Shock – Beast MV

Reactions later or whenever. I haven’t watched this because my internet is SO slow T_T

Back to edit. Hmm, I like the MV although Hyun Seung’s hair looked better in photos when it wasn’t moving. The MV makes you dizzy after watching and I can’t watch it all over again and it didn’t help that the lighting was dark so it was hard to see the boys’ adorable faces. Oh Dongwoon, I ❤ YOU. :)) Doojoon as always, looking mighty fine. I love it that Dongwoon got more screentime because in Bad Girl you can see the bias. *all fingers pointed on AJ* . Yoseob-ah, he got manlier with that silvery wash in his hair. Junhyung’s hair still not good, gah, when will he be styled good? The song is good but I dunno why I have this feeling that they didn’t really changed style. I mean, yeah they changed the concept but the song sounded like nothing but it’s style sounded like their every other song. I hope for some variety and I don’t wanna compare them to their sunbaes. Haha! Beast hwaiting! 😀


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