Film Review: About Love (2005)

I made this draft a long time ago. But only the title so I will be forced to make a post about it. XD

I watched this movie, uhm, rather not continuously. As I was a fan of Tsukamoto Takashi, I watched the third part, which is rather poignant and heart-breaking some time ago, the day before my College Entrance Exams that was like August last year. What a good way to review for the exams. And it made my heart ache everywhere. I just can’t, you know, just don’t feel the sadness and whatever after watching. But I super liked it. I tend to like all dramas and movies whit those sad endings. :p

I had the time to download this movie when I was on my Oh-I’m-addicted-to-KMovies-and-JMovies moment this year. But I wasn’t able to watch it right after. I waited for my roommates to come watch it with me but I ended up watching it alone during my lunch breaks. One part of the movie per lunch break. XD

Part 1. Tokyo. An aspiring Taiwanese (I think, can’t remember already.) cartoonist in Japan meets this Japanese painter and likes her. This story is just plain sweet. XD It tackles the first part of a relationship, liking and meeting each other. ๐Ÿ˜€

Part 2. Taipei. Uhm, this was the funniest. Since the guy is Japanese and the girl is Chinese, they can’t understand each other. The girl is suffering from a break-up and well you know, here comes Japanese guy.

Part 3. Shanghai. Can you just research it on your own? Cause it hurts everytime I remember the story. But, fiiine. A Japanese guy comes to Shanghai to study. The daughter of his landlay falls in love with him. Aaaaw, I can’t stand it anymore. I’ll have tears flowing from my eyes soon.

XP When I watched it this year, I didn’t watched Part 3 again because I’m afraid my heart will be in a rollercoaster after that. So, over-all impression: The movie was good. Well, I think this movie is made to give good directors a chance to showcase their talents. And I somehow smell some indie-movie vibe here and I personally believe that the quality indie movies give and the feel they radiate are simply better than commercial movies.

Although the three mini-movies were different movies, they somehow connect to each other and the stories flow easily to the next even though they weren’t necessarily connected. And I was surprised to see Tsukamoto Takashi in the first part since I thought he just starred in the third part.

So uhm, that’s all. ๐Ÿ˜€ Sorry for the bias and the uhm, sidestories. I can’t seem to make a good review free of sidestories and rants and whatnots.

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