Happy Birthday Key!

Happy 18th Birthday to my Key! HAHA! My?? :))))) I’ll just edit this soon since I have lots of stuff to do. 😀

I miss Jaebeom. </3

I just realized that my blog’s header is well, 2PM. 2PM being goofy and funny and all. And I just realized that today because I’ve been too busy with school that I haven’t logged in in a while. And it rips my heart out to see 2PM these days. I can’t listen to their songs in my phone, I can’t watch the Wild Bunny episodes that I missed because I can’t stand to see Jay now, knowing that he left the group. It’s not that I’m boycotting 2PM, I love them soooo much but I can’t see them incomplete. Reading news about Jay here and there makes me cry. And I’m not exaggerating because tears are welling up right now. Thinking of Jay (and an incomplete 2PM) makes me sad, really sad. Sad that I can cry all day thinking of the good old days. I promised myself before that I’ll drain Youtube for 2PM videos but I can’t do that now even though uni gives me free time. I just can’t. Seeing Jay and the rest of 2PM so happy will make me cry because they’re not in that state anymore.

The day before Jay left 2PM is the day before my friend’s birthday. I went home, ate dinner, did some homework and opened that PC for my daily Kpop dose. When I logged in at Yahoo! Messenger, an offline message welcomed me from my friend that will celebrate her birthday tomorrow that Jay has left 2PM already. I can’t believe what she just told me so I rushed to allkpop and it dawned on me that he actually left Korea that day to go back to Seattle. I wailed. As in. I was crying while chatting with my friend. I just seemed so unreal and I don’t want to believe it. When I watched the video of him in the airport, my heart was crushed into a million pieces. His sullen face, GAH, I still remember it. I kept crying, crying that night. I slept late because I can’t stop crying. You might tell me that I’m way over the top but I love 2PM so much. That was the first heartbreak Kpop gave me. My friend told me that I can’t be sad the next day because it’s her birthday. Well, the next day, I kept my word but eventually, I can’t. I even told her that I can go on with my birthday with no gifts and greetings just to bring Jay back. If Jay will come back that they can forget greeting me on my birthday which is by the way on November 3.

Days passed and I still feel gloomy over the issue. I mean if I remember it or I read some news about it, tears start welling up in my ducts and well, I try to suppress them since crying in the jeepney will look waaay awkward.

And while reading what Jay’s father’s friend has to say yesterday, I can’t not cry. Ohmy, Jay. I miss you and the rest of 2PM. Saranghae~

It really helped that I wrote this post later and not right after the incident ’cause I’ll probably bash the netizens. Well, I don’t need to bash them now since I already did that with my friends.

Saranghae, Jay! Aja aja hwaiting!

And now, I must replace my header since this header will make me cry every time I see my blog. But what should I put as replacement? Gah. I have nothing in my PC but 2PM headies. XC

Uni sucks.

I hate school. Tests all over my schedule, quizzes, problem sets, reportings and all. AAAAAAAAACCCKKK. I hate this sem. Waking up by 5AM and going home at 9PM, I hate this schedule. I HAVEN’T WATCHED ANY JDRAMA FOR MONTHS NOW. I can’t make a space for jdrama in my schedule. All I’ve been doing is kpop-ing since it’s kpop that can only fit with my tight schedule. Because 5-minute vids don’t take up much time than 45-minute jdrama episodes + the loading/downloading time. I want this sem to end badly. Weehoo. I can’t even make a birthday post for my loves. I haven’t logged on to WordPress in a while. And my 80+ views a day dropped to 13+ views. Pathetic. Ohwell. I’ll just greet them. XP

August 30.


Happy Birthday to my Jdrama bait, Matsujun!

September 1.


Happy Birthday to my ProDai fling, Hiraoka Yuta!

September 4.


Happy 1st Anniversary to the Hottest Boy Group in Korea, 2PM.

(I even thought before that I will be able to make a pimp post for them but my busyness in school even made me forget this date. I just remembered it the day itself when I accidentally opened my planner. Hate uni. And now with Jay leaving 2PM [I think all Hottests know this by now], I think I can’t make a pimp post for them. Another post will be dedicated to Jay but maybe I’ll do that later since I’m still heartbroken. XCCCCC

September 10.


Happy Birthday to my Favorite in Japanese F4, Matsuda Shota.

The one who makes me squeal everytime I see him. XD

That’s all for now. I just want to greet them no matter how late.