101809 Inkigayo

Taec and Wooyoung returning as MCs! MY HEART <3333333! So like, I miss 2PM soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Even greater than how many o’s I typed. OMG, this is like. Whew. *fans self* *stops self from hyperventilating* Okay, I won’t be posting all the performances. Just from SHINee, MBLAQ and GD because that the only thing I watched. I’m a fan of f(x) too but they performed that too many times already so I guess it doesn’t need me posting it. XD

SHINee Comeback Ring Ding Dong: SHINee is just AWESOME FOR WORDS. They sound so good, even maybe better than the MV. And the dance! *pompoms* I really want to learn the dance but I think it’s the hardest so I need some good dance tutorial. XD Jonghyun sounded so good and Key’s butterfly! And Minho’s rap and Onew, although he doesn’t get much screentime! Taemin’s hair, ugh, but he can dance through my heart and I’ll forget that hair. HAHAHAHAHA! XDDDDDDDD

G-Dragon A Boy: Okay so GD looks like a poodle and I don’t like it. I think it’s his worst hairdo OF ALL TIME. But ohwell, I can let it pas because I’m GD-biased. XPPPPP I love the song! Especially the “remember back in the days” part. It’s so LSS-able. HAHA =)))) It’s stucked in my head like some gecko glue. HAHAHA. Okay it’s obvious that my head is soup. :PPP Taeyang’s comeback next week~

MBLAQ OH YEAH: So you must know that I’m in love with these boys especially Lee Joon *coughs* Even though Seung Ho sorta lost his breath while singing, it’s alright. I think Lee Joon lost his breath a little too although it wasn’t that conspicuous like Leader’s. *pats leader* I think I’m in this kind of fandom that I’ll see them grow and become popular and I think I’m getting too addicted because I’ve been saving pictures everywhere and downloading videos everywhere. I didn’t become like this with SUJU and 2PM because school was coming that time and they’re too many I can’t save pictures you know. Or I’m just lazy. XDDD About the performance. Uhm, can they have better mics? Huhuhu. I love Rain for debuting Lee Joon MBLAQ. HAHA. Choreo, stage presence: check. Woohoo, MBLAQ hwaiting!

Taec and Wooyoung~ THE BEST FEELING EVER. 2PM hwaiting~

Sterling Knight

Who says tomakunisnumberone is all about Asian boys and Asian dramas? HAHA. Here is my newest love, Sterling Knight. ❀


Isn’t he like the handsomest/cutest thing since, uhm, Korean and Japanese boys? XD And can you believe that he’s actually 20? I can’t. HAHAHAHAHA =)) I drained youtube for all his vids. You can just type “Sterling Knight” and lots of vids will show up. And he’s so kind. I mean when some fan approaches him, he lets them take a video or a picture of him or with him and tells them funny stories. AAAAAA, I super like him. πŸ˜€

He’s starring in Sonny with a Chance (a Disney TV series) with Demi Lovato as her <3. Hahahahahahaha! You won’t regret because Sonny with a Chance (SWAC) is really funny. I was planning to quit watching it because he’s not in Episode 1. But when I saw Episode 2, I can’t stop. It’s just in Youtube if you don’t want to download it. :DDD And he looks so good together with Demi, I love their tandem. πŸ˜€ He’s not in Episode 1 and 5 so if you want to see him, go watch other episodes. And he sings and plays the guitar. Omg, I so love him. And he starred as Zac Efron’s son (complicated story) in 17 Again. When I watched 17 Again with friends, they told me to go watch SWAC because he’s so cute and handsome and all. And HE IS. =)) *giddy heart* He also played in a Grey’s Anatomy episode entitled Freedom. AND I FORGOT. The eyes, his eyes are so blue and so yummy. HAHAHAHAHA. So some pictures. to entice you. I know you find him handsome. XD




And a video. πŸ˜€


I find it funny that I already posted so much in a day. HAHA. I mean I’m not like this normally. As if I’m making up for the weeks that I haven’t posted anything. HAHA. :DD I want to post more but I dunno what to post. It’s my dream to post pimp posts for every group I know or fangirl in that case. πŸ˜› But I’m too lazy for that. I’m planning to watch Otomen right now but then I remembered that I was supposed to marathon Sonny with a Chance because Sterling Knight is just the <333 of my life. HAHAHAHAHA! There are too many guys in my heart, I’m afraid it’s gonna explode or it’s gonna delete some. NOOOOOOOOO. Okay, I sound freaky. :DD

About Beast, sorry but I think I don’t like them. I only like AJ. Sorry but I find someone like a GD wannabe. I’m so sorry. XC

And I just wanna share this. It’s Sam Tsui. He actually sang all that and Kurt edited the vid. Kurt’s the guy in the leftmost part of the vid. Check Kurt’s youtube channel for more and Sam Tsui’s myspace. XD Enjoy! (I had goosebumps listening to his voice)

Where U AtΒ – Taeyang MV

It’s too bad Taeyang won’t be promoting this song because I LOVE ITTTTT. Omg, the choreo was so smooth and the mv quality was really good too. And I love that lil part where Teddy sang with the big bike. Heehee. πŸ˜€ And I find it funny that Taeyang’s back-up dancers sorta look like him in a way. HAHA. πŸ˜€ Taeyang, looking goooood. ❀ And the piano at the end, is it for his other song? Because I loooove it. Taeyang, hwaiting!

Ring Ding Dong – SHINee MV

So okay, I didn’t listen to Ring Ding Dong when it came out. I was waiting for the MV. Why? Because if I don’t like the song, at least there’s a chance that I’ll like it because of the MV. But I received positive feedbacks all over the place so I finally gave up and listened to it. At first, I LOL-ed at the fantastic, elastic part. I mean, who wouldn’t? XPPP But then it started to grow on me and people in my house are irritated with me because I kept singing “Ring Ding Dong” HAHAHAHAHA =))))) It’s so catchy.

Okay, so when I watched the MV, I was hyperventilating. HAHA =)) I was skeptical about Key’s hair and was enraged with SM’s stylist noonas. I mean Jonghyun gets the best hairdo always and Key gets the blah ones. But Key carried it off well! Actually from the MuBank perf, I’m starting to like his hair.

About the MV. The things I noticed or whatever:

  • THE CHOREO. I LOVE ITTTT. Hip-thrusting and slick hand moves and mouth-swiping (why do all groups have some sort of mouth-swiping choreo. just curious XD). I was dancing the “dance” after I watched the MV.
  • The Minho stare. And the hairdo actually looks good. OMG, the stare. I melted.
  • Key’s “Butterfly” and Key’s fierce stare. HOMG, it’s so…uhm.. penetrating? Idk.
  • I like the part where they dance in the water. The ripples and all, so cute! :DDD
  • The rap part /dying AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • The part where they show up with the SHINee setting or I dunno what to call it.
  • Everything. At least I can see the choreo in the MV. Unlike in the perf.
  • Onew’s still not in concept. HAHA. Like the Amigo MV. I’m so sorry but the haircut made him look younger. And there’s no fierceness in him. Not that I’m complaining because I love innocent Onew. :X
  • Taemin’s hair made me cringe. Well, hopefully it’ll be alright.
  • Jonghyun’s so Brit-pop/rock. HAHA. And I love his hair, it accentuated his jawline, that i looooove.

And here’s the comeback stage. πŸ˜€

Didn’t like how the stage was so dark and the lights red when they were wearing black and red. I mean, who can see them in that set-up. Can’t see the dance moves properly. But they sound so good! SHINee always sounds good. YEAH. :D:D

Stuff, stuff,Β stuff.

A friend of mine shared this to me and I LOL-ed and ROFL-ed really hard upon seeing it.


Ikr, it’s so funny! Or am I the only one laughing? Ohwell. XD

So I had nothing to do a while ago and watched that Again & Again parody/cover of SHU-I. When I became interested at them. I then went to soompi and learned their names. It took me hours to differentiate them! All I had was the pics from the magazine and then the pics in soompi are their pics from their tough concept. So the hair, ugh, all different. I don’t know who’s who. And then I was enlightened at last. And then I watched the MV. XD I remembered watching their perf but nothing else since my Internet died on me and I had too many To-Watch Vids to watch. HAHA. Excuses. :PPP And now I love them! Hahahaha! They are so funny! HAHAHAHA =)) Just go over HERE at their soompi thread and discover them yourselves ’cause I’m not in the mood to pimp and make this and that. Sorry. I’m busy with Sterling Knight and Sam Tsui but I that has nothing to do with SHU-I. So my fave member/s are Inseok the leader because he’s so damn funny and Changhyun because I also like quiet (?) guys. HAHAHAHAHA =))

My thoughts on the members:

Jiseok: He’s so funny in the AAA parody. Doing ballet and everything. HAHA =)) He’s the main dancer and I can see why. πŸ˜€

Minho: The fight in the AAA! HAHA! He’s the main vocals and he got a good voice. In some pictures he look like Ninomiya Kazunari. I dunno. πŸ˜€

Hyung Joon: He’s good-looking in some pics and so-so in others. And I don’t like his hair during promotions, it’s not good. I had problems distinguishing him from Inseok awhile ago. πŸ˜€

Chang Hyun: He’s my fave member when I actually don’t know anything about SHU-I. Just judging from the AAA parody. HAHA. :)) He’s good-looking and kind-looking? Err, I don’t know how to explain. He’s the ‘umma’ but he’s the maknae? HAHAHA. I like/love him XD

Inseok: AAAAAAAAAA HE’S SO FUNNY! And he looks like Hideaki Takizawa in some pics and Kiriyama Kenta in some. And he gives me the Aiba Hiroki feel and I love guys with the Aiba Hiroki feel. XD He’s so skinny!

I found out that Inseok and Chang hyun were members of R-eal but then R-eal didn’t debuted. Two members of R-eal are actually in B2Y which I’m planning to venture on because I was able to watch their MV in Arirang’s Pops in Seoul and I was interested with the whole green eye makeup for the guys. Anyway, I really like Inseok and Chang hyun and the rest of SHU-I. They look so..not Korean. I mean they can pass off as a Cpop or Twpop or even Jpop idols. HAHAHAHA =)) I dunno I think it’s with the skinny and the hair do and the whole MV concept? I dunno but I like them. :DD I’m just saddened that they really don’t get that much exposure because well, their production company isn’t that BIG. I mean MBLAQ gets all the hype because of Rain, Beast because they’re from CUBE and because of AJ and because it’s supposedly the “second chance” group. But SHU-I, there are no news about them in allkpop. Sighs. Ohwell. SHU-I HWAITING!


More onΒ MBLAQ

So I’ve basically drained all interesting videos of MBLAQ on Youtube! HAHAHAHAHAHA! And I think I’m leaning towards Lee Joon and G.O. I didn’t realized how good Lee Joon’s voice is until I watched the MV a gazillion times. You know, the mics suck in their debut and you almost don’t know who’s singing what and how does their voice sound like. So I don’t mix up Lee Joon and Mir anymore. Omg the abs. HAHA! πŸ˜€ I thought Kim Sang Bae was the Hongki look-alike and the one with an actress sister that’s why I said that I like Kim Sang Bae. But it was actually Mir! He does look like Hongki in his pictures but in the MV and in their Debut Perf, he doesn’t look like Hongki at all, I think. So I’m actually not that sad about Kim Sang Bae leaving the group. HAHA. :))) Although I must admit that Kim Sang Bae look good on their Nylon photoshoot. I thought G.O. was old! I didn’t know that Seung Ho was the oldest and he’s just older than G.O. by a month. I think it’s with the image he projects and that he was in showbiz before. HAHA. :)))) And Seung Ho looks good and emo-shiz in his Nylon picture. Wondering why he doesn’t look as good in the MV. But I really don’t care, I like his voice. I’ll be watching out for every single thing MBLAQ does. HAHAHAHA! I soooo LOVE them already!

And I discoverd that it’s Seung Ho’s birthday today! HAPPY 22nd (or 23rd?) BIRTHDAY!


September 28: Happy Birthday Shindong!


September 30: Happy Birthday Nissy!


October 7: Happy Birthday Ikuta Toma!



October 11: Happy Birthday Henry!


October 15: Happy Birthday Donghae!


Sorry that it’s soooooo late. Here’s the story. Typhoon Ondoy, globally known as Ketsana, hit the Philippines. And I had my own Ondoy experience too. I wasn’t able to go home that day after my exam and was actually stranded at uni. I slept at some dorm in uni and went home the next day when the flood subsided. I’m sleepy. I was planning to tell the full story of my abrupt and unannounced hiatus but I guess I need to sleep. It’s just that I had no internet connection for three weeks because the typhoon made it impossible for out internet service provider to fix it since their office was flooded. Yeah. How sad. But now, I have internet and it’s my semestral break! Yey!

MBLAQ debuts today!

As to why I’ve not posted in a long time, I’ll blog about it later. It’s still in the drafts. This post is about my growing love for MBLAQ!

I’m not a superfan of Rain. I mean I like him and all but I haven’t ventured and went gaga draining his youtube videos. Not..yet. XD The moment it was announced that he was training a female Rain, I was waiting for that girl. I mean, if Rain trains you, then you must be pretty good. But then when it was announced that J. Tunes (Rain’s company) has a boy group that will debut really soon, I was waiting for them ever since. Even though the name, MBLAQ is well, weird, I know that I’ll be a fan more or less. I mean girl groups are all over the place, I need some boys because I’m a fanGIRL. HAHAHA! πŸ˜€ Then pictures were released and I just need to see them ASAP. I mean, see the MV or see them perform. Then Kim Sang Bae quitted the group and was replaced by Dara’s brother, the one who appeared and sang with IU in her acoustic covers. Some people didn’t like him especially since his voice in Sorry Sorry was pretty ugh. But his voice in Lies was better. I dunno what’s wrong with Sorry Sorry. Some people like me, wants Kim Sang Bae but then that happened. Ohwell, I can’t do anything. At least he left before I loved him so I was not that hurt (ugh, Jay XC). I just hoped that Dara’s brother won’t disappoint since Rain included him in the group at the last minute. And I thought it was to up MBLAQ’s publicity since Dara’s really popular. Waiting time. Still waiting. Then this was released. The Oh Yeah Teaser.

I can’t wait. My eyes are itching to see them. Sounds wrong. XDD Then the MV was released.

I was ogling at the hotness that is G.O. and Cheon Dung (Dara’s brother) and all of them. I just mentioned G.O. because he has a different feel, like a MAN. Well, he’s relatively older than most of the members and with mustache and sunnies, I guess it makes him really manly. I instantly proclaimed myself as a Cheon Dung fangirl and a G.O. fangirl. :DD At first watch, I was uhm, skeptical about the outfits. They look SO Johnny’s Entertainment to me. XDD Not that I don’t like JE, I love JE boys sooo much because they’re really *giddy* eyecandies. I’m not bashing JE but I think every JE fangirl admits that their costumes suck BIG TIME. What’s with ugh, I don’t want to remember anymore. Well, MBLAQ’s not that bad in the costume department. I just remembered JE through them. The costumes spell Kpop. I mean no one can ever pull that on the streets. :DD Then the song, was just average for me. I thought it was funny (Sorry) that there’s some Latin dance part there. I laughed because I thought it can be danced in Shall We Dance or whatever ballroom contest. Hahahahaha! I watched it late at night so I wasn’t able to watch it again and again x 1000 since I need to sleep since tomorrow would be my Math Finals. Come to think of it, instead of studying for my Math finals I watched their MV. Tsk tsk, bad girl.

My Math exam passed by but all I was thinking that MBLAQ will debut today. As I reached home, I turned on the PC right away to check their debut performance on Mnet Countdown. And here it is. πŸ˜€

I’ve watched the vid over and over again. And I’m addicted to Oh Yeah. HAHAHAHAHA! And I’m dancing to it already. XD I love them all. As in ALL. OMG. I love them. XDDD HAHAHA! I can’t say anything other than that because I can’t spazz about them anymore. I don’t know what to say. Okay, so I’ve read that some people were not really pleased with their debut. Saying that their vocals aren’t that good although most of them agreed that they dance really well. Well, I think the song doesn’t really show their vocals that much. I dunno, just because. XD Although I must admit that I’m in love with G.O.’s voice and everyone else except Cheon Dung’s? I think his is the lowest in rank when it comes to voice. But he’s soooo cute! XD Even though he’s lanky and all. Okay, so I’ll comment on each member.

Yang Seung Ho: I was searching for the leader in the vid but I can’t see his face that much. After watching the debut a million times, I’ve recognized him already. And I love his voice and he dances really good too. I need variety show appearances so as to know how he is as a leader. πŸ™‚ But why he’s not showing some skin? Is he not as macho as the others? HAHA. :DD But the cameraman gave him so little screen time. Rawr. I want more. He sorta looks like Ryo in their debut perf so <3. But I think he must stick with the light-colored hair since he’s not that good-looking in the MV. πŸ˜€

Lee Joon: I can’t recognize Lee Joon from Mir before but now, I think I can. But sometimes I mix them up. HAHA. But I love his voice and his dancing skills. πŸ˜€ And the bodddddyyy~ His abs doesn’t look scary. I mean Jay’s abs are scary but his, ~~~~ I can’t comment much because I practically squealed when I watched the vid. :)) My friend loves him already!

OMG, G.O. : I LOVE HIM. Period. That’s all. HAHAHAHA. I think I’ve said why I like him awhile ago. :)))) My other friend is in love with him right now! HAHA! Imma spread the MBLAQ love!

Mir: OMG, MIR. He’s so cute! I love him! I LOVE MBLAQ!

And Cheon Dung: I said it already. I like him! And the fact that the cameraman loves him giving him screen time is <3!

Okay. A friend of mine said that their name is so senseless. Well, I don’t care e e e e :)) And she also said that she doesn’t like them because they have too much eyeliner. I also don’t care because guyliner on Korean boys are HAWT. :X And regarding Beast. I thought they would project a beastly image but I can’t even see a hint of fierceness. I think MBLAQ is the beastly idol! HAHA. AJ (Ki Kwang) IS SO CUTE I MEAN <3333 But I don’t like the one with blonde hair, ugh. He’s so GD wannabe. I’m sorry but the outfit and all, ugh. I hope this opinion will change. SO-1 is really confident now huh. πŸ˜€ I can’t match names to faces but I hope I can soon. πŸ˜€

And because I love the two groups already, I’ll be making a category for each. YEY! And have you seen this? SHU-I performing Again and Again? I LAUGHED REALLY HARD. So hilarious! And they’re

And I already signed up at MBLAQ’s international forum. XD Waiting for Child of Empire. But they’re too many. Ugh. 9. Ja! What a long post! :))