell. Toma, I still love you so much. XD

(is supposed to do MANY homeworks but then spazzing and ranting. *sigh* When will I change? T_T)

#nowplaying Say When – The Fray

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#nowplaying Clocks – Coldplay

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#nowplaying What Do You Want From Me – Forever the Sickest Kids

Decided to have this new thing, the #nowplaying! You see, my posts are publicized at twitter so I thought of this while forcing myself to sleep early last night! XD Basically, what I am listening to as of the moment or a song I wanna share. I’ll be posting the music video if it’s available and the lyrics. I’m also planning to have this Video of the Week thing, whatever funny or interesting came my way on the web. And I guess I’ll be posting those up every Friday? Okay, enough with the words.

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Ikuta Toma’s New CM for Lotte Acuo Gum

Just saw this in my Tag Surfer! OMG, I’m so happy I discovered Tag Surfer. :DD

Everyone who smells his breath after chewing Acuo gum became anime characters. Pretty funny, ne? :))

And because of this, I youtube-d some more of his Acuo gum endorsements. HAHA :))

Not as cool as the first one. Next is with Eikura Nana. :))

I think comedy really suits Toma. XD I’m not saying that he doesn’t suit doing some drama but when he does comedy, anyway. 😀

EDIT: I was checking if the vids are still working. I changed one vid because it’s broken already. And as I was searching, I found another ACUO gum endorsement with TOMA!

OMG THIS CF I JUST FOUND IZ SO AWESOME! I mean, JUST WATCH IT. Toooomaaaaa ❤ OMG, seriously, this vid, GAH, I can’t even look at Toma straightly because I’m gushing. Haha!

And a CM from long ago, featuring 3Tops that I stumbled upon. Chibis are always cute!

So left behind.

I just discovered that Tag Surfer option in WordPress. It could have saved me a lot of times when I was bored and wanted something to read. Gah. Anyway, that’s all. Just wanna tell ya all how slow was I in things. T_T Now, I discovered that Miura Haruma was casted in Kimi ni Todoke Live Action Film. Just now.

Starstruck Movie – Hero Unplugged by Sterling Knight

Okay, that was a long title =)) I caught two episodes of Sonny with a Chance awhile ago so I’m in a sort of Sterling Knight/whatever Disney/whatever Nickelodeon phase aka following people on Twitter. Weehoo. Anyway, Cel was supposed to lend me her Starstruck DVD ages ago but then blahblahblah. So I wanna hear his voice since Sterling Knight can sing! Omy. So I youtube-d and dundundun. Just watch and fall in love with him OMY. ❤


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2AM Family Relations Diagram

This was funny like all idol stars family diagram :))






CREDITS : Yahoo! Images (SOURCE); JinaStar@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

Jay dances Single Ladies!

Okay, Jay videos! Well, this was not uploaded in his channel but is available on youtube. 😀 Art of Movement (AOM) had a “battle” with the audience and just watch! ❤ They performed at New York Rutgers University blah blah 😛