Film Review: Halfway (2009)

I feel bad that I just watched this last night since it was released in theaters back in 2009 . T_T I just watched it last night because I feel bad that I haven’t watched it but I made an fyeah for Okada Masaki (fuckyeahokadamasaki, click!). Making an fyeah implies that I must really love him (which I do, I really do!) and that I have watched him in almost all, if not all of his appearances. I promise to watch his other dramas and films as well when I can. It’s just that I have many things to watch slash think about and as usual, uni. I really wonder how other people do fandom and work/school at the same time that well. 😥 Anyway, enough with the blab and let’s get this done XP (I’d be stealing screencaps because I just streamed this *asks for forgiveness*) (I was searching baidu for caps when I realized that they actually capped every single second or whatever in the film and so there are 486 pictures for the Halfway gallery and I don’t know what caps to use :o)


Halfway is about the two high school students in love. Heck, it’s about making decisions actually, with love as a hindrance thing to think about.

Hiro (Kii Kitano) is watching a basketball game with Shuu (Okada Masaki) playing in it. She gets a little too excited I think, and has anemia and so she thinks she’ll faint so she and her friend went to the clinic.

They both fell asleep in the clinic and time passes by. The basketball game continues when Shuu gets a nosebleed and is going to the clinic. Hiro’s friend wakes up then sees Shuu trying to go inside the clinic. A cute scene then unfolds. Hiro wakes up with her eyes covered with wet cloth and tells her friend about her dream. She practically confesses that she likes Shuu in front of Shuu. She even threw the towel to him and to avoid embarassing her, Shuu ran away. Haha!

Photobucket Photobucket

Shuu asks her out later that afternoon and a cute scene ensues again with a super happy Hiro. And so they begin dating.

And the conflict arises when Hiro found out that Shuu is going to Waseda University, a university in Tokyo and they will separate if that happens since she’ll go to the Sapporo Welfare Center in Hokkaido. Hiro tells him not to go and so Shuu said he won’t go even though his teacher (Hiroki Narimiya *spazz* I was shocked when I saw him) advised him to go to Waseda.

Hiro is happy but then she started to feel guilty and thought about letting Shuu go. She saw that Shuu studies really hard and really well and so this made her think and she seeks advice from her teacher which was really good. His advice and practically laying every circumstance is very endearing. She is then faced with the question “which will make them happier in the long run?”

I cannot continue with this rant if I won’t spoil so I’m sorry. I’m warning you now. If you don’t want spoilers, then watch the movie first then go back here to read what I’m about to say.

Okay, I like girls with a head-strong character but Hiro’s was not endearing for me. Okay, she has a mind of her own but she is so high-maintenance. Can’t she see that Shuu is studying and even though she is his girlfriend, he must let Shuu study or she must not disturb him THAT MUCH. That said, I don’t like that she ugh, disturbs him in his studies and made him change his mind and not go to Waseda. I was, WTF, Shuu you must go to Tokyo. Okay, let me get this clear. I want them to be together and I like their love team but I’m being realistic here. I dunno but if she trusts him and they really like each other, then they can possibly work things out even if they are far from each other. Obviously, I’m influenced by my own views because I personally think one must not let friends nor parents nor lovers hinder their dream. I left and lived in a dorm 5 days a week when I was in high school. My parents and siblings missed me so much but I was studying in one of the best high school in this country and sacrifices had to be made. I was grrr-ing at Hiro for making things hard for Shuu. Obviously Shuu likes her but then Shuu’s future is also important. Heck, I think it’s more important than Hiro. Maybe I never experienced being in love (DUH 16 YEARS OLD) but I dunno it just felt wrong. So when she decided to let Shuu go, I was like, GO GIRL REDEEM YOURSELF. Letting him go means you’re not shallow, only thinking about your love and as if the world revolves around you two. But that ending made me go WTF, YOU GIRL I HATE YOU. Okay, so the ending was, she said that she doesn’t want Shuu to go to Tokyo and we are left to imply that he won’t go. At first, i was really irritated, did he go or did he not go? But after watching that part again and reading other people’s comment on the film, I implied that he didn’t really go. And he wasn’t going since Hiro doesn’t want him to. YES, ANOTHER STUPID MISTAKE. Grr, I dunno with them but I would choose to a prestigious uni and leaving Mr. I-was-Dating-that-time than not going and staying with him. Yeah I know my views clashed with this movie and that’s why there’s a part of me that didn’t like the movie. But don’t get me wrong, I like the movie, it’s just that what the movie tells me is against my principles in life. OKay enough with the rant and on with the praises.

I love Okada Masaki and I love everything he appears in so I love this movie. His role was really easy and I can’t say that he made a milestone in his acting with this. But he was really believable. Prolly because I’m about the same age as the characters portrayed here. And he was really cute!

It’s my first time seeing Kii Kitano act and she’s good! It’s just that I don’t like her character. Haha! But I’m planning to watch Taiyou to Umi no Kyoshitsu with her and Masaki asap. :))

I love how they bicker and then make up. Haha!


This scene is cute :))

Hiro’s reactions and tantrum prior to this scene was really believable. She wants Shuu to go because it’s best for him and her in the long-term but she doesn’t want to because she wants him to be by his side. This conflict in her mind and then deciding to let Shuu go, that tantrum was really understandable. Props to Kii Kitano for that. 🙂

I like the plot although yeah, I already voiced out my ALTHOUGHs. :))

I’m used to slow films already after watching alot of slow films and I consider this as a not-so-slow film since they still move even though there’s no dialogue and they interact. Some movies had the same frames for A LOT OF TIME with no movement at all and that’s considered really slow in my book. 😀

I really like Shuu’s character. He’s so patient with her girlfriend! I mean, I would my ideal guy must have that personality. HAHA :)) *ehemehemidealguy* There are a lot of cute moments in this film and actually the film was made of cute moments haha! I was practically blushing every 5 seconds or so or when Masaki was on the frame :)) AHA BIAS.

So watch this film if you’re a Masaki fan or a Kitano fan. Or you just want some eyecandy since Mizobata Junpei is here although he only appears a little. The film is really cute, maybe my rant was too long that the general tone of my review is that I don’t like it. But I really like it! It made me blush and all and they were so cute! ❤ SO WATCH IT! <333

Okay random caps and cute moments and Okada Masaki ❤







  1. Hiya, me again. Procrastinating as always. Just want to say that I love Halfway, and I think Shu left to Tokyo eventually. The last scene was just a flashback of how Hiro was just being honest with herself and her boyfriend. She said that she didn’t want him to go, but I think she knew she had to let him go. So the real last scene was when Shu was in the train, slumping on his seat.

    Cute movie though. One of my Masaki favourite (in fact, I seem to like all of his movies/dramas. Even when he was a baddie in Koshonin!).



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