Some plugging. XD

Okay, so my friend plays the guitar and yeah, he sings too. And uhm, he has his youtube channel HERE and you can prolly check his covers once in a while. As of now, there are only two videos but it will keep coming! So some samples. πŸ˜›

It’s a cover of January Best Friends by Hazel and Vine. Watch it!

Cover of Can’t Stand it by Never Shout Never.

Yeah, in case there are readers who actually uhm, check my blog once in a while. And if you have enough free time, please comment and rate him! Ya all, thanks! πŸ˜€


With classes done, I can now watch movies and dramas and make reviews! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I’m feeling good! πŸ˜€

I knew it.

I knew this would be coming. Me almost abandoning WordPress for Tumblr. And well, I actually don’t update my own tumblr anymore. I use my free time/procrastinating time to post at fuckyeahokadamasaki. I dunno but I really love him and I even sacrificed studying for my finals just to post. Goodness, there’s a thing called queue post or else I’m dead meat. The sheer joy of seeing someone following that fyeah, reblogging and liking my posts, I really like it. Which I’m not getting so much from WordPress but I can’t blame anyone if no one comments, I rarely post. So yeah. Huhu. But if you love Okada Masaki as much as I do, visit fuckyeahokadamasaki@tumblr for TONS OF PICTURES. I haven’t drained baidu yet and I’m afraid that a time will come when I have nothing to post or I lose the enthusiasm to post. Haha! Imma post movie reviews or whatever when my finals are done! Which is on Saturday! Yipee! ❀ Time to make reviews for dramas and movies I watched! πŸ˜€ Pray that tumblr won’t distract me haha!


from jayparkaom@youtube (yeah, it’s HIS youtube channel <3)

I was hyperventilating when I saw this. I dunno if Jay is still hurt or not deep inside with all these issues but I just love seeing him. And now, he has a youtube channel and it looks like he would be uploading more videos! I miss him singing, performing and that ABS FLASHING. He was rapping, smiling although I think he lost weight. Jay bb ❀ He made his own lyrics to the rap, just check it out. I was smiling so much while watching this. I remember listening to their songs when I miss him, to hear his voice. And it doesn’t hurt that I like this song! Jay, upload more vids! <333

And now, I gotta make a Jay Park category. Hmm.

Sometimes by S.R.S English Lyrics

This song was used in the credits of the movie Gravity’s Clown starring Okada Masaki and Kase Ryo. S.R.S stands for Sleeping Raq Sheep and info about this indie band is close to zero. And only lyrics for the Japanese version is available so dundundun, I decoded the lyrics. When I get addicted, I can go up to this level. I even watched the first two eps of Otomen without subs. Haha! Okada Masaki is really precious to me. XD

So forgive me if the lyrics aren’t that accurate. I’m slightly deaf, joke. HAHA :))

Sometimes by S.R.S

sometimes i feel you are my love
sometimes i feel you are all i need
because your eyes never can see the man inside you never knew
i’m sorry that i’m in love with you
sometimes i feel i love you
the other side of me pushes you away
i’m sorry that i can’t understand
i’m sorry that i can’t understand
if i was a better man
i could show all you with love
i just don’t know how why please tell me why oh yeah
wish i have the guts to say it to say it
given the guts to say it
i don’t know what to say
i can’t find the answer
is this how love goes?
someday i dreamed you understand
can’t tell you
i’m sorry i can’t understand
if i was a better man
i could show all you with love
i just don’t know how why please tell me why oh yeah
wish i have the guts to say it to say it
given the guts to say it
i don’t know what to say
i can’t find the answer
this is how love goes.

If you see anything wrong, please feel free to comment and correct me. Thanks! πŸ˜€

Royal Pirates Disappear MV

OMAYGAD, Royal Pirates Disappear MV. I’ve been listening to their songs ever since I heard their Kpop covers and that Circus cover. And they’re good. And now an MV. OMGEE, Moonchul you’re melting me. I like the song! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ❀

Film Review: Halfway (2009)

I feel bad that I just watched this last night since it was released in theaters back in 2009 . T_T I just watched it last night because I feel bad that I haven’t watched it but I made an fyeah for Okada Masaki (fuckyeahokadamasaki, click!). Making an fyeah implies that I must really love him (which I do, I really do!) and that I have watched him in almost all, if not all of his appearances. I promise to watch his other dramas and films as well when I can. It’s just that I have many things to watch slash think about and as usual, uni. I really wonder how other people do fandom and work/school at the same time that well. πŸ˜₯ Anyway, enough with the blab and let’s get this done XP (I’d be stealing screencaps because I just streamed this *asks for forgiveness*) (I was searching baidu for caps when I realized that they actually capped every single second or whatever in the film and so there are 486 pictures for the Halfway gallery and I don’t know what caps to use :o)


Halfway is about the two high school students in love. Heck, it’s about making decisions actually, with love as a hindranceΒ thing to think about.

Hiro (Kii Kitano) is watching a basketball game with Shuu (Okada Masaki) playing in it. She gets a little too excited I think, and has anemia and so she thinks she’ll faint so she and her friend went to the clinic. Continue reading →


i run

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my tumblr!

I dunno what got into my mind. :)) I said I won’t ever make a tumblr because I don’t like it when people just reblog. Oh what a hypocrite. So anyway, I was tempted because I want to have copies of those pictures. I figured saving to my laptop is not good as kpop pictures are infinite XD So yeah. So I just reblog pictures that I like :))

And I update there more frequently than here. Tsk.

Shock – Beast MV

Reactions later or whenever. I haven’t watched this because my internet is SO slow T_T

Back to edit. Hmm, I like the MV although Hyun Seung’s hair looked better in photos when it wasn’t moving. The MV makes you dizzy after watching and I can’t watch it all over again and it didn’t help that the lighting was dark so it was hard to see the boys’ adorable faces. Oh Dongwoon, I ❀ YOU. :)) Doojoon as always, looking mighty fine. I love it that Dongwoon got more screentime because in Bad Girl you can see the bias. *all fingers pointed on AJ* . Yoseob-ah, he got manlier with that silvery wash in his hair. Junhyung’s hair still not good, gah, when will he be styled good? The song is good but I dunno why I have this feeling that they didn’t really changed style. I mean, yeah they changed the concept but the song sounded like nothing but it’s style sounded like their every other song. I hope for some variety and I don’t wanna compare them to their sunbaes. Haha! Beast hwaiting! πŸ˜€