Happy 16th Birthday Yoo Seung Ho <333!


Sorry for killing your PC with that pic, he’s too awesome to be resized. XP


I dunno if my spazzing about him in one of my posts before do justice to how much I adore this guy. Just 16 years old but his acting is definitely great. Really great. I mean he’s the next So Ji Sup. I super like So Ji Supa nd his acting and it’s the same with Yoo Seung Ho. He has done a lot of dramas and movies and CF and I don’t blame those producers for casting him since he’s simply amaziiiing and awezuuuum. Aaaaa, the screen loves his face and he stands tall, 5’9″ and just 16 years old. I mean, whoa. He’s also perfect as a model since he’s so tall. Ohmy. Speechless. asdfghjklkdvhlerovnf. :PPP

Happy birthday again and I ❤ you, Yoo Seung Ho. XDDDDD

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