Sterling Knight

Who says tomakunisnumberone is all about Asian boys and Asian dramas? HAHA. Here is my newest love, Sterling Knight. ❤


Isn’t he like the handsomest/cutest thing since, uhm, Korean and Japanese boys? XD And can you believe that he’s actually 20? I can’t. HAHAHAHAHA =)) I drained youtube for all his vids. You can just type “Sterling Knight” and lots of vids will show up. And he’s so kind. I mean when some fan approaches him, he lets them take a video or a picture of him or with him and tells them funny stories. AAAAAA, I super like him. 😀

He’s starring in Sonny with a Chance (a Disney TV series) with Demi Lovato as her <3. Hahahahahahaha! You won’t regret because Sonny with a Chance (SWAC) is really funny. I was planning to quit watching it because he’s not in Episode 1. But when I saw Episode 2, I can’t stop. It’s just in Youtube if you don’t want to download it. :DDD And he looks so good together with Demi, I love their tandem. 😀 He’s not in Episode 1 and 5 so if you want to see him, go watch other episodes. And he sings and plays the guitar. Omg, I so love him. And he starred as Zac Efron’s son (complicated story) in 17 Again. When I watched 17 Again with friends, they told me to go watch SWAC because he’s so cute and handsome and all. And HE IS. =)) *giddy heart* He also played in a Grey’s Anatomy episode entitled Freedom. AND I FORGOT. The eyes, his eyes are so blue and so yummy. HAHAHAHAHA. So some pictures. to entice you. I know you find him handsome. XD




And a video. 😀

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