C.N BLUE Making the Artist Episode 2

Thanks to NulSaranghaeS2@youtube for subbing this! You’re AWEZUUUM!

Here’s Part 2 and Part 3!

Okay, if I’ll ever cheat on Minhyuk, it would be with Jonghyun. Haha! Seriously, he is so cute! And adorkable. I like it how he just poses with a V sign when the camera focuses him. And he talks a lot (well, more than he used to) and I love it. His personality shows and I really like it. Omo. :)) Minhyuk is really a glutton. HAHA! He just thinks of food! I remember he said in a radio show that he wants a noona that will feed him yummy things. HAHA! :)) Okay, I watched this days ago and I’m still spastic about the 4minute mall show I just went to so I can’t do this entry well. HAHA! :)) At least, I provided the links if you don’t know that it’s actually subbed. So yeah! 😀

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