More on MBLAQ

So I’ve basically drained all interesting videos of MBLAQ on Youtube! HAHAHAHAHAHA! And I think I’m leaning towards Lee Joon and G.O. I didn’t realized how good Lee Joon’s voice is until I watched the MV a gazillion times. You know, the mics suck in their debut and you almost don’t know who’s singing what and how does their voice sound like. So I don’t mix up Lee Joon and Mir anymore. Omg the abs. HAHA! 😀 I thought Kim Sang Bae was the Hongki look-alike and the one with an actress sister that’s why I said that I like Kim Sang Bae. But it was actually Mir! He does look like Hongki in his pictures but in the MV and in their Debut Perf, he doesn’t look like Hongki at all, I think. So I’m actually not that sad about Kim Sang Bae leaving the group. HAHA. :))) Although I must admit that Kim Sang Bae look good on their Nylon photoshoot. I thought G.O. was old! I didn’t know that Seung Ho was the oldest and he’s just older than G.O. by a month. I think it’s with the image he projects and that he was in showbiz before. HAHA. :)))) And Seung Ho looks good and emo-shiz in his Nylon picture. Wondering why he doesn’t look as good in the MV. But I really don’t care, I like his voice. I’ll be watching out for every single thing MBLAQ does. HAHAHAHA! I soooo LOVE them already!

And I discoverd that it’s Seung Ho’s birthday today! HAPPY 22nd (or 23rd?) BIRTHDAY!


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