JDrama Review: Hanayome to Papa

Hanayome to Papa

Synopsis XD

Ishihara plays a new 20-year-old OL working in the apparel company of her dreams. Her father, played by Tokito, loves his daughter excessively to the point that he compels her to follow his house rules: 7:00pm curfew, no socialising with the opposite sex. Nevertheless, she falls in love with her colleague, played by Taguchi, and begins a mission to “graduate” from her father.. (from dramawiki)


Here I am again with all my sidestories. XD

I decided to download this after watching Ganbatte Ikimaashoi Taguchi Junnosuke’s parts in Ganbatte Ikimasshoi. I can’t stop liking Junno’s smile. I am such a weak person for smiles like that. So, so, I checked if Hanayome to Papa is available in Veoh for download. And it is. So I immediately downloaded it. XD

Junno is not just a supporting actor but he’s the love interest of Aiko, played by Ishihara Satomi, which is the lead. It was funny when I realized that Aiko’s father, Kentaro, played by Tokito Saburo, also played as the professor in Voice which also stars Ishihara Satomi. Heehee. Junno in a drama is love so I loved watching this. XD


Aiko doing the “victory” pose. XD So cute. 🙂


Aiko’s father. XP


Junno <3<3. XDDD

Unlike others who got really annoyed with Aiko’s father, I never felt a tinge of annoyance while watching this. I was laughing really hard while watching this, especially at Aiko’s father. I mean, if you’re getting annoyed with him, then you’re missing the whole point of the show. Aiko’s father is supposedly the one who gives this drama its comedy arc. Hahahahahaha. I laughed my ass off when he went to her office and how she has a curfew of 7pm. Hahahahahahahaha!

And and, I didn’t know that Kotaro Koizumi is here so it was a bonus for me watching him. I first saw him in Gokusen 3 and I find him cute. XD I don’t watch his dramas purposely but I think we are meant to be because I always see him. :X Oh Junno, don’t be jealous, I like you more. XD Kotaro Koizumi plays Aiko’s boss, Narumi Shunichi. XD


Narumi Shunichi. Aiko’s father calls him by his full name everytime. XD

And and, Narumi’s lover, Makihara Tamaki, played by Shiraishi Miho.


And the officemates. Nishihara Aki who played Yuki in HYD as Kanayama-san. And Takizawa Saori who always plays those officemates role. Always.


And unlike others that dropped it because Ishihara Satomi is acting exaggeratedly, panting here and panting there and saying gozaimasu as gozaimassssssssssssuuuu~, well, I managed to finish this. Maybe because of Junno or Kotaro Koizumi. But I find her exaggerated acting pretty normal for a drama like this. Well, I think I’ve watched enough TwDrama to actually swallow any exaggerated acting. But I think she was really cute and pretty here. Well, I think she’s really cute and pretty all the time. XD

Although the laughable Kentaro scenes decreased as it was nearing its end, it didn’t lose its charm (in my case). I guess I like happy and light-hearted dramas especially when you’re down. Aaaaaaw. So let’s not go into my personal life and finish this review. XD

I think the ending theme was cute. Reminds me of Mei-chan with those still shots moving. :))

Thanks to the subbers of this wonderful drama. XD

Recommended! :D:D


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