Uni sucks.

I hate school. Tests all over my schedule, quizzes, problem sets, reportings and all. AAAAAAAAACCCKKK. I hate this sem. Waking up by 5AM and going home at 9PM, I hate this schedule. I HAVEN’T WATCHED ANY JDRAMA FOR MONTHS NOW. I can’t make a space for jdrama in my schedule. All I’ve been doing is kpop-ing since it’s kpop that can only fit with my tight schedule. Because 5-minute vids don’t take up much time than 45-minute jdrama episodes + the loading/downloading time. I want this sem to end badly. Weehoo. I can’t even make a birthday post for my loves. I haven’t logged on to WordPress in a while. And my 80+ views a day dropped to 13+ views. Pathetic. Ohwell. I’ll just greet them. XP

August 30.


Happy Birthday to my Jdrama bait, Matsujun!

September 1.


Happy Birthday to my ProDai fling, Hiraoka Yuta!

September 4.


Happy 1st Anniversary to the Hottest Boy Group in Korea, 2PM.

(I even thought before that I will be able to make a pimp post for them but my busyness in school even made me forget this date. I just remembered it the day itself when I accidentally opened my planner. Hate uni. And now with Jay leaving 2PM [I think all Hottests know this by now], I think I can’t make a pimp post for them. Another post will be dedicated to Jay but maybe I’ll do that later since I’m still heartbroken. XCCCCC

September 10.


Happy Birthday to my Favorite in Japanese F4, Matsuda Shota.

The one who makes me squeal everytime I see him. XD

That’s all for now. I just want to greet them no matter how late.

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