Happy Birthday my little SHINee dance machine, Taemin! weeehoooo! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Hahahaha. :)) My dear Taemin, you’re 16 now! And I’m still 15. :))) Ohwell. XD

Taemin’s birthday is a Saturday here in the Philippines so me and my co-fangirl classmate can’t celebrate it today so we planned to celebrate it yesterday. And yeah, we celebrated it. But it was so short because classes were suspended because of the typhoon. That story will be reserved for latuh. So I shall tell the background story first. πŸ˜€

I promised myself that I will do something special for Taemin’s birthday since I’ve been a fan since January this year. And I’ll feel bad if his birthday will be as <sarcasm> special </sarcasm> as Eeteuk and Heechul’s birthday. You can’t blame me for the special birthday celebration for Eeteuk and Heechul because I’m just a new fan. So yeah. I’ve been planning to make some blueberry cheesecake ever since because it’s my favorite cake. So I promised myself and my classmate that I’ll make some blueberry cheesecake for Taemin’s birthday and we will celebrate it this Friday.

By Tuesday, I’ve been checking out the prices of the ingredients. And it’s hella expensive. But for Taemin, I will buy it. My family doesn’t know that I’m making some cake for Taemin’s birthday. They thought that I just want to make some. XD

By Wednesday, I bought the ingredients and started to make the cake. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Really thankful that school’s cooperating and I have no homeworks/quizzes whatsoever. πŸ˜€

By Thursday, the cake’s done and we ate it. By Friday morning, it was raining really hard as if there’ll be no tomorrow. I got some cake and placed it in a container so my classmate can eat it. It’s the cake for Taemin’s birthday. My class starts at 7am that day and it was raining so much. The class haven’t started yet and my professor hasn’t come when classes were suspended. I felt really bad because I WOKE UP EARLY AND NOW IT’S SUSPENDED. But I’m also happy because I have all the time in front of the computer. So I gave the cake to my classmate. And it looked really bad. The cake was smashed and all. :))) But after tasting it, it was still delicious. XD Even my other friends ate it and greeted Taemin so they can eat even though they don’t know him. Hahahaha. :))

We didn’t go home immediately because we’ll feel sad for wasting time and effort going to school. Blahblahblah, and I went home. :)) And spent my time in front of the computer for 4hours. And then I slept for 4 hours. And then was just awake for 3hours and then slept again since it’s already 11pm. Β XDXD And now, I was supposed to study now but I am procrastinating again. Weeheehoo!

And now, I’ll be signing out because if I don’t study by now, I’ll fail. Good luck on my exams! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEMIN ONCE AGAIN! XDXD

Sorry for not making a Taemin pimp post because I don’t have the enough resources to make one. I’ve been a fan for just half a year so ya know, my knowledge isn’t enough. And I think my SHINee phase’s done already. :)))

Maybe I’ll do some anniversary post next year and narrate my SHINee story. Or I’ll just tell the story when I’m bored. XDXD

Big Bang’s anniversary, so soon! Really excited to greet them! What shall I do for their anniversary?? :)))

I’m planning to organize my categories since it’s so messy. I shall do it soon. πŸ˜€

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