JYPE’s Statement on Jaebum

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

Last September, 2PM’s member Park Jaebum announced his withdrawal from the group and returned to Seattle after the shock of his words he wrote on the internet during his trainee time. We will reveal the course of action henceforth.

Although those words from the case that occurred last September did not look good to everyone, they were his words during his hard trainee days and was written on his personal space. The company agreed with Park Jaebum goon’s opinion to take time for self discipline; this does not mean we thought that he would stop all activities in the entertainment industry or forever leave 2PM.

At the time the company could have convinced Park Jaebum goon to stay and promote with as a 7 membered 2PM and held back his withdrawal. Though it could be considered that parts of Park Jaebum goon’s words were exaggeratedly mistranslated by netizens it was definite that those words could have hurt many people. In that situation, if we were to enthusiastically embrace Park Jaebum goon and promote with the 7 member 2PM, this could have made the image of Park Jaebum goon to the public forever negative and so we agreed with his decision.

When a celebrity makes a mistake that disappoints the public and they do not apologize for their own mistakes, or if the company embraces that celebrity, there have been many cases before when this further changed the views of the public toward the negative direction and therefore we thought it would be good to show his willing withdrawal from the group to have time for self-discipline.

Thankfully enough after Park Jaebum goon’s withdrawal, many of the public opinions changed and showed their thoughts to give him another chance.

Ever since Park Jaebum goon’s case, we did not reveal anything else because we did not want the public opinion to be swayed by negative influences, but since Park Jaebum goon has returned to Seattle, the company started to search for excellent vocal, dance and acrobatic teachers and the company’s producer Park Jinyoung personally visited Seattle last September 19th to consult with these teachers to complete a kind learning program.

All the current commercials, performances, promotions and contracts and of course the contract’s target that 2PM has been involved in have been made not with the current 6 member group, but with the terms that the group could return as 7 members after Park Jaebum goon’s return, so we waited for his come back.

During last year November, the company proposed for a return for Park Jaebum through an album that would be released this year in April, and with Park Jaebum goon’s agreement plans confirmed, he would have returned home in the third week of February with a press conference and promotions as a 7 member group would have started.

Due to the return of kind public views after his withdrawal, Park Jaebum goon’s return to the group would improve all their efforts, more than anything we would have been able to receive the unified support of the fans again. The company and all 7 members were expanding their hopes.

But, if the news of a comeback were to be revealed too quickly, we were afraid that the kind view of the public would once again turn negative. Even with the roaring voices of criticism from fans, we did not reveal anything about this comeback.

But, last December 22nd Park Jaebum goon made a startling call with the company head revealing that he committed a big personal mistake.

It was a mistake that occurred during last summer’s Again and Again promotions that was being was realized in afterthought that caused a problem.

Though Park Jaebum goon could not reveal the information because it was a personal problem, this problem is even bigger than the problem that caused him to withdraw last September, and is a problem that could cause an even bigger public problem. Though we wanted to discuss with the other 6 members, at the time the boys were so excited about the news of Park Jaebum goon’s comeback and were enthusiastically preparing for the award performances; we could not tell them this news. Following their year-end promotion completion, we told them the news on January 3rd. Receiving this big shock, they contemplated heavily and three days later on January 6th, all 6 members revealed that it would be hard for them to promote as 2PM with Park Jaebum goon.

The company came to a conclusion that Park Jaebum goon was not fit to be an affiliated celebrity with them and decided to terminate his contact.

Though we wanted to immediately address this to everyone, it was because of Park Jaebum goon’s personal situation that we are revealing this now and we hope for your understanding.

As much as 2PM are precious singers, and as much as the many hearts of those that love them, as well as the many public opinions that focused on this case, all the information above is being revealed in its truthful entirety with not even a bit of lies.

The reason we are revealing these details through this message is because, if we were to make a safe reason through lies, the mistrust in the fans opinions and thoughts would become as large as a snowball.

All of 2PM, and to all the people who were waiting for Park Jaebum goon’s return we apologize sincerely to reveal this regretful news to everyone.

The company will prepare even harder with the 6 members to greet you with a better image.

Thank you.


Guess I need to post this since I already reacted. Cel and I would be wearing black tomorrow, mourning for this news. But then we’re still in denial stage so we don’t actually believe this. 1:59PM even divides their income by 7 when Jaebum already left? TSK. I won’t believe this. I believe in Jay. ❤

P.S. JYPE makes themselves sound like the good ones. As if they are faultless and I really can’t believe that the other 6 members said that. Ohwell. But then what is this personal mistake? Grr, why am I asking this when I don’t believe this. *still not entertaining the thought that Jay left for realz*

Park Jaebum

Okay, I know some people think that Hottests are illogical for not supporting 1:59PM and wanting Jaebum to come back when he isn’t. Okay.

I was waiting for Jaebum’s return ever since he left and I never grew tired. Even if my friends were entertaining the thought that he might never come back, I never thought of that. I constantly believe that he’ll be back soon and 1:59PM will be happy.

Well, I still support 1:59PM but there’s this part of me that misses Jay and is not contented with the 1:59PM. Uhm, contented may not be the right word but I believe they will look better and happier with Jay around, failing Korean, or whatever. I was not into Jay that much before he left, because boy was I so in love with Wooyoung. But when he left, I realized that I took him for granted. His presence was so missed by me and by most Hottests. Maybe people can’t understand why we’re like this, crying buckets. I really cried when I read comments of people giving up on Jay or even people pissed off that the issue has not died down yet because of Hottests. But then, fandom is fandom and Hottests love Jay.

OMG, I actually wrote this. Haha, it’s long might as well post it in wordpress. So much for telling myself to not comment on this Jay-is-not-coming-back and here I am, not studying and blabbering and ranting about Jay.

I don’t wanna defend myself and Hottests but I think most of us can’t really accept this. If this were really true, which is a thought I’m not entertaining (this is not entertaining this is just stating or whatever) for fear of crying and for my hope and trust in Jay, I guess in time we’ll move on. But not now. We are deeply hurt by this announcement and if I were in Korea I would join this protest in front of JYPE even if I’m still a minor and would probably not be allowed to yeah, go out.

Still Jay, I miss ya and I love ya like all the Hottests in the world. We hope you’ll still come back. ❤ *still not entertaining the thought of him leaving for realz*

*copy-pasted from my tumblr post*

C.N BLUE KJE Chocolate Fancams!

Okay, the day has come. KJE Chocolate recording. I was dreaming of seeing them perform live with an intimate audience. And now the broadcast is the only thing left. :))

Geek in the Pink

Nobody (band version)

Let’s Get Retarded / Let’s Get It Started (whatever):))

Now or Never


Sorry if there’s no read more. I know people who don’t bother to click read more when they’re lazy :))

C.N BLUE Romeo and Juliet Cover

Okay so I won’t post those Burning version of Oetoriya because I heard it so many times already. I wish they would perform Burning version. As in the whole Burning version. Not just as intro then proceed to the normal Oetoriya. Haha!

In M!Countdown’s first broadcast, I was smiling like a chester cat because they were playing live! I ❤ M!Countdown haha :)) Now, I love this song. I like it. And Jonghyun’s voice. <333333333333 I prefer his type of singing too than Yonghwa. HAHA :)) Jonghyun’s voice aaaaaaaaaaa <333

Come Into My Heart – MBLAQ ft. C-Luv


When I heard the piano melody at the start, I knew that I would love this song. The piano was really good and then G.O.’s voice really can melt a thousand butter. HAHA :)) He is REALLY GOOD it makes me think sometimes that he ain’t meant to be in a boy group. I mean I love G.O. with MBLAQ and I don’t want him to leave MBLAQ but his voice suits ballads and all. MBLAQ’s songs don’t give his vocal ability some justice. That collab with Jae, omg, HE IS SOO GOOD I was practically hyperventilating when I heard it. Well, that’s an exaggeration but you get my point.

I think it’s the same with this song. Just listen to it! ❤

P.S. I really like the lyrics too ❤

P.P.S. MBLAQ must have good songs. I like their album but I didn’t love it like how I love Beast’s. Aja aja MBLAQ!


Okay my omg-my-views-are-so-low phase already passed but I can’t help but check it regularly. Well, at least once a week. I guess that phase went by because I got views everyday. But now that my views are dropping, or should I say diving? I posted so much in my last post-post-post streak but then my views are dropping drastically. I dunno why. Are people offended? Omona, eotteoke? What do I do?

Fave KActors :D

Okay, I actually prepared this post a long time ago. It’s written in my notebook but I never actually typed it. (Yeah, I write blog posts in my notebook, I’m so old-fashioned.) Haha! Anyway, I’m too sleepy for introductions, so yeah. 😀

10. Park Hae Jin


Okay, I first saw him in Famous Princesses/Chil Princesses because it was shown as an afternoon daily drama here in the Philippines. And he was so handsome so I was naturally attracted to him. His acting there wasn’t stellar but it wasn’t a pain to watch either. Basically, he’s watchable. I’ve told myself to watch Hot Blooded Salesman but I haven’t. Haha! So yeah, he’s here because he looks good and I’m still on a Park Hae Jin phase. XDD

9 . Jung Kyung Ho

Photobucket I first saw Jung Kyung Ho in I’m Sorry, I Love You and I loved him next to So Ji Sup. He’s so handsome haha! So like Park Hae Jin, I’m attracted to him physically. That’s before. I’ve been reading recaps of Smile, You, his current drama and I think he’s really good. See, MiSa didn’t actually showcased much of his talent. Or maybe he just improved I dunno. I’ve been telling myself to watch Time between Dog and Wolf starring him and Lee Jun Ki but haha, things came in the way. :)) And he’s so adorable in Smile, You with Lee Min Jung, I can’t help but like him. Heehee.

8. Bae Soo Bin

Photobucket Soulful eyes~ Okay, I cried a lot whenever he was hurt in Shining Inheritance. I have this philosophy that if the second fiddle won’t end up with the girl in the end, end his suffering now. Let the girl end up with the lead guy asap and let the second fiddle be mine. Haha! Seriously, his gaze, his eyes. Omo, his eyes look so sad you just want to hug him and tell him that it’s not the end of the world. And now he’s in a drama with Han Hyo Joo and he’s the second fiddle, AGAIN. I don’t wanna cry again. T_T I feel his pain.

7. Shin Dong Wook

Photobucket I dunno, I just like him from Soulmate and from Cloud Staircase. Maybe it’s a physical attraction, I’m not really sure since he’s really not that good-looking too in my opinion. But me and my mom love him so much. Haha!

6. Chun Jung Myung


And because I love this guy to bits, Photobucket He is SOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Like he owned Fashion 70s for me. Whenever he was hurt, it was as if someone stabbed me in the chest. I cried buckets seeing him sad, in pain. I even prayed that he just get the girl already or if he won’t then stop torturing him. He needs to be happy. I hate seeing him end up with nothing in Fashion 70s. He just owned the role, the show. When he smiles, you just want to smile too because he’s happy. Simply put, I love this guy and his talent. A good thing that I didn’t waited much for his drama comeback from the army. Looking forward to Cinderella’s sister soooo much!

5. So Ji Sub


Saw him in MiSa (I’m Sorry I Love You) and fell in love with him. He acts sooooooooo good I dunno what to say. Yeah, his eyes act and I think he plays sad roles well because his eyes, omo. And no one can resist him because he looks sooooo good, right? Haha! Even though he’s older than people in this list, he’s still ❤ :))

4. Lee Min KiPhotobucket

I think this is slowly becoming a picspam. Haha! See, my bias really shows. Or it’s just that I love his pics and I easily find their pics. ❤



Lee Min Ki. Oh, Lee Min Ki. He’s not that handsome like most people in this list but I love him so much. He got this unusual appeal I really dunno how to explain. It’s just he’s not that handsome and so you won’t get intimidated of his looks. And there’s no doubt about his acting, he simply owns whatever role he does. Well, he’s best at comedies of some sort. I just love his comedic timing! He’s so lovely! His role in Dal Ja’s Spring

3. Jang Geun Seuk


Okay, I’ve been eternally biased with JGS ever since I saw him in Hwang Jin Yi. Yeah, maybe it’s in his looks but I also like his acting especially with You’re Beautiful. He simply owned that role. He is definitely Tae Kyung. I once had an argument with a friend because she ships Shinwoo-Minam and I’m a forever loyalist of Taekyung-Minam. HAHAHAHA! :)) Okay, I’m speechless because I’m really sleepy and I just want to finish this. Haha!

2. Yoo Seung Ho

Photobucket Photobucket

Same age! *swoon* YSH is definitely one of the best actors in his generation. He’s just so good. He can pull off any role given to him. He never failed in any of his dramas or movies and he only got good things in his resume. He’s just so good. I mean, he’s one of the actors who can make me cry when they cry. And it doesn’t hurt that he looks soooo good. :)) I’m just biased at him and there’s logic behind that bias. I mean, superb acting skills + looks. ❤ And he won’t be called little So Ji Sup if he isn’t good. Haha!

1. Jae Hee



Jae Hee. Oh, Jae Hee. The person with a perfect comedic timing. Seriously, he’s too great. I love comedies and so I guess that’s why he’s in the top of my list. I mean, he loves his work so much. Work ethics and professionalism ftw! Like there’s this one time that he injured himself and still went on with the shooting. And yeah, he’s not too handsome like Lee Min Ki and so he has that unusual appeal like LMK that you won’t get intimidated by his looks. I can’t really pinpoint or articulate why I love this guy but I just love him. Omona ❤ Jae Hee, please come back from the army really soon. <333 I miss you :X

Okay, I can put more pictures but then I’m lazy to upload and all. Haha! :))

I really like Gong Yoo, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Jeong Hoon, Shin Sung Rok, Jang Hyuk but it’s just that they’re out of my radar as of now. These are just my faves at the moment and may change anytime. I’m actually anticipating Gong Yoo’s comeback drama because me and my mom miss him so much. Haha! 😀 And I based this on what makes me watch or fan over a certain drama. Like for example, even if Lee Dong Wook is in a drama, I can just bat an eyelash but if Jae Hee appears in a drama, then that’s another story. Haha! I even sticked to Three Dads, One Mom just for Jae Hee. Haha! Okay, right now, I have this Im Joo Hwan phase, Kim Soo Hyun phase, Lee Hyun Woo phase and many more phases. And them in a drama will really make me wanna watch it. I just chose these actors for the sole reason of choosing. If not then I won’t have this Top 10 haha! And yeah, I haven’t really watched most of So Ji Sup’s drama but I’m eternally in love with him even if he’s old yeah, I don’t care. Haha! He looks so good. Anyway, I’ll stop with this. And I like Song Joong Ki too and Song Seung Hun and Jo In Sung  and many more. <33 And yeah, I’m just a girl so I can be easily swayed by faces. XDD

I mostly got my pictures from Javabeans’ entry and so, thanks! Javabeans is like my idol ❤ Okee, that’s all!

Recap: SHINee Hello Baby Episode 1

Haha, it’s not that I’m late and I already watched this but I have nothing to post so yeah. :)) Should I recap this? Hmmmm, hmmmm, I’ll think about it while doing this post. 😀

Thanks to SFI’s wonderful subbing team. Credits to sfineee@youtube for the vids! You guyz are terrific!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 here 🙂

Ugh, I don’t wanna watch it again and recap it. HAHA! As you know, I’m Ms. Lazyyyy. :)) But then I’m in a mood for making a post. XDD Continue reading →

2AM wins Mutizen!

Omo, I was really happy for the guys! Congratulations to 2AM for winning Mutizen on today’s Inkigayo for their song, Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go.

Kwon and Jinwoon were crying so much. My heart is so touched. When they were announced as winners, they did a group hug for so long. Kwon and Jinwoon were crying buckets and Seulong and Changmin spoke first. But then, Kwon needs to talk because he’s the elader and he can’t talk. He was crying really hard. 2AM <333333333 I was actually afraid for them because with SNSD around, there’s a chance that they won’t win at all. That’s why I am so happy for them! And well, their song is number one on online music charts so <3333 2AM jjang!

And here’s their perf. Eargasm. :))

**Why is it that I get more views when I don’t post? XDD HAHA! :)) Kidding. 😛

Happy 22nd Birthday Lee Joon oppa~

Okay *spazzes* There was a time in my life that I was so addicted to Joon. That would be my Joon phase. Haha! :)) I really love this guy and he’s funny yet sweet. Like he cried when he was pranked. He’s so precious <333

Happy Birthday Lee Joon oppa~ May your body be better if it can get any better HAHA! :)) Saranghae~