Just watch it SUJU fans especially those who love my Hyukkiedeedoo and Donghae. OMG, so delighted with this vid. SUJU, saranghae! Eunhyuk, saranghae! <33333

Donghae gives three reasons why Eunhyuk is handsome. OHMY, ALL THESE POUTING AND WINKING MAKES ME GIDDY. =)) ikr, Hyuk’s jawline is just <333. :))))

I need to sleep nao so maybe I’ll spazz soon about this or not at all since I already posted the vid and flailed at all the EunHae. XDDD

Edit. XP Yeah, Sungmin’s asking and maybe he’s wondering why are they wearing suits while filming a chicken CF. LOL. Sungmin imitates Siwon’s gestures at the end. KangTaeuk and well, EunHae. XDD Chullie and Donghae posing for the camera. THERE ARE LOTSA GOOD STUFF HERE. But me likes best the parts with Hyukkie. <333 Okee, so enough bias. HAHAHAHAHA. =)) JUST WATCH IT. XDD

Why Wooyoung is <3

On this show, Superstar K, One Day shows off their English skills. Wait, this is really funny. I’m laughign till now. LMAO. I watched it again and had the urge to post it. When I first watched it, I can’t stop from laughing and replaying. Maybe I should change the title of this post to Why One Day is <3. HAHAHA. =))

Anyway, Junsu <3, Taec ❤ and Wooyoung ❤ of 2PM and Seulong ❤ and Jo Kwon (<3?) of 2AM are speaking Korean and I can’t understand a thing. Then, they make Jo Kwon speak English. My goodness, Taec’s SO GOOD IN ENGLISH AND I’M DYING HERE. =)) So Jo Kwon starts speaking and everyone doesn’t understand a thing. You can see Taec’s expression, EPIC I must say. The guy from Boston can’t understand a thing. Kwon sounds as if he’s swearing or speaking French. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. =)) THIS IS JUST TOO EPIC. =)) Jo Kwon finishes his speech with no one understanding a thing except for JYP and Fine, Thank You. LOLOLOLOL AT JOKWON.

Then, they made my Wooyoung speak English too. MYGOODNESS, I WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN TO TAEC SPEAKING ENGLISH FOREVER. Well, even if he’s not speaking English I will listen to him forever. XDDDD Wooyoung’s expression while thinking of what to say is JUST <3<3. iLOVEit to bits. XPPPP JUST WATCH IT AND IT WILL MAKE YOU SQUEE. =))

And then WY says, I’m Fogi and everyone laughs. No one understands it until Seulong understood that he’ said “I’m Fergie” as in Black Eyed Peas. That made everyone LOL EVEN MORE. WOOYOUNG IS SUCH A DORK. =)) Everyone stands up for a manly group hug after WY’s FAILY English. Weeheehoo. XDD

Sorry for not posting immediately this EPIC VID. With this, I am asking uni to give me time to make an anniv/pimp post for 2PM on September. I think it will be easy to make a post since they are so faily and epic and all. <3333

And so, guten nacht! XD

Taecyeon & Wooyoung’s MC Initiation

So yeah, Ok Taecyeon and Jang Wooyoung of 2PM started their MC jobs in Inkigayo. <3<3 And for the MC special, 2PM performed 10 out of 10. I became a fan of 2PM from their Again & Again single and I have never watched any 10 out of 10 performances. And now I wish I did. I’ll be doing that soon. XDD They look so happy performing! It’s nice to see them performing happily and all smiley and wearing bright colors since Again & Again is about sadness and I Hate You is about well, hate. :)))

My Jang Wooyoung, so cute! XDD He seriously looks like a kid. Well I love him more after watching Wild Bunny ep 1. See previous post for that. :)))) And I love all members of 2PM. Actually, I can’t rank them because I feel that my heart will break into pieces if I rank them. I just know that WY is my fave because I say so. HAHAHA. :)))

I’m being off-topic so just watch the vid. <3<3<3

2PM Wild Bunny = <3 x infinity!

That’s Part 1 of Episode 1 for you. Here’s Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5. Thanks to time2subs for the subs! :DD

HOMG, THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN MY KPOP WORLD THIS WEEK. THIS SHOW IS JUST HEAPS OF FUN! XDD Well anything 2PM appears on is just made up of fun. That’s why I love 2PM. Behind their badass bboy image is a super fun, dorky and goofy group. I mean, MAN, these boys are really hyper and crazy. HAHAHAHAHA. =)))

To get you excited, there will be fandom collisions! 3 of the boys singing and dancing to 2NE1’s Fire in the van! And not just that. The boys will be dancing ang singing Fire (again) and Gee by SNSD in noraebang. =)) All of these cuts in this clip right HERE. :)) No subs for that clip, sorry. XC Continue reading →

Categories: DONE!

I’m done with organizing my categories. So happy even though I spent a lil bit of my time doing that. It feels so clean now. :))) And my categories are rather short this time so they don’t look messy in the sidebar. XDD

I made separate categories for each Kpop icon I am a fan of. I thought of making a Kpop parent category but I think that will mess up things. Yeah, less is more! XDD (Whuuut am I talking about?) XDD I also thought alot if I’ll make a separate category for lyrics but I realized that I seldomly post lyrics so I think it’s not needed. Yeah. But for my previous posts with lyrics, like Niji by Aqua Timez, I post it in the JMusic category. I know that’s really vague but since I’m not currently updated with the JMusic industry since I’m so busy with my Kpop fandom. XDD And if I’ll be posting lyrics, for example of Big Bang, it’ll be under the Big Bang category. Yeah. I made a category for Pimp Post but I didn’t make one for Picspams. I consider Picspams as Pimp Posts since you picspam to pimp, right? :))))

If you’ll notice, almost all of my posts are considered Rants. HAHAHAHA. :)) Basically, if it’s not a JDrama review, it’s not placed in the JDrama cat. The JDrama section will be super messy if I did that. Many of my rants are about JDramas or my Kpop fandoms or how slow my internet connection is or how busy I am. I put them altogether so if you click JDrama, you’ll only read the reviews. XDD HAHAHA. I guess I wibble so much that alot of my posts are under rants. :)) And this post will also be considered a rant. HAHAHAHA. :)) Everything that doesn’t fall in my categories will be in the rants. :DDD Even the news of Mizushima Hiro being married is placed in the Rants section. I thought that placing a News category would be so bothersome, so yeah. :)))) I’m such a lazy butt. XPP

I’m planning to recap every episode of Shining Inheritance featuring my dearest Lee Seung Gi when I watch it. If that will happen, I will make the K-Drama as it’s parent category and there will be a Shining Inheritance category. That’s my goal. XDD

If only I posted about my Big Bang addiction when I’m on my BB phase then the BB category would be overflowing. Ohwell, I shall improve as a blog administrator. Yeah. :D:D

I’ll be going out soon, so ja!

2PM I Hate You Closeups Inkigayo

This vid is oozing with hotness. Each second is worth watching. Ohmy, it took me so long to finish watching this vid because I just had to pause the vid and breathe. I was hyperventilating. Ohmy. Just watch it! It’s so short so you can repeat it forever. :))) 2PM guys are just sexy. HAHAHAHA. =)))


I’VE BEEN MISSING A LOT FROM NOT WATCHING YG TV. Sorry for typing in all caps but I can’t help but shout if I’m just alone in our house. I mean, DARN.

I was telling myself that I will watch it when I have more time in my hands since I’m still finishing Taec’s Scandal and many other vids. And sometimes, it just slips out of my mind due to 2PM, SHINee and Super Junior and whatever. And I thought that it’s content won’t be that KYAAAAAA~!. And the vids are too long, I’m limiting myself with 5-minute vids since my Internet connection is a pain and is so slow.

But I was wrong because anything that has Big Bang in it must be watched, maybe not just once but many many times. I hate myself. Rawr. I was lurking in someone’s livejournal when she posted some vids from the 2NE1 TV. And argh, I’m missing a lot! GD keeps on appearing and he’s just too precious. Like this vid when he’s so happy that 2NE1 won and even got up on stage and danced. He’s so smiley and happy that his little girls won. Ohmy. The feeling of loving G-Dragon is coming back. Not that I stopped loving him but it’s been on pause since BB is not so active. But I’m going out today to photocopy something for my group’s report so argh, I can’t watch it today. I have a lot to do. And GD looks as if he doesn’t have make-up on but he still looks great. You just gotta love his smooth and glowing skin. XDD

And before ending this post, here’s a pic of him when he was a kid. XDD I also saw it from the lj I was lurking in awhile ago. 😀

I dunno who to credit for this pics so if it’s yours, just leave a comment and I’ll oblige to do a credit. 😛

I love my young Jiyong as much as I love him now.

And I’m enlightened today. Before I said that I want GD to fix his style since I don’t really like it. But when I lurked in the said lj, I realized that I must let GD do what he wants. XDD Hahaha. :)) I still love him to bits even though he looks like a girl in some of his outfits. Why be normal is what they say. XDD

And by watching some cuts from 2NE1 TV and watching some video clips, I’m loving GD moooooaaarrr. XDD


my sentiment

I read this somewhere and I feel the exact same way. I shall quote,

…  I’ve been thinking lately about this journal, and exactly what it’s for.  I started it because I wanted to talk about my drama addiction with someone. With anyone.  No one was around, and I didn’t have any fandom friends at that time.  So I made this journal.  And I just really admire those who post about drama reviews and especially subbers. Those who extend this great thing to people from faraway lands. I guess at first, I just posted without much thought.  I just wanted to post stuff.

Nowadays, I don’t really know what this blog is for.  I post stuff, but I get this “meh” feeling sometimes.  I hate not posting, but sometimes I just don’t know what to post about.  You guys ever get that feeling?  There are some things you find interesting that you could mention but nothing that’s really post-worthy.  Plus, I hate to say it, but sometimes I get sick of fangirling.  It doesn’t mean I stopped liking dramas or Kpop or anything I usually talk about.  Sometimes I just get tired of flailing.  And sometimes I wonder if I have another opinion besides *flail* or keysmashes or what have you.  It’s just that the things I talk about here are all things I like.  Things I love.

The words that are italicized are the things I put or changed. Because I don’t know where to place it. :)) And I said I will quote. XD That’s from areea-chan@lj. So that’s all. Hope ypu’ll understand the lack of updates. And when I update this blog, it comes with many posts. Ohwell, uni sucks. Argh.

Kpop Fandoms

I said in a post before that I’m not yet a fan of 2NE1. Well, I’m a fan now. :)) I don’t know when I officially became a fan but it just came naturally especially when they released I don’t care. :)))) When they released I don’t care, it’s been on loop forever. :)) Exaggeration but I’ve been listening to it always. :)))

So what groups am I a fan of?

First of all, Big Bang. Big Bang is my stepping stone to the Kpop world as I mentioned in my emo BB post. Oh yeah! Big Bang rocks tonight, oh eh oh! :DDDD Although my BB phase’s already done, I’ll love them forever and ever. :))) I’m still anticipating their new releases and keeping an eye on them. 😀

SHINee. Became a fan since January 2009. My first song of theirs is Love Like Oxygen then Replay then Amigo then ohmy. :DDDD My SHINee phase’s done too but like BB, I’m always keeping my eye on them for their new releases, photos and guestings. :DDD I have many vids to catch up on still. Idol Army guestings and many many more. 😀

Super Junior. I have a lot to catch up! Haven’t finished Adonis Camp and haven’t started on EHB! Ohmy. And and many many many vids. Aaaacccckkk. Music videos and guestings and VARIETY SHOWS! Variety shows are just love so I need to watch all of SJ’s guestings. My SJ phase is so short-lived because it collided with my 2PM fandom. Not short-lived since it’s still ongoing but it was paused by 2PM and will be resumed latuh.

2PM. Blame Prince Nichkhun the bait! Hahahahaha. :)))) I have many vids to watch and yeah, I’m on my 2PM phase. :)) I don’t wanna elaborate on this since I might just mention Wooyoung. Oops, I mentioned him. :))) But ya know, I can’t rank them properly. HAHAHAHA =))) Because every member is getting better in my eyes. :))

And yeah, 2NE1.

The groups I know but I’m not yet a fan. When I have the time, I promise to know them and be a fan so I can say that I’m a Kpop fan in general. :DD

SNSD. I envy their figures! :)))) Hahahahaha. Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby.

Wonder Girls.

2AM. Seulong! ❤ Hahahahaha. Because of Mnet Scandal 😛

4minute. I like their song but I haven’t watched their performances.

To be continued…

Big Bang on Music Station!

Yay for HD! I looooooove high-def! :DDD

Big Bang performed Gara Gara Go in Music Station in Japan. An interview first before the performance. I looooove the performance. The lights and all, just, YEAH. 😀 I’m noticing their hairs. :)) Daesung’s (D-Lite) and T.O.P.’s are angled to one side. HAHAHAHAHA. :))

I really like Tae Yang’s part, “soshite…” :)) His voice is really smooth. Although my Big Bang phase is done, I’m listening to their old songs again. I’m re-discovering them since I realized that I wasn’t able to drain youtube for their videos since I got busy back then and went to my Jdrama phase. XDD And I got frustrated at Crunchyroll. Because back then, all of BB’s performances are uploaded there so I can watch it all there. But then CR gone bonkers so RAWR. I realized I don’t know all of their songs because I only listen to my favorite ones. *gets shot*

Big Bang rocks tonight! Oh eh oh! Big Bang rocks tonight! Oh eh oh! XDD