Film Review: 4th Period Murder Mystery (2009)

To be edited.

I just watched 4th Period Murder Mystery starring Yoo Seung Ho. And as you know me, I have these phases. And after watching it, I’m on YSH phase, again. Hahahahahaha. :)) His acting. And his eyes. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, incoherent here. So I’ll just c0ntinue this post tomorrow. I’ll just get some shuteye.

And I WANNA GO TO A DATE WITH HIM. Or well, I wanna play this game.

And he’s really cute here. Heehee.

Reactions about the movie for tomorrow. XDDD Yoo Seung Ho oppa, saranghaeyo~


Okay, so I didn’t have high expectations for this movie because the production changed directors when 70-80% of the movie was done because the original director had problems with Sway Entertainment (the producer). And Kim So Eun dropped the project and was replaced by a newbie actress, Kang Sora. Although I know that Yoo Seung Ho will act really good as usual, I didn’t expect much because well, it’s targeted for teens.

Well, the movie didn’t blew me away but Yoo Seung Ho did. Hahahaha, biases aside, he’s so great. Anyway, back to the movie. The movie exceeded my low expectations. And I thought the camera work was good. The shakiness of the camera from all that running and hiding and running was to a tolerable level, one that didn’t make my head spin. And I feel so proud because I knew who the culprit was! Well, sort of. Years of watching Detective Conan really paid off. Hahahaha! Seriously, reading mystery and detective novels <3.

It’s just that I think that the movie is violent for kids. Kids, as in kids. Because someone is killed in a high school during class hours by a person in the school. Well, now that’s  a hint. Okay I know I’m incoherent and I’m actually spazzing about Yoo Seung Ho here but he’s really good. And handsome and his skin is so smooth. Hahahahaha! Btw, I like Kang Sora because she’s not perfect. I feel ultimately fine when I saw that her face is not smooth.

And I really felt the rush from the movie. Not the rush you get when you watch action movies but a rush nonetheless. I mean, I don’t want Junghoon (YSH’s character), the nation’s #1 to be accused of killing his classmate. And ya all fangirls, his character here is so cool unlike in Queen Seon Deok where he plays, ugh. Anyway, my impressions about the movie is getting nowhere.

Okay, so the killer is unexpected but uhm, JUST WATCH IT OKAY. I found it in youtube but it’s low quality so I just DL-ed it off the net. Ya have to find it of course. Heehee. 😀

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