Happy Birthday, Taec oppa~

Happy Birthday Taecyeon oppa~

Taecyeon oppa, saranghae~

I want to say more but I’m speechless. Taec is simply amazing. ❤

Film Review: 4th Period Murder Mystery (2009)

To be edited.

I just watched 4th Period Murder Mystery starring Yoo Seung Ho. And as you know me, I have these phases. And after watching it, I’m on YSH phase, again. Hahahahahaha. :)) His acting. And his eyes. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, incoherent here. So I’ll just c0ntinue this post tomorrow. I’ll just get some shuteye.

And I WANNA GO TO A DATE WITH HIM. Or well, I wanna play this game.

And he’s really cute here. Heehee.

Reactions about the movie for tomorrow. XDDD Yoo Seung Ho oppa, saranghaeyo~


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KeySica Barbie Girl

Omo, I read about this in SFI and I knew not watching this would be a crime to the Almighty Key. Or well, listening to it. So here it is. HAHAHAHAHA. WAIT. Incoherent mode.

Okay, so if you’ll read the comments in yt, HAHA, they say that they can’t picture Key as Ken and they can picture him as Barbie. HAHAHAHA. But with Jessica’s blond hair, I guess this looks good. HAHAHA. Very appropriate. Omo, Key’s English is to die for. Well, not really because I can’t watch more of his almightiness if that happens. HAHA.

Okay, so Key’s voice here is really masculine and even though the song is kinda cracktastic, I mean, to perform, he’s so good. Heehee. My almighty Key! ❤ Saranghae~ I wanna watch the performance though. Audio is not enough! And btw, this is from SNSD’s first Asian concert tour. Yeah. 😀 I’ll keep you posted if the vid comes out. XDDD

EDIT: A fancam is out! Yey. Here it is.

I would totally dig it if Key is like not wearing those Jeremy Scott sweats. If he’s like wearing some Ken stuff. Yeah. HAHA. :)) But then, Key is afraid or scared of Jessica, the Ice Princess so I wonder how they practiced this. Well, Key could have watched a vid of Jessica’s practice clip and he knows what to do already. 😀 HAHAHAHA. 🙂 He’s really the Almighty Key. ❤

Beast <3

Okay I know, I bashed them in one of my posts. Well, not bash but I proclaimed that I won’t like them because of the “GD wannabe”. Why o why didn’t I learned my lesson? Before, when BOF was still a news and when Kim Joon was casted as Woo Bin, I really said eeeeew. I thought to myself that there could be a better-looking Woo Bin and he’s not for the role. But what happened? I fell in love with him while watching BOF. And he’s like my fave even if my friends mock me for it.

That’s what happened with Beast. I like AJ, but Yoseob’s style and hair really bothered me, making me call him the GD wannabe. Which he isn’t! So the story goes like this:

When my internet came back to life after the Ondoy typhoon, I became a fan of Beast. I love Bad Girl! Though they could have not said that it’s a new school sound because it’s old school! But that’s what I like about it! The song’s really good! And then I lost my internet again during my semestral break and it lasted for three weeks. Three weeks! And all I watched were the downloaded videos in the PC, including the Beast MV. And I loved them more after each watch. There even came a time when my faves were AJ (Ki Kwang) and Yoseob. I mean, I hated him before but he’s so cute and irresistible, I have no way to say No to him. HAHAHAHA. :))

But now, I’m leaning more to Dongwoon, the magnae. Although I love them all, as iiiinnnn but Dongwoon’s got that appeal I can’t describe. And his smile, oh his smile. XDD Okay, I think I’m getting high just by talking about him. Seriously, my heart giggles with anything related to Dongwoon. HAHAHAHA :))

And now that they’re promoting Mystery, I’m so lovin’ it! But my fave track off the album would be Oasis. HAHA. :))

So yeah, just clarifying that I’m eating my own words and sharing that I’m a fan. And I’m loving the MBLAQ-Beast love! <333333

No to Clichẻs

Once upon a time, there was a kmovie/jmovie junkie who have only watched films with the cliché they-lived-happily-ever-after endings. She found those movies okay and the other movies good, but being the cliché that it is, she gradually lost interest as she was sick with repetitive outcomes that don’t really happen in real life. Yes, she’s cynical like that. Tired of all these Cinderella-like stories, she then risked (HAHA!) tears from falling by watching well, heart wrenching movies. She let these tragic movies break her heart, fill up a bucket with tears and wail in the middle of the night even if everyone’s asleep. Her tear ducts were suddenly exercised from all that crying. Be it that the other half of the pair gets cancer (Koizora), xeroderma pigmentosa (Taiyou no Uta), leukemia or blindness, she has already watched it all. Coupled with the one who’s sick breaks up with the other, reasoning that s/he will be less hurt when s/he dies or leaves. And these movies must be really sweet or even cheesy so that you’ll feel that warm, fuzzy feeling. Then they’ll kill the sick one and you’ll bawl your eyes, crying, crying all night even in your dreams. You’ll go tell your friends to watch this and that because it’s so good and even after months of watching it, you still feel that sadness that enveloped you before. Because of all that cheesy happy endings, I came to appreciate tragedies more and even concluded that I feel that the movie is instantly good if it’s sad (what a dunce). But now, it’s totally different. And by the way, I’m that movie junkie. HAHA. :))

These have changed because I grew sick of all these crying and wailing and wet hankies. I now feel that there’s an influx of tragedies nowadays and I find it as the new cliché. Okay, I know that Korean movie plots don’t seem to get tired with stories of sickness and someone dying. But UGH, I just can’t stand sad endings. Okay, that’s an exaggeration since I can still stand them but I prefer not to watch sad movies anymore. My life has enough drama and I need some comic relief. So now, I’m into watching happily-ever-after stories again. And I lived happily ever after. Kidding. 😀

*Yeah, this is my comeback post after 2 months of not posting due to the reasons I’ve said in my previous posts. Weehoo!

hajiman sexy~

I know, I’m like spamming my own blog but I haven’t written anything in years! Well, just months. Just so you know, I’m so busy. Ugh school. So just take it that I’m on semi-hiatus. Yey. At least now you know. :)) I still have a Math Quiz tomorrow so yeah, I’ll go now. 😀