I feel like crying…

…after watching old clips of Big Bang. Lies performance, radio shows and whatever. I dunno but ugh, I hate this, the tears are actually faling down now. XCC huhuhuhuhu. I hate you Big Bang for making me like this. Hahahaha. It feels so nostalgic watching them from their earlier days. Big Bang is the reason why I got into Kpop so if not for them, I might have been missing a whole lot of goodness Korea has to offer. Back to the days when Seung-ri was still a stick and so young. To the days when I GD dons his hair in a bun. How I miss those days. I guess after being into different boy groups lately, watching these vids make me remember the days I spent watching Big Bang performances in the wee hours of the morning. Ohmy, I can’t breathe from all these gushes of memories. Aaaaaw. I know, it’s too early but it seems that I’m doing a Big Bang anniversary post or whatever. Argh. I will always and forever be a Big Bang fan no matter what hairstyle GD does, no matter how Seungri touches a girl’s thighs for his Strong Baby performances and aaaaaaaawww, I don’t want to continue this post anymore. I was refraining from bursting these thoughts out while watching but I can’t help. And besides, I thought that at least I’ll have an update. I must stop crying by now or else I won’t be able to do any homeworks. So Big Bang, hwaiting!

To remove my emo-ness, I’ll talk about whatever. I’ve been watching Taec’s Mnet Scandal and I feel so jealous. :)))) Just don’t put Wooyoung in that show or else they’ll see a broken monitor and they’ll see a girl flying to Korea to protect my WY. Kidding! XP It’s just that I don’t know if I can control myself being uber-jealous when Woo appears on that show.

Ohwell, I haven’t finished Khunnie’s Scandal because I don’t like that girl that much after knowing that she dated Kim Bum. =)) How biased. XDXD

So I’ll study first and forget this emo-ness and nostalgia Big Bang caused me. Rawr. 😛

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