uhm, yeah, twitter.

So I just made a twitter account. I thought that it would be really helpful for my dear wordpress blog. Since I always feel lazy to post a true blogpost, this twitter would actually be the source for updates. As you know, I am updated with my fandoms but it’s just that I don’t talk about them here in my blog. It takes a lot of effort to write a post. Hahahaha. :)) By just tweeting, I can actually tell the “readers” what I am fangirling about or what I saw or whatever. So wp will still be updated. But twitter makes me procrastinate. :)))) I was supposed to do a homework but I enjoyed tweeting about how I’m learning how to dance Replay. Ohyeah.

I have a classmate who’s a fangirl also. So I’m really happy. I have someone to talk to about 2PM, 2NE1, SHINee and Big Bang and everything Korean for that matter. But she’s not yet an SJ fan since she doesn’t want to because they’re so many. Hahahaha. I must convert her. ;))) And my lil sis is dancing with me in front of the computer, learning tutorials. HAHAHAHA. :)) Kpop is the key to world domination! BWAHAHAHAHA. Just joking. =)))))))

So yeah. I already downloaded 3 dance tutorials for Replay. I need to freakin’ learn it. But as I watch the tutorials more and more, I realize that Replay is just as freakin’ hard. Oh dear Lord, help me finish my homework. Ahahaha. ;))))


> Learn to dance Replay.

> Learn to dance Again & Again.

> SJ and 2PM discography.

> Catch up with everything about Kpop.

> Study hard.

> Catch up with SJ vids. Aaaaw, the 3rd album promotions are done. I would say that watching current perfs are just WAAAAY better than catching up or watching old vids. WHY ON EARTH I BECAME A SUJU FAN JUST NOW???? Ohwell, at least I saw almost all of their It’s You perfs and some Sorry Sorry. CATCH UP, CATCH UP!

That’s all for now since I have many non-kpop goals aside from that. FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES! FOCUS! OHYEAH. MINDPOWER! mindpower is not working. Let’s watch some vids. =))))))) Just joking. :DDDD

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