6/27 SHINee

So uhm, SHINee performed a short dance cover for Michael Jackson’s Heartbreaker as a tribute to the late King of Pop. MJ has been an inspiration to some members of SHINee. Jonghyun‘s singing inspiration [ahem ahem LLO verse] [BTW, the link is to a clip of him in Star King imitating MJ], Taemin‘s dancing inspiration [the link is, just click it XD] and Onew‘s too [clip of Onew’s moonwalk and he even said in a magazine that he’s MJ]. The dance served as their intro to their Juliette Performance in Music Core.

I hope Onew gets enough rest after his tooth accident, his tripping in the Juliette performance (aaaw, his ankles) and his fainting due to the shock. Aaaaw, get well soon my dear tofu. I really went 0_____0 OMG, MY ONEW when I heard about his fainting and his ankles. Oh no, my Onew. XCC

And, I already saw all of SJ’s Goodbye performaces. Aaaaw, I want more. XC Hyukkie, saranghae! ❤

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