Happy Birthday Masaki Okada!

Happy Birthday Masaki Okada!


I first saw him in Hana Kimi Japan and the rest is history. HAHAHA. :)) Eyecandy is what I can say. He’s still a bit new in the industry, uhm, 3 years but you can see that he can act. I have yet to see his movies to judge him but I like his acting! :D:D And his look when he’s sad, oh, precious. :D:D And I’m currently watching Otomen (where he’s the lead) even without subs. I know, I’m pathetic and that was the first time that I watched a drama unsub (since Waruboro is not counted since it’s a movie XP). BISHIE! Such a pretty boy. I like him in Otomen too! Reminds me of my perfect classmate. HAHAHA. :)) Okay, I’ll stop now since this is going nowhere. :)))

*Photo from screencap of Mou Hitotsu Sugar and Spice. He just appeared there, not much exposure. And uhm, the screencap was taken by kurooha@lj and I got it in Okada Masaki’s LJ community. HAHAHA. :)) Thanks for the pic. And BTW, I edited it so this is not the original pic. 😀 Sorry I’m not a pro, okay? I just tweaked with the effects and thought of using one of my edits as the pic in my Birthday Post. 😀

And again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀

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