I knew it.

I knew this would be coming. Me almost abandoning WordPress for Tumblr. And well, I actually don’t update my own tumblr anymore. I use my free time/procrastinating time to post at fuckyeahokadamasaki. I dunno but I really love him and I even sacrificed studying for my finals just to post. Goodness, there’s a thing called queue post or else I’m dead meat. The sheer joy of seeing someone following that fyeah, reblogging and liking my posts, I really like it. Which I’m not getting so much from WordPress but I can’t blame anyone if no one comments, I rarely post. So yeah. Huhu. But if you love Okada Masaki as much as I do, visit fuckyeahokadamasaki@tumblr for TONS OF PICTURES. I haven’t drained baidu yet and I’m afraid that a time will come when I have nothing to post or I lose the enthusiasm to post. Haha! Imma post movie reviews or whatever when my finals are done! Which is on Saturday! Yipee! ❤ Time to make reviews for dramas and movies I watched! 😀 Pray that tumblr won’t distract me haha!


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