Hi Sarah~

Hey Sarah. :)) Haha!

*math exam grr*

C.N BLUE Making the Artist

thanks to NulSaRangHaeS2 @ youtube for subbing this!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Omo, I knew it! Jungshin is so dorky based on his blogposts. Haha! And so happy that Jonghyun spoke more than 5 sentences! Haha! His voice is so good he needs to flaunt it (even just by talking XDD) HAHA!

Minhyuk is so cute and adorable as usual. He doesn’t even need to try! Haha! And Yonghwa, is so dorky too! And his attraction, overbite! Haha! And hmmmm, Yonghwa and Jonghyun are ulzzangs. :)) So Minhyuk’s the only one who auditioned because the three of them were approached, as I learned. Haha! They were all approached then they auditioned later on, as I learned. :)) Sorry for the mistake ;D

Okay, I have a Math exam tomorrow and it’s going to be deadly. I wasn’t planning on even signing in to wordpress but then this needs to be posted. Haha!



Okay, haven’t posted about them. But I was busy when they debuted and so I studied first before actually delving onto them. But the first time I hear Alone, I fell in love with this group. And the first time I saw them, my heart landed on Minhyuk the drummer and so I’m eternally in love with him. This thing is going on for a week already, this love. And you know what, I AM ALWAYS distracted because of these boys. As in I can’t study for my exams because I just stared at Minhyuk’s picture for 4 hours. HAHA! I know, I’m crazy. I’m actually incoherent now and I might end up spazzing endlessly and tell you what I did this week. That actually includes making Minhyuk my wallpaper, listening endlessly to their songs, joining forums, that’s just a few. And yeah, whenever I see a picture of Minhyuk, my insides are jumping up and down and they want to go out of my mouth and scream, MINHYUK SARANGHAE.=)) See, I’m a crazy fangirl. And he’s a drummer. And he’s 18 years old and he’s perfect. HAHA! :)) So cute. That was really love at first sight. He’s actually my first love at first sight because most of my faves had a process. HAHA! :)) But all of the boys are adorable it’s just that Minhyuk is the apple of my eye. Second for me would be Jonghyun because he looks like one hot vampire and the vampire-look is on the top of my chart along with Adam’s apple and jawlines. XD And did I say that their music is AWESOME? As in it is really awesome. And I particularly love this genre even before I got into Kpop. The eyecandies are just BIG BONUSES. OMO. <333333 HAHA! So I’ll be making a C.N BLUE category now. Okay, I’ll spazz more soon. HAHA! Seriously, this isn’t even a 0.00000000001% of how much I spazzed in front of my friends and in our house that my family was looking at me like I’m not a normal person or something. And well, I’m not normal. XDDDD

Junho oppa!~

Happy Birthday Junho oppa!~



As much as I want to post something in here, I haven’t and I can’t (well, as of the moment). Next week is hell week, meaning lots and lots of exams and dues and everything. And I kinda lost the post-this-news enthusiasm after all the stress accumulating in my system. Ya know, I’m updated about all my fandoms but I just can’t share it atm. So yeah, I promise to post something asap, as soon as my worries are flushed down the toilet. Haha! Kidding! 😀 Ja! (Ya, I know that you’re sick of my excuses. Haha!)

Hi Cel!

Finally, I mustered enough courage to even tell one of my friends that I have this blog. I’m one of the reasons why she got into Kpop and now we’re happy fangirls! Hey there Cel! :DDD