Recap: SHINee Hello Baby Episode 1

Haha, it’s not that I’m late and I already watched this but I have nothing to post so yeah. :)) Should I recap this? Hmmmm, hmmmm, I’ll think about it while doing this post. 😀

Thanks to SFI’s wonderful subbing team. Credits to sfineee@youtube for the vids! You guyz are terrific!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 here 🙂

Ugh, I don’t wanna watch it again and recap it. HAHA! As you know, I’m Ms. Lazyyyy. :)) But then I’m in a mood for making a post. XDD

Okay so it started with clips showing how SNSD were mothers before. And SHINee dancing. Omo, the baby’s eyes are shown and you can see and feel that he is really cute. SHINee comes out of a building and you know it’s really cold outside judging from their outfits. Each member is then introduced, like some anime opening or some movie opening. HAHA! :))

Key! /bias Onew /bias XDD Jonghyun’s pants has this peace sign. I find it cool. It’s -13 degrees there. And then some people are following the,m with cameras and all. Then their car, left them, haha! And they are all shouty and worried because their car left them. Taemin guesses that it’s a hidden camera :))  The PD asks them to come in the car since they don’t have a car and they think it’s Dream Team and they’re going to Canada. Haha! Onew is so cute he shrugs snow off his shoes before entering the bus. I might not be able to be super detailed because I’m typing this while I’m watching it (again). Haha! :)) And sorry for the typos, I’ll edit this later if I don’t become lazy and never if I become lazy. Heehee! 😀

The PD were able to kidnap SHINee in broad daylight. Haha! They keep on worrying where are they going and the PD said that in a neighborhood. And then a letter came and said that SHINee will be appearing on their own program. Haha! Taemin says that it’s a wild and nature variety program when Key shouts 1 Night and 2 Days. But then they can’t be main characters there. Taemin thinks about food haha! And Minho goes asking if there will be girl casts. Haha! Key tells that it can be SNSD and JOnghyun says that we see them always you want to see them again. HAHA! Minho says that he saw some of the cameramen before in Dream Team and so he thinks that the show is from KBS. Jonghyun thinks it’s Hello baby and you know, I think he’s a psychic. When Onew asks if they are the one being raised. Haha@! They keep on worrying how they will take care of the child and tells them that the baby might learn to dye his hair while seeing SHINee. Then the PD told them it’s not that. They begin to panic when they see soldiers all around and are scared to be in the army. Haha!

Taemin gets off the bus and hides behind a tree. So cute! They are in a village and it’s so cold I wanna give them blankets or at least hug the, HAHA! :))

They see traditional houses and all. They think they’re filming a historical drama. Taemin is really cute haha! The roofs are all white from snow. I never even touched or saw snow before. I wanna go to Korea! :)) They cancel the possibility that it’s a historical drama. The PD then tells them that it’s Hello Baby. And shattering glass is heard. :)) They are now anvious to death thinking how will they raise a baby when they’re not ebemn mature anough. Key is confident while JHOnghyun doesn’t like kids. Haha! Minho says he can’t raise a kid and doesn’t like kids. Taemin is afraid because he’s too young. And now, Onew speaks OMO. He’s so leader-y. onew <<3333 And Onew says that it’s so cold and all and they all go in <33

Interview part! Taemin says that the baby can understand him since they are young. HAHAHAHA =)) They go inside a room with fan comments and letters on the wall. Some comments were really funny. :)) And Taemin started having hiccups. :)) So cute <33 Hiccuping during recording is a no-no, A fan worries that if the baby is a girl, they’ll see it’s thing when they change her diapers and Taemin suddenly hiccuped again! =)) Key is love :)) Key is the one reading the comments out loud. Heehee. My bias really shows. :)) They want to see the baby but the PD says that they must be tested if they can be dads and if they don’t pass, the show will end. :)) So a test first before they see the baby.

Just voices of shinee talking about what they’re wearing. And they’re wearing clothes for the child! Onew as spiderman, Taemin as some kindergarten kid?. :)) Minho as the Little Prince(which is absolutely my fave book ever <333), Jonghyun as Peter Pan and Key as Popeye <3333 A quiz about babies then started and it’s really cool that they know some stuff. Haha! I won’t get detailed much because my attention span is so short haha, :)) They then started to perform for the kids. Onew’s Three Little Bears makes me want to hug him really tight. <333 But then Cel will get angry at me because Onew is her love for life. Haha! :)) Minho is REALLY FUNNY AND REALLY CUTE. Haha! He’s so hyper! Dancing randomly. weehee. 😛 He even imitates Dooly ❤ And then Taemin did Power Rangers and he failed. Because he kept on popping and that’s not for kids. He doesn’t know what to do, so cute. Heehee. :)) Jonghyun did teletubbies. And the members got goosebumps :)) And he failed. :)) They said that it was ridiculous but Jonghyun’s aegyo ❤ Haha! Key is their last hope because if he fails, there will be no Hello Baby XC And so he is burdened with passing. But when the song plays, he doesn’t know what to do. They told him to dance cutely and he started to do Bo Peep and he tries to dance cutely but he says he can’t really do it. And since they can’t fail, all of them stood up and dance. My recap does no justice to how cute and adorable SHINee is so just watch this. <33 And they passed! Ohyeah!

The last test would be a quickness test and Onew does these fast steps. I dunno what to call it but he is SO CUTE <33 As in Onew is like the cutest thing! He shows off his skillz :))Their baby pictures were showed. HAHA! Sorry if this sounds so uninteresting but it’s because I already watched this and the hype sort of worn off and I’m sleepy :))  Haha Jonghyun picked on Onew’s picture and Onew is eating his cellphone. HAHA! He’s really Onew. :)) I mean without doubts, that boy is Onew. Jonghyun’s pic is of him as a baby so he doesn’t look like it that much. And they tease how Jonghyun is balding. :)) Haha and Minho’s picture. They teased him that he suddenly became old after 2nd grade. :)) Taemin’s picture is so Taemin. Haha! There’s nothing to tease about because he looks like a prince.

The nest test is to act like the camera’s one crying baby and make it stop crying. Jonghyun said that he’ll lock the baby in his room to make it stop. HE’S REALLY FUNNY AND INNOCENT. :)) Key goes first and he fixes his hair haha! Key fails even though he’s doing well because he hit the baby at the end. HAHA! :)) He was doing a move from Ring Ding Dong and he didn’t thought that he hit the baby. :)) Taemin approaches the baby comically and he’s really cute. I wanna feed him! :)) And Taemin succeeds! Minho fails because he didn’t do something special. Tsk tsk. Onew approaches the baby bboy style but them shouts at it to stop crying! :)) He scolds the kid! Omo, Onew is so cute really. He’s so adorable ❤ They let Onew do it again and he approached the baby by doing a moonwalk and he’s calmer this time. And there’s a reference to Tazza wherein Onew zips his mouth. I love how they are so close to the camera. Face close-ups! And Onew succeeds! Jonghyun said that he’ll lock the baby and Minho threatens him and grabs his collar that they must see the baby =)) Jonghyun’s aegyo ❤ He sang high notes for the baby heehee and he even winked. Omo *melts* AND SO SHINEE MEMBERS ARE QUALIFIED TO BE DADS!

Blahblah they wrote letters for the kids in the cool divider thing with their faces. Haha! And then they decided to clean while waiting for the baby. They did rock paper scissors and it turned out that the winners will sweep snow. Haha! Taemin and Jonghyun. :)) Jongjong kept on throwing snow at Taemin when Key comes and then he kept throwing snow at Key and Key does not react until he fires laser from his eyes and Jonghyun flees. HAHA. THIS SCENE IS SO CUTE :)) Jonghyun sweeps the snow and Onew told him to do it well and Jonghyun fires snow at Onew and Onew blocks it using the door of the house but then he bangs it to his head. HAHA! =)) And Stand by Me is the background song and I love that song to bits even though there’s no Taemin and Minho ❤ *fallinghearts*

The baby is coming and Key and Minho are so excited. Haha! And the baby opens the door and he is so cute! Interview time. They think Yoogeun (the baby) looks like Minho haha! Jonghyun is worried because he can’t go near babies that much.  Okay, they formally meet Yoogeun. And yeah, I think he looks like Minho! Haha! He’s 4 years old and he’s really cute OMO! Key peeks a boo with Yoogeun and he laughs. Minho carries the baby forever and the baby is fascinated with Jonghyun’s yellow hair. And when the baby is introduced to Onew, he doesn’t look at Onew but he points out Onew’s picture on the folding screen. Onew doesn’t even sit with them and stays away from the kid and he said that it’s because he’s scared to touch him. How cute and funny of Onew! :)) They asked the baby if he likes it that he’s living with them and not with his mom and he said that he hates it. HAHAHAHA =)) This kid is so cute and cuddly! And suddenly the show has ended.

Preview! Yoogeun going to the waiting room even meeting T-ara! And Yoogeun being absorbed on Key’s rehearsal! They will try to win over Yoogeun’s heart and they’ll play. Yey! And the bloopers and body gags at the end, so funny! Jonghyun, HAHA! =)) Anyway, that’s all. I dunno if I’ll keep on doing this recap thing. Haha! I actually plan to recap dramas but then I need to download it to provide screencaps. Omo! Screencaps! I’m so sorry, I’ll put screencaps for the next recap. I haven’t done a recap in a long while and so I forgot how to actually do it right. :))

Okay, bye! 😀

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