September 28: Happy Birthday Shindong!


September 30: Happy Birthday Nissy!


October 7: Happy Birthday Ikuta Toma!



October 11: Happy Birthday Henry!


October 15: Happy Birthday Donghae!


Sorry that it’s soooooo late. Here’s the story. Typhoon Ondoy, globally known as Ketsana, hit the Philippines. And I had my own Ondoy experience too. I wasn’t able to go home that day after my exam and was actually stranded at uni. I slept at some dorm in uni and went home the next day when the flood subsided. I’m sleepy. I was planning to tell the full story of my abrupt and unannounced hiatus but I guess I need to sleep. It’s just that I had no internet connection for three weeks because the typhoon made it impossible for out internet service provider to fix it since their office was flooded. Yeah. How sad. But now, I have internet and it’s my semestral break! Yey!

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